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  • 1. Enrichment EaglesApril UpdateNO CHILD LEFT..BOREDThe Dunlap Community will empower allstudent to excel in a global community.

2. Our Focus Areas1 Create CRITICAL THINKERS2. Provide opportunities for allstudents to learn at differentrates and in different ways3. Improving student growthand achievement to thebest of our abilities 3. How aarestudents identified?Components COGAT- Cognitive Abilities Test Renzulli-Hartman Scales IAS- Iowa Acceleration Scale ISAT Parent Inventory Benchmarking 4. Identification TimelineThe followingtasks will becompleted in anorderly fashionthroughout theyear. 5. Number of ParticipantsSchool Participants SponsorsBanner 23 Shaela HudsonDunlap Grade 11 Teresa MarquisHickory Grove 29 Monica McComb& Jessica NaumanRidgeview 27 Becky Kuethe &Nicole LoserWilder Waite 19 Sue Kreutz 6. Service MenuServiceLevelActivitiesTier 3 Subject or Grade levelAcceleration Scholastic Bowl Odyssey of the MindTier 2 Dunlap Academy: DistrictDeveloped OnlineCourses/Projects Scholastic BowlTier 1 Renzulli Projects/Activities Scholastic Bowl Odyssey of the Mind 7. 0510152025303rd Grade 4th Grade 5th GradeTier 1Tier 2Tier 3 8. Stakeholder Feedback-ParentsPlus DeltaChallenging Increase communication onwhat students are workingonCollaboration More Scholastic BowlCompetitionsPromotescreativity, initiative,independence and problemsolvingOne hour per week is notenoughPositive balance betweeneducation and funIncreased stress due to highexpectationsParents andstudentscompletedsurveys.The followinginformationwas gathered. 9. Adaptations January 2013 May 2013 All students regardless, of their Tier, were given the option to comeevery single week. Scholastic Bowl has been running successfully CogAT is being given to all 2nd and 4th grade students June 2013- August 2013 Fine tune identification process based off new research that waspresented at the IAGC Conference this winter Communication tool such as a Wiki will be created for parents Update EE Handbook Seek new ideas and best practices Fall 2013 Scholastic Bowl will be held more frequently starting in the fall due topopularity and interest Potential orientation/team building day at each individual school 10. StudentProjects 11. ScholasticBowl 12. SoaringtoSuccess!