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<ul><li> 1. DPS conventions analysis Asuka Young</li></ul> <p> 2. Main image/CVI Heading / section noticeStandfirstDrop-CapPull quote Head lineAlleyWOB text3 3. The language used in the section notice connotes desperation and attention for support in this mercury prize from the readers. This is because of the language used- in the fact stating of how many days it has passed and how metal music has not won an award yet.The pull quote connotes the importance of friendship between people, as this is using Two different colours to present two different Events that connect To each other. As the First part is in a darker Colour, it may connote That this particular Event should be Highlighted as important.The main image of this double page is filing up the whole space, and the main subject is in the centre of the page, at a slight high angle. This image connotes the dedication / feelings rock bands put into their music, trying to give it a meaning. This image is an establishing shot also to illustrate the togetherness of this particular band, which leads into the idea that people need each other to live, which can be an interpretation of what this article is about. There is a standfirst which is above the main article. The language of this connotes the importance of music, because brush of death sounds as if death is a light, passive thing, compared to making good music. This article is written in wob to perhaps connote the respect/peace towards the dead as the article is about death partially. It is also in opposite colours with the image/the background rectangle overall, which may connote that death has made the band even livelier, or feeling more alive than ever.The alley between the two colums of the article, which is small, connotes that the gap between the whole Band is small, therefore the readers feel their togetherness As a band.4 4. (Extra analysis)The fonts used in these pages are close to the impact font (sans serif), and gives the impression to the audience that this magazine page is friendly/wants the audience to understand (Because it is easy to read).The color theme in the house style of this page is creme color and white (text wise), with a brown based image. The text colors connotes the purity / justice of the contents, therefore the readers will be more likely to believe in what is written. These colors are also contrasting to the rest of the page, so it stands out. The language used in these pages are not too arrogant or mis-behaving as the sentences are fairly neat and standard with no grammatical errors, but wordings / adjectives such as Brush with Death, Bloody SabBatetc indicates that these pages do have language conventions of a rock magazine.Overall I think this double page has a clear and simple layout of features, using space in an effective way. This allows to feel that there are not so much quantity to read, therefore the readers will feel ease. These pages also represents the positive attitude amongst rock musicians, and how much music means to them. This encourages the readers to perhaps be inspired and gain new ideas regards to music as well.This image is likely to be shot at a slight high angle with an establishing shot to show the room/scenery. This image perhaps illustrates the dedication of this band by their action of performing music, being relevant to the context of this interview, seen from the pull quote.with rock conventions of having multiple guitarists, a drummer and a vocalist. 5. Audience Gratification The image of the dsp, which is a symbolic non-verbal code appeals to audiences who are fan of this band because It clearly presents all the members of the band, and their passion for music, which makes the fans feel pleasure to being their fans. This can be an aspect of entertainment.This headline appeals to target audiences that Sees themselves in a Similar situation, or for those Who can find their moral Values in response to this Headline. (information and Personal identity). This maybe because of the verbal code of my and me, which can apply to almost anyone. This can furthermore, encourage people to stand up when they have personal problems because woke me up connotes a sense of realization, therefore this could inform audiences in a helpful way. This can also have an effect on their beliefs and ideology.The standfirst, which is a verbal code, allows the audiences to be more interested in this article because It Is entertaining, particularly by using words such as: Brush of death and Dont let __ fool you etc. The word You is directly referring to the audiences, so perhaps they Also feel a sense of belonging in the magazine, Which is a part of social interaction in the Katz gratification.The white on black text appeals to any audiences because it is easy to read In terms of clarity, and because the article Seems to be small in the corner of the page, the audiences will think that there is not much to read. This means it increases the chances of the audience being informed.6 6. Cropping (image)CVI (centre of visual interest)Drop CapFlush Left LedeOverlineA wob &amp; drop shadow Sans serif text HeadlineThese are Facing Pages 7. The cropped image connotes the fact that these people The image in the dps is the CVI, and this connotes that wants the readers to look closely / understand their efforts to these people in the image are in need of attention, and survive, because the facial expression perhaps expresses seriousness, or therefore this image is large, which also connotes that this is an article with a big story. arising problem before them, although the body language of the girl has a quite opposite connotation. The drop cap connotes that this article is dramatic in a way, The overline is there because a very large drop cap for introducing the article/ can have a sense of a big getting the most eyebeginning. catching information out in short sentences. The text colour is white because Flush Left of the whole article the part of the image may connote that it is sticking to behind is black. The name the CVI, which means that it is of the featured band and referring back to the image whilst the editor/article writers reading, which helps to name is in red, in order to understand the article further with stand out from this visual element as well. overline. The main headline has a wob. This connotes that this is a pure article meaning that it is telling the truth. The drop shadow conveys perhaps that the story is going to go through deeply about activities that took place.The text is sans-serif because it is connoting the bold impact of this article and how things are ruff, as a serif font would look elegant/playful almost.The Lede of this article does not go straight into the context, providing a somewhat casual context of a day in a life of a normal man. This Lede connotes that the article is reminding readers that, the person they are talking about is also just another person, the same as the readers. This lede also grabs interest of the readers because it is stating a fact that is too casual for a music star- eg: The 38 year old MC is having lunch at a Thai restaurant...etc. 8. Audience Gratification The cropped image, which is a non-verbal Symbolic code, attracts audiences because again, some people may be fans of these People. Also young audiences may identify themselves doing the same actions as these people in the image, and feel social or involved in the society. (Social interaction). The overline, which is a verbal written code, is also appealing to target audiences because the Sentences are very short and snappy, getting to the point very quickly. Also the overline sounds as if it may be relatable for some of the readers situations, of having a success then something going wrong. Eg;what went so wrong?. Parts of the text is highlighted in red where there are important names.From the first paragraph (the lede), the audience feel involved or a friendly aspect in this article in a way, because it is stating a fact that is too casual for a music star- eg: The 38 year old MC is having lunch at a Thai restaurant...etc. This also informs the audience for realizing the fact that superstars are no different to them. The drop cap: D, which is a verbal written code, makes the audience feel visually / aesthetically entertained. This can be a form of escapism because the drop cap makes the whole text different from the texts often seen in the society, while at work or in school.The headline may appeal to audiences who are seeking information / education, because some audiences may have personal problems they would like to resolve, and this headline has words which might be what they want, which is a change in life. They feel a sense of security through the whiteness of the text, and how its sans-serif sensing welcomeness and the drop shadow makes the audience feel visually entertained. 10 9. 8 10. Byline Drop capNegative SpaceCVI Main imageStandfirstFlush Left TextHeadline: Serif font9 11. The byline, which presents the writer and the photographer of this article, is in a white font colour and has Small fonts, which connotes the invisibleness of their efforts And somewhat unresponsible.The main image, which Is the CVI, connotes Corruption of the mind or misbehaving sort of character of the article itself, as the object She is holding is a cigarette, Which connotes stress Or relaxation due to deep trouble. Her facial expression connotes that she feels calm or another interpretation of feeling stressed.The headline is in two different fonts, which means That there are two opposing features that they want to Get across: the fact that girl is in white colour and In italic serif font, represents the fragileness of a girl. furthermore calling her a girl makes her seem young. The uninterrupted connotes her negative mood/feeling because the font is in a clear serif font (spiky Visually), and the colour is red connoting danger or anger.The negative space provided in the article of this page is not pure white, which connotes that this article Is representing someones worries or anxieties, not Being clear nor deeply feeling anything in particular.The standfirst beside the main article connotes that What it is saying is not a Simple issue, because the font is in serif font, and there is a name (Adele) highlighted in red with a White font colour. This Also connotes importance of the fact that it is talking About this particular person , which means trying to gain Readers attention.This article is in a flush left for ease of reading, but also it allows the readers to see the standfirst every time they read the article, especially the red section. This allows the readers to refer back to how important she Is in the society, which means that this article is going to be Something big. 13 12. Audience Gratification The Byline allows the audiences to access information about who made this article, which gives them a superior feeling, which may be a form of escapism of being a middle class citizen. Moreover, by knowing this information, the audiences can be sure of who to blame if they disagree with this article, or have something against it, which increases their sense of authority even more. The main image may make the audiences personally satisfied with who they are because the object that the model is holding (A cigarette) is considered as a negative aspect of the society. By considering themselves in fact the opposite with this woman, they find personal identity. On the other hand, some people may also find personal identity in opposite means, such as young teenagers who are taking drugs because of stresse. They can relate to this image and find identity.The negative space (which is not fully negative). suits the mood of this article and the image, and if the audience feels personal identity in the image, they are likely to feel the same with the mood of this article, which the negative space represents. However if the audience does not feel that way, then the semi-negative space may also be interpreted as hope in the future, or something positive. The standfirst may make the audience feel that their life is better than a superstar, which leads into self satisfaction. By adding a swearword into the standfirst, this makes the star seem like a lower class citizen, making the audience feel as if they have more authority than her.The headline allows the audience to feel calm or in an opposite way, un-welcomed. First of all they could feel calm which can be a form of entertainment for relaxation, because the font for girl is in Italic and has a swirling sort of atmosphere. Secondly they could also feel un-welcomed to this article because the uninterrupted font color is red, which for some people it means stop/anger/blood etc, which could all connote something negative -however criticizing things can be simply filling time for some. 14 13. Top tips when creating a layout 1) When composing a DPS, consider how the target audiences will take the DPS conventions / how they would feel when they read the DPS.2) Consider the house style of the DPS (fonts, font colors, layout etc) because it can convey a mood as well as good aesthetics.3) The type of languages used in the actual article and other conventions with words (overlines etc) are important as they can identify the articles characteristics. Eg; expressive/ dramatic words such as evil,blasphemously,gasping shock..etc.4) Think about where the different conventions of a DPS is going to be placed- make the page layout look interesting yet easy to comprehend.5) The CVI is going to be successful due to images, so take an image relevant to the article that appeals to the target audience- maybe try and be creative sometimes.6) Consider the headline carefully- this is most likely to be the first thing the audiences are going to read. Choose words which makes the article sound appealing.7) A drop cap is very iconic to a magazine, so in the DPS, people will immediately notice the article as a magazine article if there is a drop cap.8) The actual article itself needs to be conveying unusual / unknown information to provide the audiences, so that it fits into many audience gratifications as possible.9) edit the page in a a program that provides quality editing tools, so that the page will look professional. Eg: Adobe Indesign10) Do not include too much advertisements, as it would most likely make the audiences feel unmotivated to read the article. 15</p>