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<ul><li><p> JUDY REES 2017</p><p>Dynamic Collaboration</p><p>For Distributed Teams</p></li><li><p>RESULTS</p><p> People engaging more effectively with each other</p><p> Listening and verifying their understanding</p><p> Getting better answers people are more </p><p>forthcoming</p><p> More productive conversations</p><p> Reduction in rework on analysis and design work</p><p> Closer understanding of business needs</p><p> Reduction in conflicts due to misunderstandings</p><p> Corinne Knight, Broadcast IT, BSkyB, London, UK</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>OUTPUTS</p><p> Colleagues work better together, even if they never meet </p><p> Diversity within the group is valued and encouraged, with areas of specific </p><p>strength and weakness being acknowledged and developed</p><p> 3 key collaboration skills - listening, inquiry and advocacy are enhanced</p><p> Grievances are safely surfaced, explored and resolved</p><p> New ways of working better together emerge, often by using existing </p><p>technology in a more productive way </p><p> A safe environment for creative friction is created for the future</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>ENGAGING PEOPLE</p><p> People arent brains in jars! Effective thinking and communication involves </p><p>the head, heart and gut</p><p> Our process is designed to get participants fully engaged from the start</p><p> We ensure everyone knows whats in it for them to contribute, and plays </p><p>an active part in co-creating results</p><p> The planned programme is designed to flex in response to the needs of </p><p>the group</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>DIVERSITY, COLLABORATION, CONFLICT</p><p> Innovation rarely happens unless </p><p>you have both diversity and conflict. </p><p>Prof Linda Hill, Collective Genius</p><p> Collaboration is NOT about:</p><p> Uncomfortable consensus</p><p> Conflict resolution</p><p> Getting to Yes at any price</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>THE METAPHOR EFFECT</p><p> Our underpinning framework, Clean Language, uses metaphor </p><p>the atom of thought to spark powerful conversations</p><p> A deceptively simple ice-breaker provides the raw material for </p><p>profound exploration of team dynamics and for context-specific </p><p>communication skills development</p><p> We ask: When you are working at your best, you are like </p><p>what? </p><p> Participants discover their similarities and differences, and find </p><p>ways to support each others unique working styles</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>TYPICAL PROCESS</p><p> Three to 12 people per group</p><p> Six 90-minute weekly or two-weekly video </p><p>sessions</p><p> Everyone needs their own device with a </p><p>webcam and headset, plus a quiet place to </p><p>call from </p><p> Working online helps distributed teams to </p><p>master online communication</p><p> Time between sessions helps to embed </p><p>learning in practical reality</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>SIX 90-MINUTE SESSIONS</p><p>1. Sparking curiosity: Working at your </p><p>best</p><p>2. Hidden depths: beyond the hall of </p><p>mirrors</p><p>3. Feedback without fireworks</p><p>4. Contempt, conflict and connection</p><p>5. Ideas and innovation in online meetings</p><p>6. Clean keys to inevitable learning</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>90-MINUTE SESSION DETAILS</p><p>1. Sparking curiosity: Working at your best</p><p> Discovering new aspects of your colleagues style through metaphor</p><p>2. Hidden depths: beyond the hall of mirrors</p><p> How to direct attention to respectfully and safely find out whats really going on, </p><p>by using effective listening and precision questions</p><p>3. Feedback without fireworks</p><p> Learn and practice a process which makes giving and receiving feedback truly </p><p>non-violent, so that everyone gets it</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>90-MINUTE SESSION DETAILS</p><p>4. Contempt, conflict and connection</p><p> Understand the root causes of misunderstandings, mistakes and disputes, so </p><p>that new ways forward can be found. Safely enable greater transparency within </p><p>the team</p><p>5. Ideas and innovation in online meetings</p><p> Discover the shape of your most successful creative, collaborative meetings, </p><p>and learn how best to generate that online</p><p>6. Clean keys to inevitable learning</p><p> Incorporating Clean communication principles into the teams everyday work</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>RESULTS</p><p> "Our new team is very diverse, and we wanted to find a way towards </p><p>common ground, learn about each other and pick up useful </p><p>communication skills. </p><p> We all agree that working with Judy helped us do all these things. </p><p> We have applied the techniques to clarify our communications to good </p><p>effect, both professionally within the organisation - and also in our </p><p>personal lives." </p><p> David Clamp, Head of Safety and International Operational Support, Raleigh </p><p>International</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>BACKGROUND READING</p><p> Your Clean Language Questions Answered by Judy Rees</p><p> Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds by Wendy </p><p>Sullivan and Judy Rees</p><p> From Contempt To Curiosity by Caitlin Walker</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li><li><p>TAKE ACTION</p><p> To book an exploratory call, contact Judy Rees</p><p> judy@judyrees.co.uk</p><p> +447979 495509</p><p> JUDY REES 2017</p></li></ul>


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