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Download Selected Faculty Scholarship 2016-  Faculty Scholarship 2016-2017. Professor . Emily Whelan Parento ’s primary . scholarly focus is the intersection of domestic health law and

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  • The McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific faculty work appears in top law reviews, journals and books. Many of our faculty members have also authored leading casebooks that are used in more than 188 law schools across the nation and internationally.

    Distinguished Professor of Law Stephen McCaffrey is one of the worlds foremost authorities on international water law. He was named 2017 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his unparalleled contribution to the evolution and progressive realization of international water law.

    -- Promoting Equity, CooPEration and innovation in thE FiElds oF transboundary WatErs and natural rEsourCEs managEmEnt: thE lEgaCy oF dr. david J.h. PhilliPs, (with John S. Murray & Melvin Woodhouse, co-eds., Brill Nijhoff 2017).

    -- The Evolution of International Law Relating to Transboundary Waters, in Routledge Handbook of WateR laW and Policy, at 205 (Alistair Rieu-Clarke, Andrew Allan & Sarah Hendry, eds., 2017).


    Distinguished Professor of Law Michael Vitiello is a nationally recognized expert on criminal law, sentencing policy, and marijuana law.

    -- animating Civil ProCEdurE (Carolina Academic Press, 2017).-- Legalizing Marijuana and Abating Environmental Harm: An

    Overblown Promise? 50 u.c. davis l. Rev. 773 (2016).


    Professor Leslie Gielow Jacobs has authored scholarship on constitutional law, specifically free speech, government speech, and on issues of bioterrorism and national security.

    -- Regulating Marijuana Advertising and Marketing to Promote Public Health: Navigating the Constitutional Minefield, leWis & claRk l. Rev. (forthcoming 2017).

    -- Government Identity Speech Programs: Understanding and Applying the New Walker Test, 44 PePP. l. Rev. 305 (2017).


    Distinguished Professor of Law Franklin A. Gevurtz is a leading commentator on corporate law. Courts, lawyers and scholars in the United States and abroad look to his treatise, Corporation Law, for authoritative guidance.

    -- Saying Yes: Reviewing Board Decisions to Sell or Merge the Corporation, 44 fla. st. u. l. Rev. __ (forthcoming).

    -- United States, in global sECuritiEs litigation and EnForCEmEnt (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018) (Pierre-Henri Conac & Martin Gelter, eds.).

    Distinguished Professor of Law John G. Sprankling is an internationally-recognized authority on property law and the author of six books on this subject.

    -- Property Law for the Anthropocene Era, 59 aRiz. l. Rev. 737 (2017).

    -- Property and the Roberts Court, 65 u. kan. l. Rev. 1 (2016).


    Professor Courtney Lee shares her unique scholarly voice in the areas of animal welfare law and effective law teaching and student support.

    -- Never Enough: Animal Hoarding Law, 47 u. balt. l. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2017).

    -- The Animal Welfare Act at Fifty: Problems and Possibilities in Animal Testing Regulation, 95 neb. l. Rev. 194 (2016).


    Professor Brian Slocum is an award-winning scholar and teacher with recognized expertise in administrative law, contracts, immigration law, statutory interpretation, and law and language.

    -- Ordinary Meaning and Corpus Linguistics, byu laW RevieW (with Stefan Gries forthcoming)

    -- The Contribution of Linguistics to Legal Interpretation, in thE naturE oF lEgal intErPrEtation: What Jurists Can lEarn From linguistiCs and PhilosoPhy 14 (Brian G. Slocum, ed.; University of Chicago Press, 2017).


    Professor Jarrod Wong, co-director of the Global Center at McGeorge, is a scholar in international dispute resolution.-- BG Group v. Republic of Argentina: A

    Supreme Misunderstanding of Investment Treaty Arbitration, 43 PePP. l. Rev. 541 (2016).


    Professor Karrigan Brks research concerns environmental law, natural resources law, international law, and administrative law, focusing on the interplay of science and law.

    -- Guest Species: Rethinking Biodiversity in the Anthropocene, utaH l. Rev. (forthcoming 2017).

    Selected Faculty Scholarship 2016-2017

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  • Professor Christine Manolakas is a recognized expert in tax law, whose scholarship focuses on the taxation, both domestic and international, of individuals and business entities.

    -- Taxation of Gamblers: The House Always Wins, okla. l.J. (forthcoming 2018).

    -- Qualified Residence Interest Deduction: A Win for Unmarried Co-Owners, 17 nev. l.J. 199 (2016).


    Professor Stephen Cody uses social science to understand the experiences of victims and vulnerable witnesses in criminal trials.

    -- Procedural Justice in Transnational Contexts, 58 va. J. intl l. __ (with Alexa Koenig forthcoming 2017).

    -- Legitimacy, Procedural Justice, and Victim Participation in Uganda, In thE lEgitimaCy oF intErnational Criminal tribunals, (eds.) Nobuo Hayashi and Cecilia Bailliet, (Cambridge University Press, 2017).


    Selected Faculty Scholarship 2016-2017

    Professor Omar Dajani, co-director of the Global Center at McGeorge, is recognized as a leading expert on legal aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His scholarship also explores comparative federalism and minority protection.

    -- Divorce Without Separation: Reimagining the Two-State Solution, 15 etHnoPolitics 366 (2016).


    Distinguished Professor of Law Michael P. Malloy is an internationally recognizedexpert on bank regulation and on economicsanctions, and serves on the United NationsReal Estate Markets Advisory Group.

    -- Encountering UTOPIA: Social Stresses and Responsibilities of the Lawyer, in rolE oF laW, human rights and soCial JustiCE, JustiCE systEms, CommErCE, and laW CurriCulum: sElECtEd issuEs 13 (David A. Frenkel, ed., Athens Inst. for Educ. & Res. 2017).

    -- Narrative Arcs and Simulations, 48 u. Pacific l. Rev. 837 (2017).


    Professor John E. B. Myers is one of the countrys foremost authorities on child abuse litigation and family law, and his writings have been cited by more than 150 courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

    -- lEgal issuEs in CliniCal PraCtiCE With viCtims oF violEnCE (Guilford Press, 2017).

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    Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship Rachael Salcido is an insightful scholar of domestic, comparative and international environmental and natural resources law, with particular expertise in ocean and coastal law, and ecosystem restoration.

    -- Ditching Our Innocence: The Clean Water Act in the Age of the Anthropocene, 46 Envtl. L. 415 (2016) (with Karrigan S. Brk).

    -- Reviving the Environmental Justice Agenda, 91 cHi.-kent l. Rev. 115 (2016).


    Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz, National Jurists 9th Most Influential Person in Legal Education, is one of the countrys leading experts on law teaching, learning, assessment and curriculum design.

    -- Teaching Law by Design: How Learning Theory and Instructional Design Can Inform and Reform Law Teaching, in linda h. EdWards, thE doCtrinE-skills dividE lEgal EduCations sElF-inFliCtEd Wound 111-130 (Carolina Academic Press, 2017).


    Professor Jennifer Harders scholarship integrates classic water and natural resources legal principles with modern values, and draws upon her professional experience representing local agencies and private entities on water, environmental, and public agency issues.

    -- Unlimited Rights in a Water-Scarce World? Quantification of Dormant Rights to Common Pool Groundwater, 48 Tex. tecH l. Rev. 719 (2016).


    Professor Francis J. Mootz III teaches and writes in traditional doctrinal areas such as insurance, contract and sales law. His primary scholarly interest is contemporary legal theory, especially interpretative and rhetorical theory.

    -- Vico, Llewelly and the Task of Legal Education, in linda h. EdWards, thE doCtrinE-skills dividE lEgal EduCations sElF-inFliCtEd Wound 64-76 (Carolina Academic Press, 2017).

    -- Getting Over the Originalist Fixation, in thE naturE oF lEgal intErPrEtation: What Jurists Can lEarn From linguistiCs and PhilosoPhy 156 (Brian G. Slocum, ed.; University of Chicago Press, 2017).

  • Selected Faculty Scholarship 2016-2017

    Professor Emily Whelan Parentos primary scholarly focus is the intersection of domestic health law and policy with the human rights framework for the right to health and health equity.

    -- Certificate of Need in the Post-Affordable Care Act Era, 105 ky. l. J. 201 (2017).


    Professor Julie Davies is an expert in tort law. Her current scholarly interest is in customary law.

    -- The Impact of Mining on Self-Determination in Rural Guatemalan Communities, in From ExtraCtion to EmanCiPation: rEimagining dEvEloPmEnt For guatEmala (American Bar Association forthcoming 2018).


    Professor Blake Nordahl is a California Certified Law Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, and he supervises the McGeorge Immigration Law Clinic.

    -- A Migration Story from the Sugar Fields of Southwest Guatemala: A Case for Treating Corporations as Persecutors Under Asylum and Refugee Law, in From ExtraCtion to EmanCiPation: rEimagining dEvEloPmEnt For guatEmala (American Bar Association forthcoming 2018).


    Distinguished Professor Emerita Linda E. Carter has written extensively on death penalty, evidence, international treaty issues, and international criminal procedure.

    -- thE intErnational Criminal Court in an EFFECtivE global JustiCE systEm (Edward Elgar 2016) (with Mark Ellis and Charles Jalloh).


    Distinguished Professor Emeritus Brian K. Landsbergs scholarship and teaching is grounded in his experience as an attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice in the 1960s.

    -- Lee v. Macon County Board of Education: The Possibil


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