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Thunderbolt Pipeline Project Tracking & Collaboration Online Done.

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Thunderbolt Pipeline

Thunderbolt PipelineProject Tracking & Collaboration OnlineDone.

Does your company need to share notes and files about proposals? Done. Easily setup customers and track proposals and projects.

Create Notes and add Files to share with your team.

Download files on any laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Create and assign tasks to team members. Then add them to your calendar.

Proposal Information Make sure the entire team knows all of the details.

PRO TIP Phone and Emails can be tapped on when viewing on mobile to make calls and start emails.

Notes Share history on the proposal with your team or save relevant customer interactions.

PRO TIP Stop hitting that refresh button! Notes and Tasks will instantly show up on a coworkers screen if they are viewing the same proposal, even on mobile.

Tasks Keep productive and use tasks to stay on track. Assign them to yourself or your team.

PRO TIP Do you live in your calendar? Save important tasks to your calendar so you wont forget important deadlines.

Files Stay organized, store proposal docs, pictures or plans in Thunderbolt Pipeline. Never search a server or email again for that signoff document!

PRO TIP Need to see details in a pinch? Files can be uploaded or accessed wherever you can get online. Mobile devices, coffee shops or even job sites.

Do you need to take pictures on the road and share them with the office? Done. Thunderbolt Pipeline can be used on your mobile phone. View all of the details for the proposal whenever and wherever you need to. Take and Upload pictures from your mobile phone and they will be instantly available to all of your team on any device. Files and Pictures are stored securely in the cloud and youll never run out of space.

Take Thunderbolt Pipeline with you!

Do you need to track profitability across different project types?Done. Thunderbolt Pipeline gives you many ways to look at your business. What percentage of your business is each project type? Which customers are wasting your time with quoting but not awarding you projects? Compare projects in a dollar per X (sqft, sites, crews). Generate reports and export to excel to manipulate your data any way you wish.

Do you want instant reports from last years projects?Done. Easy setup and importing allows us to analyze the jobs youve had before you started using Thunderbolt Pipeline.

Compare how profitable each project type was and how it compares to work youre getting now.

Dont loose your project history just because you have are upgrading the way your track your work.

Boost your business productivity!

Affordable. Flexible. Easy. Cloud software is ready when you are, no install time, 5-Minute setup. It really couldnt get any easier.

Thunderbolt Pipeline can grow with you, add users when you need to and dont worry about monthly proposal limits.

With the efficiency youll gain the ROI is unbelievable, but even so we are affordably priced to ensure you always are getting the best bang for the buck.

Start today for free! Start using Thunderbolt Pipeline today and stop worrying about loosing information.

The time to take back control of your business is NOW!