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material para la enseanza del ngles


<p>Good Morning and Welcome</p> <p>Good Morning and Welcome</p> <p>Vocabulary Admission Ancestors Artifacts Civilization Climate changeCreativityEmpire Evolving ExhibitionUnderground Vocabulary AfterBeforeEuropean IndigenousMuseum guideProblematic VisitorAnts CrocodileDiamonds Vocabulary AstronomyBeenEndangered NumericalPowerfulPyramidsWritingConclusionDetailsDinosaur Read along: The Field Museum</p> <p>20</p> <p>Solve the riddles</p> <p>Complete the sentences</p> <p>Label the pictures. Use your readerMelting glaciers floods dried-up rivers</p> <p>Number the exhibitions.</p> <p>Number the content of the exhibitionDinosaursLife undergroundCivilizationsPhotographs of Earth</p> <p>Precious stonesPre-historic man</p> <p>Answer the questionsWhat famous museums do you know?</p> <p>What do they exhibit?</p> <p>Where else can you find historical or scientific information?Listen and mark (x) the exhibition. </p> <p>9</p> <p>Read and complete the museum card.</p> <p>antsAnts have inhabited the Earth for around 60 million years. Here are some facts about them. Ants senses have not evolved much. Today, just as millions of years ago, ants can hear other insects crawling by touching the ground with their sensors. Ants have little sensors in the antennae. That is how they find their food: sugar, fruit, leaves or other smaller insects.Ants have live in communities under the ground for centuries. Ants dont have traffic problems because they have a complicated system of tunnels underground. There they keep food and water to survive the winters. Ants live as a big, big family!</p> <p>Answer the questions.</p> <p>How long have ants inhabited the Earth?What do they eat and drink?Have ants senses evolved a lot?How do ants find food?Where have ants lived for centuries?</p> <p>Complete the leaflet with the correct form of the words in parentheses. ( have or has + pp) adapted lived changed continued incorporated seen contributed been</p> <p>Sing Along</p>