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Digital Booklet to the studio album of Andrew Lippa's 'A Little Princess' the musical


  • Musical Numbers

    1 Overture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1:59

    2 Good Luck, Bonne Chance . . . . . . . . Sara, Becky, Company. . . . . . . . . . . 5:39

    3 Soon, My Love . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Captain Crewe, Sara, Company . . . 5:45

    4 Live Out Loud. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sara . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2:55

    5 Let Your Heart Be Your Compass . . Sara, Becky, Girls, Company . . . . . 5:21

    6 Isn't That Always the Way . . . . . . . . Captain Crewe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3:15

    7 Lucky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Miss Minchin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2:34

    8 If the Tables Were Turned . . . . . . . . Becky, Sara . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2:38

    9 Soldier On . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sara, Miss Minchin. . . . . . . . . . . . . 2:20

    10 Another World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sara . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4:32

    11 Almost Christmas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Girls, Sara, Pasko, Company . . . . . 4:32

    12 Once Upon A Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Miss Amelia, Miss Minchin. . . . . . 2:48

    13 Broken Old Doll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Becky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2:44

    14 Timbuktu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ljana, Sara, Crewe, Company. . . . 5:52

    15 Soon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pasko, Sara . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2:24

    16 Finale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Queen Victoria, Sara, Company . . 2:34

    brian crawley & andrew lippa

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    [email protected]@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@#@@@@

    a new musical by

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  • is a new musical written by

    Brian Crawley & Andrew Lippa(book & lyrics) (music)

    whose recorded selections were produced byAndrew Lippaedited & mixed by

    Joel Moss& orchestrated by

    Michael Gibson.The musical director was

    Joel Framwhile vocal conductors were

    Mary-Mitchell Campbell & Will Van Dyke

    Brian Crawleydesigned the CD booklet, &

    Ghostlight Recordsbrought the CD to you.

    Sara Crewe ________Sierra BoggessCaptain Crewe _______ Will ChaseMiss Minchin ______ Julia MurneyMiss Amelia _______ Laura BenantiAljana ______ Nikki Renee DanielsPasko ______________Titus BurgessBecky ______________ Remy ZakenQueen Victoria _____Morgan JamesDrummer ______ Michael McElroyUmbrella Man _______ Jesse NagerNative Woman ___ Kimberly JajuanErmengarde _________ Laura DeanLottie/ Lavinia _ Chelsea KrombachJane __________ Celisse HendersonSultan ____________Andrew Lippa

    Brad Bass, Laura Dean, Adam Halpin, Celisse Henderson, Kimberly Jajuan, Capathia Jenkins,

    Chelsea Krombach, Michael McElroy, Jesse Nager, & Dennis Stowe

    Will Chase, Remy Zaken, Jesse Nager & Dennis Stowe all were featured in the irst production of A Little Princess.

    The recording features

    & an ensemble including

    The authors wish to thank Drew Cohen, Larry Lees, and everyone at Music Theater International, Heidi Ettinger, Susan Schulman, John Frost, Ed Strong, Michael David, Robert Kelley and all at Theatreworks, Kent Nicholson, Randy Adams, Cathy Zuber, Paulo Gallo, Brian Ronan, Mark Sendrof, Judy Boals, Kurt Deutsch, Noah Cornman, and Steve Norman.

    Andrew Lippa additionally thanks Joel Moss, Joel Fram, Mary-Mitchell Campbell, Will Van Dyke, Larry Blank, Annie Kaye and Doug Houston, Jill Dellabate, Charlie Eble, everyone at Hal Leonard, and especially David Bloch.

    Brian Crawley thanks Zoe Crawley for her silhouette.

    A Little Princess was irst produced in 2004 by TheatreWorks in Mountain View, CA ( A Little Princess was presented at the National Alliance for Musical Theatres Festival of New Musicals in 2005 (

    Drum arranging and programming: Gary Seligson

    Additional orchestrations:Larry Blank

    Recorded in New York, NY, at MSR Studios, November 30th and December 1st, 2010, and John Kilgore Sound and Recording, August 14, 2009.

    Additional recording by Chris Camilleri at Dubway Studios, New York, NY.

    All musical selections copyright 2009 Lippasongs (ASCAP) and crawleymuse[sic] (BMI). International copyright secured. All rights reserved.

    Assistant engineer: Derik LeeVocal contractor: Michael McElroyProduction coordinator: Jill DellabateMusic assistant: Tim Rosser

    Mixed at Woods End Recording Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY, December 37, 2010 and February 38, 2011.

    Mastered on March 9, 2011 by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, New York, NY.

    Performance rights to A Little Princess via Music Theater International, 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 (

  • is the story of a beleaguered young girl with an unbridled imagination. Separated from her father and the open-hearted Africans who have helped him raise her, young Sara Crewe is sent from Fort St. Louis to boarding school in London.

    When things go badly for her there, her imaginative powers come to the rescue helping to transform a drab institution into a place of magic and mystery. As Sara wins the afection of the other boarders she draws the ire of Miss Minchin, the dour headmistress. Sara counters all Miss Minchins best eforts to degrade her with the grace and virtue of a little princess.

    Loosely adapted from a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, our story begins in West Africa, 1838, and moves between locations in London, England, and the African interior.

    Act One. Sara is in trouble from the outset. She has been sent to her room without supper for coming to the table barefoot. Becky, a young maid about


    the same age, smuggles a muin upstairs to Sara, and peppers her with questions about what life was like in Africa.

    Everyone else at the London school has been stand-oish, so Sara is glad to answer the questions, and invites Becky to picture the send-of she received from her friends in Fort St. Louis in Good Luck, Bonne Chance. Ater the towns-people wish her the best, Sara's father, Captain Crewe, bids her a private farewell. He reveals he must send her to London as he is embarking upon a mission of exploration to the forbidden city of Timbuktu. Soon, My Love, he promises, once the Saharan trek is over, he will return to London to fetch her home.

    Sara and Becky's reverie is over when Miss Minchin surprises the two girls. Servants and schoolgirls are not meant to mix; Minchin asks Becky to fetch her cane. Sara protests that her father's instructions were that she was not to be corporally punished. Miss Minchin replies she is aware of the instructions, and will beat Becky in Sara's stead. Between the bare feet and illicit camaraderie, Minchin is convinced Sara has no idea how to behave in a civilized fashion. She therefore forbids Sara to speak to anyone without permission. Once the monstrous headmistress leaves, Sara vents her frustration in Live Out Loud.

    The next day the other schoolgirls corner Becky and demand to know everything she learned about Sara. The girls are envious of Sara's wealth, and her privileges she's out riding a pony while the rest take their exercise in a courtyard but curious as well. Lavinia, the oldest and meanest of the girls, threatens to harm Becky just as Sara returns from her ride. Lavinia backs down when she sees Sara's riding crop. She continues though to tease Becky, joking about the accident that let Becky an orphan.

    To comfort Becky, Sara conides her own mother is deceased. She ofers to help Becky get in touch with her mother's spirit. Miss Amelia, Miss Minchin's sister, can't resist this idea. Sara begins to tell the girls how to contact spirits. Her tales are so vivid they seem to come to life. Soon the schoolgirls are joined by imagined Africans in a joyous dance; a spirit enjoins Becky to Let Your Heart Be Your Compass. It is Saras irst success with the other schoolgirls. But it is short-lived. During the dance Lavinia leaves to fetch Miss Minchin, who arrives


  • furious. As part of Sara's punishment, Minchin tears a letter from Captain Crewe into pieces. She also sends Becky to the workhouse.

    In Africa, Captain Crewe is met with one setback ater another. His retinue dies of; his trade goods are stolen; he is detained by a tribal leader with deep suspicions as to an Englishmans reasons for being there. Feverish, despairing, Crewe imagines how happy his daughter must be in London in Isn't That Always the Way.

    Sara's defense of Becky has won her two new conidantes: Ermengarde, who has pieced together Crewe's letter for Sara, and Lottie, the youngest of the schoolgirls, who is intrigued by the doll Sara brought with her from Africa. Sara enlists their help to create such chaos at school that Becky is recalled from the workhouse, and restored to her position. Miss Minchin, realizing she has been outmanoeuvered, believes all Sara's advantages come to her because she has been born Lucky.

    Meanwhile in Sara's room, Ermengarde and Lottie apologize to Becky for their past transgressions against her, and promise to be her friends in future, just as Sara is. Becky is cowed at irst. Sara assures her that wealth and position are mere "accidents of birth"; Becky is willing to agree that even if The Tables Were Turned, she and Sara would have wound up friends.

    Time passes and Sara's birthday arrives. Miss Minchin is a bit more disposed to be kind to the girl; rumors have reached London that Captain Crewe made it to Timbuktu. Minchin has made a small fortune on the resultant stock market speculation. Sara's classmates are fascinated by a large box from the London docks. It turns out to be full of presents Sara has ordered for the other girls.

    There is no time to enjoy them. A barrister brings news that not only did Crewe never make it to Timbuktu, he died in disgrace. At a stroke Sara is let a penniless orphan, and Miss Minchin's own fortune disappears. She decides, rather than put Sara out on the street, to make her a serving girl, sell all her things, and house her in a dark attic room. Sara does not believe what she has been told, and determines to Soldier On until the truth be known.

    Act Two. Lottie visits Sara in her new room just before the Christmas holiday. She is shocked by the drab, cold attic. Sara comforts her by describing it as


    Another World, full of unexpected magic, though once Lottie leaves the depressing reality of it returns.

    Downstairs the schoolgirls are dressed in their best, ready for a holiday. It is Almost Christmas, and all they can think of are the presents awaiting them at home. Sara is sent out on a cold Christmas Eve to buy a goose for Miss Minchin. She hurries past the happy last-minute shoppers, wondering where her father might be. She imagines she hears Pasko, a friend from Ft. St. Louis.

    That she does ind a goose, and at the last minute, is quite impressive to Miss Amelia. She suggests sharing the holiday meal with Sara, which angers Miss Minchin. Miss Amelia resolves to leave the school and ind a way to have Sara released; she tells the child how Once Upon A Time she and her sister played at being virtuous little princesses too. Miss Amelia leaves. Miss Minchin sends Sara to her room, but mourns her hollow victory over the girl in a reprise of Lucky. She locks Sara and Becky in the attic for the night.

    Sara is disconsolate. Becky tries to use Sara's doll to invoke the magic of the imagination, to comfort Sara the way she has been comforted herself; nothing happens. Sara goes to sleep while Becky mourns the powerlessness of the Broken Old Doll.

    The two girls sleep. Pasko sneaks in through the window, bringing food, ire-wood and blankets to the girls. While he does so Sara and Becky dream of fantasy Africans bearing more exotic objects and luxuries, and of Captain Crewe becoming a hero by reaching Timbuktu. Becky and Sara awake from the dream smelling the breakfast Pasko has let them. They are startled to see him. Becky screams. Miss Minchin comes up to investigate. Pasko promises things will get better Soon as he and Sara escape over the rootops. Becky, afraid of heights, stays behind, but promises to meet them later.

    When Becky doesn't show up at the appointed meeting place, Sara and Pasko return to the school for her. But Becky has managed to escape the school. Miss Minchin seizes Sara and determines to have her and Pasko arrested. Becky arrives with the highest authority in the land, Queen Victoria, whom she has waylaid and regaled with stories of the cruel headmistress. It is Minchin who is arrested. Victoria acknowledges in the Finale, just before Sara returns to Africa, that anyone can be a princess, if their hearts are open and their actions true.


  • ,'''''''''/

    ,'''''''''/as Pasko

    as ljanaNikki Renee Daniels




    ??Sierra Boggess

    as Sara Crewe

    as Captain CreweChaseWill


  • 1010


    ,'''''''''/as Miss AmeliaLaura Benanti

    as Miss Minchin

  • # 1 Overture

    # 2 Good Luck, Bonne Chance


    Come, look at the people here. (She and Becky go to the window.)

    Dark shapes under darker umbrellas, rushing about in the fog and the rain. In St. Louis? Where I come from? thered be no hurry, no worries, and everything in color.


    Weve got colors ere.SARA

    Not like there. So the day my ship was due to sail? I went into hiding.


    But youd get in trouble!SARA

    A place worth the trouble! Drums in the town square, everyone sing- ing, and so beautiful youd risk anything to stay there! I did. I never wanted to leave.


    Sara Crewe! Yes you do! You go to school Allah kai mu!

    Good luck, bonne chance Ban kwana, goodbye Well meet again No need for cry

    Sai wani lokaci


    Allah kwana mu


    What does at mean?SARA, DRUMMER & UMBRELLA MAN

    May God bring good things to you


    Sara Crewe!NATIVE WOMAN

    We must hurry to the square! Your father has laid on a wasa for you.


    A wasa?SARA

    A big party, a send-of, with dancing and drummers. I told her I wasnt going.


    Whats your story then. The boat is sinking?


    No, the problem is this VictoriaBECKY

    Our new Queen? SARA

    Yes! She has a ferocious appetite, shes a perfect monster! Every evening Queen Victoria demands to be supplied with a child to eat.



    Girls if they can get them, for boys are not as sweet, nor half as clean.


    Sara say her Queen maybe eat her Sara say she going to stay


    Sara say the ocean will eat her If her story better that way


    If the Queen of London will meet her


    Tell a story, Sara, she sayDRUMMER & NATIVE WOMAN

    Sara Crewe! Good for you!


    God save the Queen And Sara too!


    Good luck, bonne chance Ban kwana, goodbye Well meet again No need for cry

    Sai wani lokaci Allah kwana mu May God bring good things to you


    Sara Crewe!SARA

    ljana! (To Becky:) ljana is the woman who raised me.


    Sara, what are you doing here? You must go to your father.


    But father sent me here. 12


    To get me away from the snakes on the boat.

    (ljana is terriied.)


    There are snakes? On the boat?SARA

    Bush vipers, tree cobras, even a black mamba gliding along with a third of its body of the ground, chin level to you, ljana.


    Shes telling tales again, mama.LJANA

    The Captain is looking for you. Pasko, take her.


    (To Becky:) But I didnt want to go with Pasko! I didnt want to go at all.


    Sara Crewe, youre St. Louis daughter

    Always welcome anywhere here But like any growing-up daughter First you grow, and then

    disappear Endless as the wind on the water Is the love we send with you, dear


    Sara Crewe! Yes you do!


    You go to school Allah kai mu!

    Good luck, bonne chanceBan kwana, goodbye


    Well meet again No need for cry Sai wani lokaci Allah kwana mu May God bring good things to you


    Sara Crewe!SARA

    What are you doing, Papa!CAPTAIN CREWE

    Same thing as everyone here. Trying to say goodbye.

    Londons calling Rain is falling An hour at most To keep the grass green there

    Birds are singing Bells are ringing As if to boast Youre lost til youve been there!

    Hansom cabs on pretty London Bridge See St. Pauls, Its worth the pilgrimage Its calling you


    Sara Crewe!CAPTAIN CREWE

    Londons teeming People streaming Along a street Where soon you will hasten

    Window shopping


    Only stopping To buy a sweet At Fortnum & Mason

    Cobbled streets And iron balustrades Chimney sweeps And well-dressed ladies maids Its calling you!


    Good luck, bonne chance Ban kwana, goodbyeWell meet again No need for cry Sai wani lokaci, Allah kwana muMay God bring good things to you May God bring good things to you May God bring good things to you Sara Crewe!

    # 3 Soon, My Love


    Like it or not, my blood is English, and your future lies in England.


    Where I've never even set foot before.


    And will never. If I can talk you into these.

    (He profers a pair of shoes. She turns away, refusing them.)

    Soon, my love, you must be going Soon, my love, you must away



    What awaits us theres no knowing Still, theres hope, with every day


    I wish ljana would cast one of her spells. So I can never leave Africa behind.


    Oh Sara, I know magic enough for that.

    Prize your memries; bear them with you Learn the things you love by heart Soon, my love, Ill share them with you In lands unknown, and worlds apart


    Soon, the ship will take to waterCAPTAIN CREWE

    ljana helped me choose a present for you.

    (Crewe gives Sara the present: a carved African doll.)


    Anchors up, and sails unfurledCAPTAIN CREWE

    I know youre too old for dolls, but this isnt so much a doll, as your spirit mother.


    Will she protect us both?PASSENGERS

    Soon, before the day grows hotterSARA

    Im going to call her ater ljana.


    Travling to another worldCAPTAIN CREWE

    Of from St. Louis In the blazing sun To the open sea Where the dolphins runThen a London quay And youre almost done Come so far


    Senemaka, senamema Senemaka, senamema


    Part of you is let Somewhere far behind Part of you beret Part of you resigned


    Part of you hoping to ind Your star

    Soon, a whole new life is starting Whats to come, we wait and learn


    Who can say how long were parting Or how long til I return

    What if I go and dont make any friends? What if Im homesick, what then? What if youre wounded, or missing, or worse And I never see you again?


    All right little soldier, Ill make you a promise: before your birthday,


    Ill come to London myself to fetch you home. Until then, whenever you have something to say to me, you must say it to ljana here with all your heart. If you do, I promise I will hear it.


    But then how will you answer?CAPTAIN CREWE

    Drummers in the rain Camels in the snow Fields of sugar cane Where it doesnt grow Through the windowpane Scenes from long ago Heed them all

    Glimpse a lions mane Down by Pimlico In St. Martins Lane, Water bufalo Somehow, Ill answer your call

    Soon, my love, youll tire of crying Time will cast its magic spell Chin up darling, leave of sighing Au revoir, my mademoiselle


    Thats what mother called me. Her mademoiselle.


    I wish she couldve seen how youve grown. Do you think you can forgive me for this?


    I bought you this compass father. So you can ind your way back to me.



    Theyre as lonely as can be Is that what they want from me?

    I dont want to go along with the crowd

    Dont want to live life under a cloud

    Give me some air and space And the sun on my face I want to live out loud

    Dont want to be alone in the crowd

    Dont want to seem peculiar and proud

    Nobody wants me here But I wont disappear I want to live out loud

    I want to run down an open shoreline

    I want to join in a moonlit dance I want to swing in the branches

    of a tree I want to bathe in a hidden inlet And let the breeze come and dry

    my hair I want the life they took away

    from me If that makes me headstrong,

    ine Thats a fault Im glad is mine

    I dont want to go along with the crowd

    Dont want my spirit broken and bowed

    Why do I have to hide What Im feeling inside I want to live out loud

    (Crewe strokes Sara's cheek.)


    Are you learning me by heart, Papa?CAPTAIN CREWE

    Oh, Sara. You are my heart.Goodbye, my child


    Drummers in the rain Camels in the snow Fields of sugar cane Where it doesnt grow


    And fare thee well

    # 4 Live Out Loud


    I dont want to go along with the crowd

    Dont want to live life under a cloud

    Give me some air and space And the sun on my face I want to live out loud

    Dont want to be alone in the crowd

    Dont want to seem peculiar and proud

    I need to be as free As I know how to be I want to live out loud

    Every day Sleepwalk, lockstep No one dares to stray Though they may Strait-laced, shamefaced Long to break away


    Dont want to be alone in the crowd I only want what Im not allowed Give me the wings of a bird Ill be seen, and be heard I want to sing when my heart is full I want to sing and I want to ly I want to soar in a sky without a cloud I want to live out loud

    # 5 Let your Heart Be Your Compass


    Lets everyone hold hands. You too, Becky. Lets close our eyes and think. What do you suppose Beckys mother would want to say to her? I think shed say a bit about where she is now, where there are ields and ields of lowers, and a sot wind is always blowing.


    And theres no one to be afraid of. MISS AMELIA

    And you can loat around whereso-ever you like!


    And you look down at the earth and smile, and say nice things.


    And if spirits can loat around where they like, and I believe its true, perhaps Beckys mama is in this room with us right now.


  • SARA

    And what do you think she would say?


    Buck up, Becky, thats the way Come give your Mum a squeeze


    Dont let those bullies spoil your day


    But do forgive them, pleaseMISS AMELIA

    But lets ask Sara, if we mayALL

    What do you suppose shed saySARA

    Let your heart Be your compass Let your laughter Be your guide Follow ater What youve always loved And Ill be by your side

    Let your heart Be your compass Should your life Lead you astray When youre lost Your heart will know the way


    Becky! Becky!BECKY

    Mum? Was that you?LAVINIA

    Its not so bad really, being crushed by a clock tower.

    (Terror turns to giggles.)


    Now youve spoiled it!LJANA

    Go ahead and laugh Id be laughing too Its your laugh I think of, Becky, when I think of you



    Laughter goes with tears As the heart matures Now youre on the brink of Growing up to follow yours

    Let your heart Be your compass Let your laughter Be your guide Follow ater What youve always loved And Ill be by your side

    Let your heart Be your compass Should your life Lead you astray When youre lost Your heart will know the way


    Ton rebe geden Ton rebe geden Mi yi go-ge, mi yi go-ge Mia zo zo

    Tro godo godo Tro godo godo Godo go-ge, godo go-ge


    Milawoe goLJANA

    Ah ahSARA

    One day things are good One day things are not Mangoes at their sweetest Are a day from rotten

    Troubles always come Troubles always go One day they defeat us Then theyre all forgotten


    Let your heart Be your compass Let your laughter Be your guide Follow ater What youve always loved And take the rest in stride


    Godo ga zegren Mi yi go-ge Godo ga zagren Mitro go ge Mitro godo gazegren Ton tege degen


    Let your heart Be your compass Should your life Lead you astray When youre lost Your heart will know the way


    Kono ba dagomba Mobundu kitamba



    Kono ba dagomba Iba ba zaba


    Kono ba dagomba Mobundu kitamba Kono ba dagomba Iba ba zaba


    When the way you know is denied


    Kono ba dagombaSARA & DANCERS

    Let imagination provideGIRLS

    Let your heart be opened wide Let your laughter be your guide Let your heart be opened wide Let your laughter be your guide


    Sometimes things go rightLJANA

    Sometimes things go wrongSARA

    Next time troubles comeSARA & LJANA

    Dont forget this songGIRLS

    Let your heart Be your compass Let your laughter Be your guide Follow ater With an open heart But also open-eyed


    Let your heart Be your compass Should your life Lead you astray


    When youre lost Your heart will know the way


    Youll know the way When youre lost Your heart will know the way!

    # 6 Isnt That Always the Way


    I made a promise I cannot keep I wrote this to explain to her

    Sara, darling, all on your own Fearless, lovely, how have

    you grown Rushing away, day ater day Isnt that always the way

    Sara, darling, look what youve done

    Somehow grown up second to none

    Look at those eyes, yearning but wise

    What will the poor fellows say Isnt that always the way

    Come dance with me Maybe this moment will

    chance to be


    One of those moments in memory Cherished long ater the day Fades away

    Sara, searching, Sara, complete Headstrong, lifelong, light on your feet Look how youve grown, I should have known I only wish you could stay Isnt that always the way

    # 7 Lucky


    Shes smart Shes pretty Shes kind Shes pleasing What about that slender neck is Oh-so-ripe for seizing?

    Lucky Sara Crewe is Lucky Shes a freak of fortune Shes whom the fates prefer I hate to seem importunate But why should she be fortunate

    When I am never Lucky If anything, un- Lucky I am quite as clever I dare say cleverer But how am I to savor it With Sara such a favorite So what if shes outborn us all



    She has no right to scorn us all

    Shes sharp Shes witty Shes rich Shes able Everything Ive always wanted She brings to the table

    Lucky Worse than that, shes Plucky Almost always smiling Were all a joke to her

    She doesnt know the half of it She can have a laugh of it But had I had her start in lifeBy God I might take heart in life Had I been Lucky, lucky Like Her

    # 8 If the Tables Were Turned


    If the tables was turned Youd be scolded and spurned But you dont let it spoil your day Id be going to class Past a whistle-ing lass Busy scrubbing the passageway And youd give me a smile Forget for a while That theres Miss Minchin to keep at bay If the tables was turned Youd be nice as a cold bufet


    If the tables was turned Far as I was concerned Id be kindly as I could be


    Id be worked of my feet Just a muin to eat


    Leaves you ungry to meet wiv me Cuz I calls you by name Dont put you to shame Sometimes I brings you a cup a tea If the tables was turned Id ave buckets of pedigree

    And Id ave a Dad oos bona ide And an oicer beside And e travels wiv me far and wide


    And wed Have a diferent life, indeed But wed be the same within our hearts Were counterparts


    And thats how friendship starts Its guaranteed


    If the tables was turned Once me lessons was learned Id be back in a lash to ere


    Id bring Minchin the post Serve the girls tea and toast Then wed meet while the coast is clear!


    Though wedBECKY

    As far as I can seeSARA

    Have a diferent life, indeedBECKY

    Wed still be you and meSARA

    Still wed be the sameSARA & BECKY

    Within our hearts Were counterparts And thats how friendship starts Its guaranteed


    If the tables were turnedBECKY

    If the tables was turnedSARA

    Id be scolded and spurnedBECKY

    Far as I was concernedSARA

    Id be ordered about all dayBECKY

    Id be nice as a cold bufetSARA

    Id be worked of my feetBECKY

    Id be going to classSARA

    Next to nothing to eatBECKY

    Wondring who was the lass18


    Til Im hungry to meet and playBECKY

    Busy scrubbing the passagewaySARA & BECKY

    As I think we agree Youre perfect as me And vice versa, I have to say Let the tables be turned


    Well ind our way!BECKY

    If we could turn the tideSARA

    If the tables were turnedBECKY

    Wed be the same insideSARA & BECKY

    If the tables were turned!

    # 9 Soldier On


    My papa is not a villain!MISS MINCHIN

    Do you know what happened to the Timbuktu corporation? It has collapsed, my shares are worthless, and my savings gone!


    I dont believe it This hasnt happened I dont believe a single word Miss Minchin said My fathers wounded My fathers lost, but never dead He cant be dead


    He isnt dead! MISS MINCHIN

    Have you heard a word Ive said? You shall have the attic room. What do you say to that? Give me that wretched, naked doll. There!

    (Miss Minchin throws the doll ljana, which breaks to pieces.)

    Do you still feel like a princess now?(Minchin exits angrily.)


    Soldier on Thats what hed say Soldier on Another day

    Soldier on Whatevers wrong, Papa Dont give up Youll ind your way

    Look in your heart, and Ill be there

    Look, its your daughter you see there

    Thats what you follow See, here I am Calling you on

    Soldier on You can, I know Soldier on Please, dont let go

    Soldier on If we have faith, Papa We cant go wrong Soldier on Soldier on

    # 10 Another World


    Its like another world A world above it all Its closer to the sun Who sleeps just down the hall

    Its like another world As quiet as you please Those clouds might carry us Lets catch one in the trees Its like another world Where we can always be at ease

    The rootops are a moor That runs for miles And no ones really sure What lies beneath the tiles The doves are ponies here Theyre waiting just outside Theyre from another world Hop on and have a ride

    Those chimneys over there Are huge cigars They puf into the air The sun and moon and stars Its like another world And when the sun is faint The factries shiver in Their shabby coats of paint

    And when it rains The little raindrops take such pains To pitter patter something awfully nice A laughing matter is repeated twice

    And when its done19

  • SARA

    Sometimes a rainbow starts towards the sun It climbs up onto that cathedral dome And heads for home

    Its like another world A nursery rhyme A dream that comes unfurled A little at a time

    Its like another world But under one big sky Somewhere Papa can see The sun that shines on me And from another world Hell come for me, but by and by

    Im from another world This attic isnt mine However close the sun She doesnt want to shine Im from another world And even if I pray Those clouds will never come To carry me away

    I dream another world But dreams dont last the day I love another world But be that as it may I fear this attic world May be the world where I shall stay

    # 11 Almost Christmas


    Cakes and crumpetsLOTTIE

    Dolls and dresses!


    Tinsel garlandsJANE

    Dolls with houses!LAVINIA & JESSIE

    West End pantosLOTTIE

    Dolls that eat!GIRLS

    The hollys on the mantle The stockings have been hung The carols on the piano bench Are waiting to be sung And cards come by the dozens in the post Its almost Christmas


    The pies are in the ovenLOTTIE

    The presents by the treeJESSIE

    Some of them for Mum and DadGIRLS

    But most of them for meLOTTIE

    And all of them together seem to boast


    Its almost Christmas

    No more grammar No more sums Theres no more school When Christmas comes But paper hats And sugar plums


    When Christmastime is near

    Christmas comes With bikkie crumbs And bats and balls And dolls and drums And now its almost here Diddle-um, diddle-um, diddle-ay Diddle-um, diddle-um, diddle-ay Diddle-um, diddle-um, diddle- iddle-iddle um-dum hooray!

    Now we are away A fortnight and a day Now its almost Christmas!

    So help me pull my hair back And tie it in a bow As white as snow, or berry-red Or green as misteltoe Cathedral bells are ringing coast to coast Its almost


    Girls. Remember, you shall represent Miss Minchins Finishing Academy for Incipient Women at home as much as here. Dont let me learn of any misbehavior over the holidays. Miss Amelia will call you to Hall as your fathers arrive.


    Sprigs of hollyMISS MINCHIN

    Sara! Take this sovereign.JESSIE

    Lots of presentsMISS MINCHIN

    Go buy me a goose.20


    But its Christmas Eve, maam. There wont be any let.


    I do not want an opinion. I want a goose. See that you ind one.


    No more lessonsJESSIE

    No more chapelLAVINIA

    No more scolding spinster womenLAVINIA/ JESSIE

    No more Princess SaraGIRLS

    The hollys on the mantleLAVINIA/ JESSIE

    No more fairy storiesGIRLS

    The stockings have been hungLAVINIA/ JESSIE

    Have a merry ChristmasGIRLS

    The carols on the piano benchLAVINIA/ JESSIE

    Kisses to the Misses MinchinGIRLS

    Are waiting to be sung And cards come by the dozens in the post Its almost Christmas

    (Sara wanders the snow-swept streets, as shoppers rush past.)


    Children at a party Parents in the hall


    Its almost ChristmasSARA

    Stockings hanging by the ire I can see them all

    Oh Father, where are you? Are you alone, like me? I know that soldiers dont

    complain So I pretend Im right as rain But Im no soldier

    I call you But theres no answer No one hears at all Its almost more than I can bear And almost Christmas


    Mno ee ay ohSARA


    Mno ee ay oh, oh-ohSARA

    Pasko, is that you?(They pass, in the street, near to one another, without meeting.)


    Almost Christmas One more present

    Almost Christmas Bag of chestnuts

    Cant believe its Need some nutmeg, milk and whiskey

    Almost hereThat should do it, ater all


    The pies are in the oven The presents by the tree


    Soon, I swear Ill come to save you


    Most are for the children But a few must be for me


    Sara, soon Ill set you free


    The chestnuts dont alf beg you for a roast Its almost Christmas

    The service has been polishedSARA

    Oh, FatherCOMPANY

    The turkeys on the spitSARA

    Where are youCOMPANY

    The pudding steeps in brandy And e doesnt mind a bit


    Are you alone like meCOMPANY

    The raisins in im ought to raise a toast


    Im callingCOMPANY

    Its almost Christmas21

  • # 12 Once Upon a Time


    Isnt it true that you hate Sara simply because she is the girl we wished ourselves to be once? Even without her advantages, her qualities remain.


    Perhaps I should go.MISS MINCHIN

    Youve embarrassed your little princess.


    Once upon a time I would pretend to be a princess And Winnie, too A bit like you

    Once upon a time When mother shut us in the attic Thats what we would do She never knew

    And now It seems, perhaps, a trile middle-brow Pretending what the world will not allow

    Once upon a time When we were little girls It suited us somehow

    I should go.MISS MINCHIN

    Poor child, indeed. Look at yourself, Sara, because I dont care to. Are you clothed? Are you fed? Of course you are, and at my expense!


    Thank me, you insolent child! No? Up to the attic with you then. Go!

    And now Im made to feel ridiculous somehow Congratulations Sara, take a bow

    Lucky Thats what you were Ducky Now your luck has run out Bad fortune, as it were

    Having played a part in it Shouldnt I take heart in it So I should, but damn it all I do not feel I am at all One jot more Lucky, lucky Than Her

    # 13 A Broken Old Doll


    A broken old doll A beautiful lie Your magic as all gone dry Dolls dont urt When they break Nor ever do wonder why

    A broken old doll A painted-on smile What never goes out of style Smile away While you can Its wearing of all this while

    Not a brave face, but whose is Look at what youve been through


    Paper hats And sugar plums And next of kin And best of chums Theres no one sad When Christmas comes And now its almost here

    Christmas comes With bikkie crumbs And Bishop punch And buttered rums But only once a year Christmastime is near


    The hollys on the mantle The stockings have been hung The carols on the piano bench Are waiting to be sung And all of them together seem to say


    Its almost hereSARA

    Im no soldierADULTS

    Its on its wayPASKO

    Sara! We will ind a way!


    Tomorrows Christmas Day!


    The pies are in the oven The presents wrapped and ready Today!



    Whats a few cuts and bruises Ive got some too

    A broken old doll You dont ave no eart Or surely youd fall apart I can whisper in your ear But ljana wont appear For that was a lie from the start

    # 14 Timbuktu


    Theres magic for you, all around If you believe What you are ready to accept You will receive Obey your heart, and go where it demands Across the sea, and over burning sands To the town where lately lodged the wandring Captain Crewe Its built on a desert that a river runs through And it goes by the charming name of Timbuktu


    They call it Timbuk tu! Ooh!


    Where food is free, but water sold And all the streets are paved with gold What with the trans-Saharan trade So many fortunes have been made Theyve started charging for the shade


    Its built on a desert that a river runs through

    And its reached via camelback or leather canoe

    Is the jewel of the Niger known as Timbuktu


    They call it TimbuktuAFRICANS

    (Buktu buktu buktu buktu)LJANA

    Where spiders big as kittens creepMEN

    On tiptoeWOMEN

    On tiptoeLJANA

    Across your bedclothes as you sleepSARA

    Id never go to bed thenLJANA

    And careless launderesses die Disturbing hippopotami In river shallows where they lie


    And its built on a desert that a river runs through


    And its reached via camelback or leather canoe


    And the word means a bellybutton open to view

    Does the name of the naughty town of Timbuktu


    We call it Timbuktu (And so should anyone do)


    The tribes surrounding, out of fear


    Ooh- ooh- oohLJANA

    Wont let a Christian person nearSARA

    If my Papa was really there Ill live to see his statue stare At Nelson in Trafalgar Square


    And its built on a desert that a river runs through


    And its reached via camelback or leather canoe


    And it means theres a bellybutton open to view


    And the irst European there was Reginald Crewe


    Reginald Crewe!?WOMEN

    Three cheers for him!MEN

    Three cheers for him!ALL

    Three cheers for him and Timbuktu!

    (An idealized Crewe appears.)23


    British maps ascend and descend As far as the poles


    Both of the polesCAPTAIN CREWE

    Yet there are holesAFRICAN MEN

    Very big holesCAPTAIN CREWE

    By TimbuktuAFRICAN MEN

    By TimbuktuCAPTAIN CREWE

    My attempt was then to extend Our knowledge of lands


    Not so much landsCAPTAIN CREWE

    Over the sandsAFRICAN MEN

    As they are sandsCAPTAIN CREWE

    To TimbuktuAFRICAN MEN


    Timbuktu, TimbuktuMEN

    Ooh- oohSULTAN

    When he came, he was tired and he did nap


    To Timbuktu!


    Ooh- oohSARA

    Then he woke and he heard of the kidnap


    The kidnap?SARA

    Yes! Timbuktu, you see, is surrounded by a warlike nomadic tribe called the Tuareg.



    Who periodically descend upon the town to plunder it and terrorize its lawful inhabitants.


    They ate my goat!SARA

    Yes they did! And one day they made the mistake of kidnapping the princess of Timbuktu, daughter of the Sultan here. A mistake, I say, as they hadnt counted on the courage of my father Captain Crewe.


    Though Her Majesty dont govern these domains


    Thus he thoughtCAPTAIN CREWE

    How could I ignore a princess kept in chains?


    He could not!


    Im familiar with the nomad And I know the blighters go mad When one openly deies them So instead one must surprise them Which at midday one day Pasko helped me do

    Through the thick of their defenses I stole in the Tuareg tents as Pasko made their cattle stampede And as I escaped the camp ed Found a horse to take the princess back to Timbuk tu!


    Hurrah!(Everyone turns to Sara to see what might happen next.)


    Then we all sit down together for a feast of lambs eyeball and intestinal stew!



    But irst but irst Queen Victoria arrives!


    Its T like a top And a tummy-tum too


    Shell need a parasol!(She is given one.)


    Then B for a ball And a baddy-baddy boo



    And some ladies-in-waiting.QUEEN VICTORIA

    And a tim-tum daddy-do Buk, now you

    (Ladies appear for her.)


    Its built on a desert that a river runs through And its reached via camelback or leather canoe


    Given men as intrepid and devoted as Crewe Our man in Timbuktu


    Shes come all the way from England!


    Sara Crewe, isnt it? SARA

    Yes, your Majesty. QUEEN VICTORIA

    The girl with the dreamy father.

    While you were here in Africa At my command My ministers were mapping out Whod have my hand I said good fellows, stop your scheming, do The man for me is right in front of you Just as soon as we have made our Captain Genral Crewe I shall marry him and make his girl a princess too!


    Though its built on a desert that a river runs through


    And its reached via camelback or leather canoe


    And the word means a bellybutton open to view


    And we feast on an eyeball and intestinal stew


    You alone made it there and back, so bully for you!

    Youre the one made it to the town of Timbuktu!


    Yes, thats true!ALL

    Three cheers for TimbukCREWE & QUEEN VICTORIA


    Timbuktu Timbuktu Timbuktu Timbuktu Timbuktu Timbuk They call it Timbuktu!

    # 15 Soon


    What is going on up there!SARA

    Lets go then!


    We cant go. The doors locked.SARA

    The skylight isnt.PASKO

    Sara, when you see your father Listen here


    I cant go out there, miss. Not across the rootops.


    If he does not act like your father Not to fear


    Minchins near!(Pasko helps Sara out.)


    Something lost can always be found Surely you can bring him around


    Who do you have in there!PASKO

    Look up, look high Were in the sky

    (Sara starts with Pasko across the rootops.)

    Becky, run downstairs and meet us in Regents Park!

    Sara, look, we ly like songbirds Through the sky

    Always boys are best-looking songbirds! Dont know why


    Thats a lie!25

  • SARA

    Soon, well let my father decide Who looks best, and who is all pride!



    She is not chasing usPASKO


    No danger facing usPASKO


    The clouds are racing usSARA & PASKO

    The sky embracing usPASKO

    Soon, well be in St. Louis You and me, you and me Soon, this dismal history All will end happily

    In a single paragraph Soon, well tell this tale, and laugh Each of us can tell a half

    Soon, well be in St. LouisLONDONERS

    Soon, you and mePASKO

    You and me Wait and see




    Coconut milk in your teaLONDONERS

    Soon, time for tea Wait and see


    Soon as we set you freeLONDONERS


    If the plan is of the cufLONDONERS


    Edges all a little roughLONDONERS

    Oooh, soon!PASKO

    Watch it work out, soon enough ahhh!



    Soon, well be in St. LouisPASKO & SARA

    You and me, you and mePASKO

    With your father, soon well be Home and dry, fancy-free


    All of us, aboard a skif To the schooner, in a jif


    Time to wave that handkerchief



    Well be in St. Louis!PASKO


    Well be at home and free!PASKO


    Papa will be with me!PASKO


    # 16 Finale


    Forgive me, your majesty, if I am presumptuous; I only sought to remind myself how I ought to behave; indeed to behave as I thought you might have done.


    A princess has a royal birth Which is no measure of her worth But rather how the girl ensures That simple courtesy endures Which task is no more mine, than yours

    And anyone can be a princess In her mind, and heart By


    Being gracious?26


    Excellent startSARA

    Helping others?QUEEN VICTORIA

    Taking their partSARA

    Serving those less fortunateQUEEN VICTORIA

    Smart(A ship is ready to whisk Sara and Pasko home and Becky with them.)


    Im pleased my innocent pretend Wont need to meet a sudden end


    Indeed of late Im known to muse What course of action I should choose Were I in Princess Saras shoes


    And anyone can be a princess


    Try with all your mightBECKY

    But theres no need to shut your eyes tight


    Let imagination take light


    Almost like a butterlySARA



    Sometimes things go rightDANCERS

    One day things are good One day things are not Mangoes at their sweetest Are a day from rotten


    Sometimes things go wrongSARA

    Next time troubles comeDANCERS

    Troubles always come Troubles always go One day they defeat us Then theyre all forgotten


    Dont forget this song


    Heart be your compass Let your laughter Be your guide Follow ater what Youve always loved And take the rest in stride

    Let your heart Be your compass Should your life Lead you astray


    When youre lost Your heart will know the way


    Youll know the way When youre lost Your heart will know the way!

    Photograph from the original TheatreWorks production, 2004, by David Allen27