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  • Problems By R. Henry Migliore

  • Major


  • AnalysisProductionMarketingHuman ResourceR & DFinancial

  • Usually three

    Feasibility studyAlternatives

  • RecommendationsBest course of action under circumstances

  • Pheasant Hunt ExampleSymptomsFeverWeakClammyReal ProblemLaptosplaosisMajor PointAttack real problem, not symptoms

  • If you have the flu

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemHeadachesVirusFeverSore Muscles

  • In an unhappy marriage

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemArgumentsCommunication/TimeUnfaithful partnerAbuse

  • An unruly child in K-5

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemLack of attention on assignmentsLack of attention at homeMaking noiseStarting fights

  • An unhappy/unproductive employee

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemLazyNo recognition, lack of self-esteemMissed days/tardyInjuries

  • Business is Losing Money

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemLoss of market share Lack of strategic direction Lost track of customer needs Wrong size in industry Not operating bottom of long run cost curve Not aimed at right market nichePoor quality/serviceDrop revenuePoor public imageTurnover of employeesHigh cost sportage

  • Business is Losing Money

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemUnhappy people/lack of pride Not using firms competitive advantage/strengths Lack of driving force/strength of company Improper merger business partners External factors/new lawsFacilities run downPoor cash positionHigh inventoryRunning at less plant capacity

  • Company Expanding and Profitable

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemOverworked Executives Poor organization chart Growth with no plan Chasing the market Lack in trainingConfusion at all levelsLack of coordinationPoor communicationPlan not in writingConstant reorganization

  • Company staying at same size

    SymptomsWhat is likely the problemLack of excitement in culture Could get left behind industry changeLosing market shareLow profits compared to industryTake-over from unfriendly buyer

  • SymptomsPerceived ProblemWhy 1) Rush jobs, too many change overs Late delivery to customer, low productivity, quality problems, machine repair costs high confusionWhy 2) Why rush jobs/change oversWhy 3) Not enough timeWhy 4) Take 7-14 days to get customer orders into production control from marketing

  • Real ProblemWhy it takes 7-14 days for sales paperwork to get order into plant and/or production scheduleAlternativesLeave as isBuy lap-top computers, train sales peopleGo 100% to manufacturing representative

  • SolutionAlt #2 computer entry of orders from field/train marketing sales people (normal/traditional problems; people dont work, need training).ResultsIncreased manufacturing experienceBetter qualityHigher moraleFoster throughout

  • Sophisticated solutions do not work. The more complex the problem, the simpler the solution must be.

    Eliyahu M. Goldratt



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