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1. David De Roure@dder Digital scholarship: Intersection, Scale, and Social Machines DIRECTOR, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD E-RESEARCH CENTRE Centre for Digital Scholarship 2. Porter, Bernard. 1939. Being a Map of Physics. Courtesy of Maine State Library and Mark Melnicove. In "10th Iteration (2014): The Future of Science Mapping," Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, edited by Katy Brner and Samuel Mills. 3. 4. Digital Humanities Social Machines Engineering Cyber Linguis.cs English Oxford Mar.n School Sad Colleges ARC ITServices ECIGeography SKA CUDA Physics Computer Science Maths History Oxford Internet Ins.tute Music Pharma Archaeology Classics Zoology DDeR 2015-04-25 Museums 5. Segolenesslide 6. Edwards, P. N., et al. (2013) Knowledge Infrastructures: Intellectual Frameworks and Research Challenges. Ann Arbor: Deep Blue. 7. The Big Picture(s) 8. FourQuadrantDiagram Digital Scholarship 9. ChristineBorgman 10. RCUK Big Data 21st century raw material Energy Efficient Computing Infrastructure (STFC) De-identified admin (including health) data Business data Open data (public sector) Social media data Research data Longitudinal survey data Open data Securely held data Environment data Business and LG Data Research Centres (ESRC) Admin Data Research Centres (ESRC) High Performance Data Environment (NERC) Clinical data Medical Bioinformatics (MRC) Understanding Populations (ESRC) Clinical Practice Datalink (MHRA, NIHR) 100,000 Genome Project NHS) Research Data Facility (EPSRC) European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL) Bioscience E-Infrastructure (BBSRC) Square Kilometre Array (STFC) Digital Transformations (AHRC) Archive data Open Data Institute Commercial Research Understanding Populations (ESRC) 11. 12. F i r s t 13. Data Detect Store AnalyticsFilter Analysts 14. Citizens 15. SocialMachinesDeni.onTBL 16. 17. Scientists Talk Forum Image Classification data reduction Citizen Scientists 18. Big Data Network 19. 20. New Forms of Data CDT Much of the value of new forms of data lie in the potential for them to be analysed in near real-time, which presents opportunities for revealing phenomena as they unfold, enabling timely response with immediate influence. Such analysis brings distinct new computational requirements, requires new skills, and makes new demands on the ease of use and capability of the national e-Infrastructure. 21. Multi/Inter/Trans/Post Disciplinarity 22. Community SoOware Supercomputer DigitalMusic Collec.ons Student-sourced groundtruth Community SoOware LinkedData Repositories Supercomputer 23,000 hours of recorded music Music Information Retrieval Community SALAMI 23. Sequence alignment 24. Dan Edelstein, Robert Morrissey, and Glenn Roe, To Quote or not to Quote: Citation Strategies in the Encyclopdie. Journal of the History of Ideas , Volume 74, Number 2, April 2013 . pp. 213-236. 10.1353/jhi.2013.0012 25. 3,610 Shared Passages Montesquieu - 681 passages De l'esprit des lois (1746) - 477 passages Considrations sur les Romains (1734) - 173 passages Voltaire - 528 passages Essai sur l'histoire gnrale (1756) - 415 passages Jean-Baptiste Dubos - 229 passages Rflexions critiques sur la posie et sur la peinture (1719) - 227 passages Ren Aubert de Vertot - 122 passages Histoire des rvolutions arrives dans le gouvernement romain (1727) - 122 passages Antoine Arnauld & Pierre Nicole - 107 passages La logique, or l'art de penser (1662) - 107 passages Charles Rollin - 100 passages Histoire ancienne des gyptiens (1738) - 94 passages Montaigne - 91 passages Les Essais (1595) - 91 passages Condillac - 91 passages Essai sur l'origine des connaissances humaines (1746) - 91 passages Aligned passages in the over 900 texts that predate the publication of the Encyclopdie in the ARTFL-Frantext collection, from Russell Horton, Mark Olsen, and Glenn Roe, Something Borrowed: Sequence Alignment and the Identification of Similar Passages in Large Text Collections, Digital Studies - Le Champ numrique 2 (1) 26. Psychology and digital technology are being combined to understand music in new ways. In the run-up to the Being Human festival, a group of students in the audience for Wagners epic Ring Cycle, conducted by Valery Gergiev (Birmingham Hippodrome) will take part in an intriguing experiment to monitor the sensations produced over the 16-hour cycle of four operas. How do we really experience Wagners music? 27. ! 28. The Process of Scholarship 29. TheRDimensions ResearchObjectsfacilitateresearchthatis reproducible,repeatable,replicable,reusable, referenceable,retrievable,reviewable, replayable,re-interpretable,reprocessable, recomposable,reconstructable,repurposable, reliable,respecUul,reputable,revealable, recoverable,restorable,reparable,refreshable? @dder 14 April 2014 scimethod access understand newuse social cura.on Research Object Principles 30. Richard OBierne 31. FirstFolioSocialMachines Metadata Story of the


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