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Major/Minor Project (MMP). How to get the maximum reward for the effort you put into your Final Year Project. Why is this important?. Because it will make a big difference to your degree A good 394 project mark can go a long way towards bumping your degree class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Major/Minor Project

Major/Minor Project (MMP)How to get the maximum reward for the effort you put into your Final Year ProjectMajor/Minor Projects1Why is this important?Because it will make a big difference to your degreeA good 394 project mark can go a long way towards bumping your degree classIt can help you get the job you want afterwards - portfolio for employmentMajor/Minor Projects2Major/Minor Projects3

Must Pass ModuleMajor/Minor Projects4

Must Pass ModuleTo gain an honours degree, e.g. BSc (Hons), you need to pass this module.

If you fail, you will need to resit the module for an honours degree.

Dont fail Todays lectureWhat is the Major/Minor Project?Choosing a project and supervisor What help can you expect? What you should be doing now

Major/Minor Projects5What is the Major/Minor Project?1/3 of your final year dedicated to building a system. It is the summation of your time in Aber. Draws on skills you have developed and will develop over this year. (Hopefully) something to be proud of by the time you hand in. 400 hours of work for Major projects and 200 hours of work for Minor projectsMajor/Minor Projects6What we looking forYou will work to solve a reasonably difficult technical problemYou will show your analysis and understanding of the problemYou will approach the design and implementation in an intelligent wayYou will show that you understand how to deliver the softwareYou will be able to critically evaluate what you have done and discuss what you have learned.You will work in an area relevant to your degree scheme. Major/Minor Projects7Choosing a project supervisorGo to: Common question: I want to do X, but nobody says that they are interested in this area who can supervise me?Once you have chosen a project/title area: Register the details at: Major/Minor Projects8

SAW ProjectsSoftware Alliance Wales projectsProjects linked to companies in WalesAndy Starr will supervise you on a weekly basisAnother member of staff will be the person who marks your work

Major/Minor Projects9

What help can you expect?This series of lectures Online resourcesYour supervisor Weekly meetingsEmail supportThe module co-ordinator

Major/Minor Projects10What we expect of youYou will turn up to your project meetings You will get in contact with your supervisor if you cannot make a meetingYou will do your own work You will manage your own timeYou read the instructions and follow themIf there are things you dont understand askAnd Major/Minor Projects11Major/Minor Projects12

Used in accordance with Universal Uclick Educational / Classroom Usage policy: ProgressBe honest with yourself, and your supervisorOverall Shape of ProjectSelect your projects by 12 noon on Thursday 11th October Start work on project with supervisor Produce an outline description of your projectProduce a progress report Demonstrate progressProduce a final report Demonstrate final outputsMajor/Minor Projects13The Final ReportThe main report What you didHow you did itWhat the outcome was What you learnedAppendicesKEEP A PROJECT DIARYMajor/Minor Projects14The Final ReportCommon Problems: Report that doesnt tell us what the project is supposed to achieveReport that doesnt tell us what was and wasnt achievedReport that doesnt tell us how it was achievedReport that doesnt tell us what you have learned from the experience

Major/Minor Projects15Final Report: AppendicesUseful supporting material that is too detailed for main report but usefule.g. entity-relationship diagrams and data flow diagramsOutput from selected test runsImportant extracts from your codeVoluminous appendices are unwelcomeMajor/Minor Projects16Final Project: Software (CD/DVD?)Must work - check accessing files when you have written it on a machine other than your ownShould contain a deliverable version of your software with instructions (***Think now)Should contain all source code for your projectShould contain all of final report material

Major/Minor Projects17What you should be doing nowLooking through the project listArranging to meet supervisors and discuss possible projectsSelecting a project remember you need to do this by the 11th October. Once you have selected your supervisor/project, start work. Major/Minor Projects18iOS/AndroidChris Price and I will be running iOS training on Wednesday afternoons starting soon.Chris Loftus and Andy Starr have agreed to run an Android sessionMajor/Minor Projects19And finallyMajor/Minor Projects20It is YOUR projectIt is within your own control to spend time and do the workMajor/Minor Projects21