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Dove - Major and Minor Issues


  • 1.Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Team members 1.Komal Jaswani 2.Madhurima Biswas 3.Rajesh Dorbala 4.Rishabh Khanna 5.Shakun Chauhan

2. What compelled Dove to go for Campaign for Real Beauty Conventional advertising set unrealistic standards of beauty that most women cant ever achieve. Beauty itself must be revitalised to reflect women in their beauty as they really are. Ads seemed to tell women that they should look like super models who personified beauty. 3. On September 29, 2004 Dove formally launches Campaign for Real Beauty 4. Objective behind this Campaign As per Silvia Lagnado By questioning the accepted definition of beauty, we hope to help women change the way they perceive their bodies and encourage them to feel beautiful everyday. 5. Hurdles/Roadblocks There were several criticisms: Some critics felt that Doves Real Beauty campaign was contradictory. Accused of being hypocritical Objectification of women Skeptical about their intentions of using young girls in ads 6. Major issue Dove literally narrowed down its marketing strategy, so possibility of expanding their marketing strategy in later stages is very difficult and risky. As per some critics Remodelling consumers perceptions and attitudes would be quite difficult 7. Recommendation They always need to keep media on their side as media had a big role to play in the success of this campaign. Their motto should be Grab media attention. 8. Minor Issue 1 Danger of being branded as a product for Fat People. 9. Recommendation They should eradicate the misconception that normal people are fat. They should underscore that the supermodels are anorexic, which is unhealthy. 10. Minor Issue 2 They were sending some contradictory vibes. (a) On one hand, the campaign was asking women to celebrate who they really were and on the other, the ads were aimed at selling a range of products, that would help women reduce their cellulite. (b) It was also pointed out that Uniliver idealised images and stereotypes in its other brands like Slimfast, Lynx, Axe, Lux and Sunsilk 11. Recommendation Proper PR strategies to be implemented to clear misconceptions of their product variants, their target customers, and their marketing strategies. The key word should be transparency in order to earn faith. 12. Minor Issue 3 The whole campaign could be a short term Fanfare. 13. Recommendation They should continuously undertake some sort of fresh promotional campaigns without losing their core values. 14. Minor Issue 4 Undermining the aspirational essence in itself is a big risk. Dove is completely eliminating the reference group which kills the aspirational element from the whole ad campaign. 15. Recommendation They need to create some sort of reference groups by using successful professionals who are very common in their appearance rather than celebrities and super models. 16. Minor Issue 5 Some nascent competition has evolved which could be threatening for Dove as their whole idea can become stale. 17. Recommendation They have to continuously project themselves as the pioneers of this kind of advertising and to continuously remind that they listen to common people. At the same time they need to continuously evolve. 18. Minor Issue 6 It is a challenge to sustain the same high levels of loyal customer base that the company has developed for the past 50 years. 19. Recommendation They have to enhance their image by conducting some kind of beauty programs or fitness programs, in order to instill faith among the loyal customers that they still care for them. They should invest in R&D 20. Minor Issue 7 Can adversely affect the sale of other Unilever products. 21. Recommendation Unilever as a whole should become more involved in their CSR activities so as to create an alibi. 22. Minor Issue 8 It is unethical to exploit girls between the age groups of 8-12 on a sole motive to sell them their products when they grow up, putting this under the surreptitious garb of developing self esteem in them. 23. Recommendations In such ads, they should project their motives very explicitly and highlight the good things they are doing. Again a strong PR strategy is essential for such accusations. Transparency is the key word yet again to diffuse these criticisms. 24. Minor Issue 9 They can face the twin challenges of evolving the brand without losing the existing customer base, as well as driving aggressive growth for this mature brand 25. Recommendations They have to invariably enter into the male segment as well. They have to be constantly in the eyes of the public. 26. Minor Issue 10 Objectification of women as done by Dove can be disastrous for their brands goodwill. 27. Recommendations Should be very careful about the demographic sentiments, beliefs, culture etc. Whenever women are involved, there are ample chances of controversies, so they should portray women in a very elegant and dignified manner. 28. Conclusion Some element of aspiration has to be incorporated so as to ensure longevity of the brand. To put it in the words of Charles Revson, founder of Revlon, In our factory we make cosmetics. In the stores we sell hopes. Whatever the case is, as of now, Dove has succeeded in empowering femininity. 29. Dove celebrates Real Beauty


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