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<ul><li><p>Writing / Story-telling / Publishing Tools</p><p>Writing-focused /Assistance</p><p>SocialCuration</p><p>Document Revision /Collaboration</p><p>EnterpriseCollaboration</p><p>StoryCollaboration</p><p>Digital PublicationAssembly</p><p>Digital &amp; Self-Publishing</p><p>SocialReading</p><p>Description</p><p>Tools focused on enabling non-professional writers to explore,develop and share their writing</p><p>&amp; story-telling skills throughtext &amp; other media, often in</p><p>collaboration with / input fromothers.</p><p>One person creates a story,possibly with some input from</p><p>others, but mostly blog +curation of available elements</p><p>on the social web.</p><p>Tools focused on managing thecollaborative creation andrevision of a single work</p><p>product (typically among a pre-defined group of contributors).</p><p>Business-targeted, enterprise-class tools primarily targeted at</p><p>collaboration and projectmanagement of documetns</p><p>and workflow.</p><p>Tools focused on creative storydevelopment with a very highdegree of collaboration, and</p><p>where a community of authors /creators / artists co-create andco-manage a work vs. any one</p><p>single artist.</p><p>Tools focused on assemblingdeveloped media into a</p><p>finished digital or phsyicalproduct.</p><p>Tools focused on self-publishing a work once it has</p><p>been written.</p><p>"Social Reading" &amp; other socialconsumption tools focused onenhancing a core reading orconsumption experience withrelated/linked social content</p><p>and interaction.</p><p>Examples</p><p> - Libboo++ - Figment++</p><p>- InkPop (acq by Figment)-</p><p>- HyperInk- Scripted</p><p>- CrowdProse- Cowbird (Images &amp; Text)++</p><p> - Storify++- Pinterest- Snip.It</p><p>- Zemanta</p><p> - Google Docs - WriteBoard- MixedInk++- PiratePad++- SocialText- ZohoWriter</p><p>- Zotero- Thumbscribes</p><p> - Adobe (Acrobat)- Atlassian Confluence</p><p>- Basecamp- Broadvision Clearvale</p><p>- Colaab- Chatter (SalesForce)</p><p>- Huddle- Sharepoint- Socialcast</p><p>- Tibbr- Wiggio</p><p>- Yammer- Zoho</p><p>- Sosius- nu+/Yooplus</p><p>- Podio</p><p> - AUTHORBEE- Hadza (Vids)++</p><p>- Ruckus Media (Kids)- BoxFiction (TV)</p><p>- HitRecord (Music)- BookRix SocialBook (Tweets)++</p><p> - LeanPub- Moglue- Adobe</p><p>- Woodwing- Webdoc</p><p>- PressBooks- Periodic Technology</p><p>- Pages- SmashWords</p><p>- Sigil- Scrivener</p><p>- KindleDirect- PubIT</p><p>- Pandamanian- MyStoryBook</p><p>- Composer- Moglue</p><p>- ActiveReader- Kwiksher</p><p>- InteractBuilder- Demibooks Composer</p><p>- Adobe- Woodwing- Aquafadas</p><p>- BookOnPublish- Publish88</p><p>- Red Foundry (apps)- Webdoc</p><p>- Blurb- Plyvore- Hype- Mixel</p><p> - Byliner++- Bookish- Amazon</p><p>- Outskirts Press- Tate Publishing- AuthorHouse</p><p>- aNobii- SmashWords</p><p>- Aventine Press- BookLocker- BookPros</p><p>- BookSurge Publishing- CreateSpace</p><p>- Creation House- Dog Ear Publishing- Infinity Publishing</p><p>- iUniverse- Llumina Press</p><p>- Lulu Press- Mill City Press- Morgan James- Outskirts Press</p><p>- Page Free Publishing- Pleasant Word</p><p>- Publish America- Tate Publishing</p><p>- Trafford Publishing- Universal Publishers</p><p>- VirtualBookWorm- Wheatmark</p><p>- WingSpan Press- Xlibris Corporation</p><p>- Xulon Press</p><p> - Scribd- KOBO Pulse++</p><p>- SubText++- BookGlutton</p><p>- Findings- Readmill- HuffPost</p><p>- Boston Pheonix- TheAmandaProject</p><p>- Findings- Readmill</p><p>- Copia- 24Symbols- OpenMargin- Broadcastr</p><p>Emphasis:Primary ("w/" indicates secondary)</p><p> Creation vs. Distribution Creation w/ Distribution Creation Creation Creation &amp; Distribution Creation &amp; Distribution Creation Distribution Distribution Creation vs. Consumption Creation w/ Consumption Creation &amp; Consumption Creation Creation &amp; Consumption Creation &amp; Consumption Creation Consumption Consumption Professional vs. Amateur Amateur Professional w/ Amateur Professional Professional Amateur w/ Professional Professional Professional &amp; Amateur Amateur Core vs. Meta Content Core Meta w/ Core Core Core Core w/ Meta Core Core Meta Original vs. Curated Content Original Curated w/ Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Document vs. Story Management Story Story Document Document Story Document Document Story Individual vs. Collaborative Creation Individual w/ Collaboration Individual w/ Collaboration Collaborative Collaborative Collaborative Individual Individual Collaborative Single vs. Shared Control Single Single Single w/ Shared Shared Shared Single Single Shared</p><p> For feedback tweet @StephenTBradley or email Hash tags: #authorbee #socialstories</p><p>3/10/2012 Page 1 AuthorBee Confidential</p></li></ul>