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http://spiral16.com./ Eric Melin from Spiral16 and Engineers Without Borders - Sunflower State Professionals spotlights some tactics that can help drive not just awareness but actual engagement on your Facebook and Twitter social media accounts, which can lead to more effective advocacy and fundraising efforts for nonprofits.


  • 1.Driving Social Media Engagement Eric Melin @SceneStealrEric @EWBUSASunflowerState @Spiral16#EWBUSA2013

2. What is your goal? Social media engagement can: Increase awareness Build trust Increase traffic Build relationships Drive donations Increase membership, volunteers#EWBUSA2013 11/11/20132 3. Who is your audience? Your organization partners, volunteers & donors Your community friends of people in your organization General audience those with local/personal interest What is important to them? What makes them act? Where do they go for information?#EWBUSA2013 11/11/20133 4. Twitter Tactics Follow people and organizations that are interesting to you. Your Twitter account will become a real-time news feed of the issues and topics you care about. This is content that you can share. If its not directly related to your cause, make sure its something your audience cares about. #EWBUSA2013 11/11/20134 5. Twitter Tactics 60% of content should be from other sources. 30% should be conversation. 10% should be your own content. When sharing links, remember to @ people and give them credit.11/11/20135 6. Twitter Tactics Follow local and cause-related hashtags and join in on the conversation. Create your own hashtag for your events. #activism #advocacy #causes #charity #charitytuesday #csr corporate social responsibility #donate #fundraising #ngo nongovernmental organization #nonprofit #nonprofits #npcons nonprofit consultants#nptech nonprofit tech #philanthropy #sm4sg social media for social good #socent social entrepreneur or social enterprise #socialgood #video4change #volunteer #volunteers CHATS #nptalk nonprofit talk #ynpchat young nonprofit professionals #npcons nonprofit consultants #socentchant social entrepreneurs #smNPchat small nonprofits http://www.companykmedia.com/2011/05/18/30-super-useful-nonprofithashtags-twitter-chats-too/#sthash.O3ixBOLE.dpuf#EWBUSA2013 11/11/20136 7. Twitter Tactics Live tweet during events. Follow others using the hashtag. Meeting people in the real world and following them on Twitter can cement relationships.11/11/20137 8. Twitter Tactics Establish your voice. Be honest, real, and friendly.Ask questions. Answer others. Retweet and favorite.#EWBUSA2013 11/11/20138 9. Acknowledge Volunteers Adding loyal supporters to an Our Team (or a similarly titled) Twitter list. Set aside a time after each event to @mention specific volunteers who provided excellent service. Post pictures and tag volunteers in action at your events with appreciative captions.http://mysocialgameplan.com/social-media-marketing/social-media-nonprofits#EWBUSA2013 11/11/20139 10. Facebook Tacticshttp://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/science/whydoyouusefacebook.jpg#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201310 11. Facebook Tactics Why is engagement so important on Facebook? Because it gets you a better chance of appearing in users news feeds. 3 things Facebook looks at: 1. How often you interact with a friend or page the last 50 interactions are particularly important 2. The number of likes, shares and comments a post receives total and from your friends in particular 3. How much you have interacted with this type of post in the past#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201311 12. Facebook Tactics Upload a cover photo that tells your story visually.#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201312 13. Facebook Tactics You must engage people to like, comment, and share. Ask questions. Create a poll!Respond back.11/11/201313 14. Facebook Tactics Have all your members invited people to like your page yet?#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201314 15. Facebook Tactics Images inspire more likes, comments, and shares than any other content type. Tag people in the photos so all their friends can see your post.Try a Share if you post.11/11/201315 16. Facebook Tactics Create a Facebook Event. Invite people. Encourage people to share/invite others. Leading up to the event, discuss it on the event page. Tag sponsors!#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201316 17. Facebook Tactics Find other organizations with similar goals/interests and share their content. Always like them first, then tag them in the post. If you want people to spread your content, spread theirs.#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201317 18. Humor Funny posts and pictures of animals are the most popular Facebook posts on the planet.Just make sure your post fits in somehow with your mission/story.#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201318 19. Storytelling Nonprofit stories have the unique ability to allow people to feel and want to be a part of something bigger. Think about the stories that surround your mission. 1. Share inspiring stories at meetings. 2. Create an organizational story bank to record them. 3. Be patient. The best stories arent always the ones that jump out at you. Sometimes the real stories are the ones you only notice after interacting with people several times. http://www.socialbrite.org/11/3/2012#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201319 20. Join Online Groups Social Media for Nonprofit OrganizationsGroup#EWBUSA2013 11/11/201320 21. Thanks!@SceneStealrEric @EWBUSASunflowerState @Spiral16


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