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Presidential Scholarship Governors Scholarship Multicultural Leadership Scholarship. Tracking Your Service Hours. During our time together. Explain the aspects of your scholarship criteria Define some key terms with tracking service hours Demonstrate how to track your service hours - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Presidential ScholarshipGovernors ScholarshipMulticultural Leadership ScholarshipTracking Your Service Hours

During our time togetherExplain the aspects of your scholarship criteriaDefine some key terms with tracking service hoursDemonstrate how to track your service hoursProvide you ways to get involved on campusAnswer any questions you may have about this processGeneral Guidelines:Approved Agencies & ReportingService must be completed through an approved agency and verified through the agency officialHow to know your agency is approved?Check with if you are in questionReporting is done through online system & must be verified with paperGeneral Guidelines:On Campus & Off CampusOn Campus Service: Service that is conducted to benefit those located on campus or benefiting the greater campus community60 hours (50%) may be completed on campusExamples: Bear CLAW, Peer LeaderOff Campus Service: Service that is conducted to benefit an off campus communityService may be LOCATED on campus, but still benefiting an off campus agency (Blanket making for a shelter)Up to 100% of your service may be Off CampusGeneral Guidelines:Service-Learning CoursesComponent Service-Learning coursesWill receive a Block of 16 service hoursIntegrated Service-Learning courses do not count for serviceStudy Away counts for a block of hours as well, but needs to be negotiated with the individual instructor

Contact CASL (Citizenship & Service-Learning) with any further questionsGeneral Guidelines:Other ExceptionsService as an officer or member of a student organization is not applicable to this requirementDirect participation in a service-oriented activity or event sponsored by the organization is applicable.Philanthropy vs. ServiceParticipating in a walk or other fundraising effort is not service, however helping with the event does constitute serviceFaith-based organization or institutionsService through mission trips or service for a humanitarian focus countsConducting worship service, teaching classes, or caring for students during services do not countVoluntary activities but not servicePolitical campaigning, fundraising, assisting with family & neighborsAny Service in which you receive compensation does not count

Tracking your Service HoursService is tracked using a 2 part process

Part I Hours TrackingYour hours are to be tracked using our online system. You can submit the form for EACH agency you work with. If you volunteer at 8 agencies, you will need to submit the form 8 timesThis information is detailed and asks for specific questionsPart II Hours VerificationYou will need to get a half-sheet form completed and turned into the Office of Student Engagement with proper signaturesHow to Track your HoursHttp:// Track your Service Hours

All Service hours are completed using CampusLINK

Verifying your HoursIn addition to tracking your individual hours you will need to get verification for your houseThe Service Hours Verification sheet contains the basic information for your service hoursAs many agencies/service days as you want can be completed on each formThis MUST be turned in within 30 days of completing your service

Where to Find Service OpportunitiesVisit our website!Http:// Way of the Ozarks (211)Local religious & faith based organizationsSimply Google an agencyVolunteer newsletter (E-mail: On Campus DepartmentsCitizenship & Service-Learning (CASL)Plaster Student Union

Carly Pape, ECE 303 studentVolunteer Programs

A recent group helping in JoplinOffice of Student EngagementPlaster Student Union #101417.836.4386