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More than 80 % of agile teams are distributed across multiple locations, probably facing most of the common challenges about working with Agile in a distributed team environment. Gartner Research recently noted that to capitalize on disruptive forces, companies need partners who can help them meet those challenges. Belatrix Software has over fifteen years of experience in successfully overcoming those challenges and wed like to share this expertise with you.


  • 1. Distributed Agile Teams April 30, 2014 11 am PDT

2. PANELISTS Silvana Gaia Technical Solutions Consultant Jos Pepe Gramaglia Program Manager Lorraine Maffi Dodds Project Leader 3. DISTRIBUTED AGILE TEAMS KEY TOPICS to address for successful Distributed Agile Teams. 4. TOPICS Challenges Size & Location Profiles Workload Agile Activites and Artifacts Roles 5. CHALLENGES Communication Leadership Cultural differences 6. SIZE & LOCATION Team Size Depending on scope, 5 to 12 engineers per team Location Hiring globally accelerates project ramp up. 7. Good communication skills Enjoy team work Committed and passionate Empathy with cultural diversity Creative Action and quality oriented PROFILES 8. WORK LOAD Sprint 0 Story points and Velocity Pre Planning 9. STORY POINTS RECAP Its a high level estimation Its not perfect. Its better to be almost right than completely wrong. Is this project even possible? 10. THE FIBONACCI SEQUENCE 1 2 3 5 8 13 11. PLANNING POKER CONTRIBUTION 12. PLANNING POKER RULES Agree on the meaning of 1 2 3 5 For each User Story 1. Do an individual guess 2. Show your card 3. Smallest and biggest number justify their estimation. 4. A second round may be required to get an agreement 13. DISTRIBUTED PLANNING POKER www.planningpoker.com 14. AGILE ACTIVITIES Sprint Planning Daily Scrums Demo Retro 15. DAILY MEETING 16. ARTIFACTS Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Burndown Chart 17. BURN DOWN CHART 18. QUALITY & DELIVERY Code Quality Code reviews Delivery Demos 19. QUALITY & DELIVERY Code Quality Code reviews Delivery Demos 20. TYPICAL ROLES Scrum Master Product Owner Team 21. SPECIAL ROLES Leader Subject Matter Expert Supervise code reviews Research & Select Technologies Architecture Infrastructure setup Technical coach 22. SUMMING UP KEY TOPICS Achieve Successful Project OutcomeAgile Activities, Artifacts & Tools Measure Work Load & evenly distributed Select adequate profiles Determine Size & Location Address Challenges 23. THANK YOU Questions Answers