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<ul><li><p>7/25/2019 Differences Between Female and Male Skeleton</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Differences between Female and Male Skeleton</p><p>Mass</p><p>In general, male skeletons are larger and heavier than female skeletons. Most</p><p>experts, however, would say that skeletal mass alone would not be a very accurate</p><p>basis for determining whether a particular skeleton is male or female. There are, after</p><p>all, tall women and short men. To make the comparison more meaningful,</p><p>differentiations of size and weight should be made within the context of racial groups,</p><p>e.g. Caucasoid male skeleton versus Caucasoid female skeleton.</p><p>Limbs</p><p>nother general difference between male and female skeletons can be observed</p><p>in the limbs. The humerus, ulna and radius, which are the ma!or bones that comprise</p><p>most of the arm, are thicker and longer in men. The phalanges""the bones that comprise</p><p>the fingers""are also bigger, which is why most men have bigger hands than women.The same goes for the lower limbs, which are supported by the femur, tibla and fibula</p><p>bones""all typically longer in men.</p><p>Skull</p><p>Male and female skulls also show significant differences in structure. The small</p><p>bulge at the back of the head known as the external occipital protuberance is usually</p><p>more pronounced in men. The male !awbone or mandible is typically angular and</p><p>s#uare"shaped at the chin area, while the female !awbone tends to be more rounded</p><p>and pointed. The brow ridges of men are often more prominent than those of women.</p><p>These distinctions in cranial and facial features underlie the basic difference betweenmen$s and women$s faces.</p><p>Pelvis</p><p>The ma!or difference between female and male skeletons is in the pelvis, which</p><p>is due to another ma!or difference between men and women""childbirth. The female</p><p>pelvis is smaller, shallower and wider, and the cavity is more circular in shape. The</p><p>coccyx or tailbone, which is the last bone of the spinal column, is more movable in</p><p>female skeletons. The sacrum, which is a triangle"shaped bone also at the end of the</p><p>spine and connected to the pelvis, is wider and flatter in females. ll these distinctions</p><p>contribute to the process of childbirth, particularly allowing for the head and shoulders ofthe child to pass through the cavity.</p><p>Bone Development</p><p>The differences in male and female skeletons are due in part to the hormones</p><p>that affect bone development. Testosterone is the primary influence that shapes men$s</p><p>bones, while estrogen has a greater effect on women$s bone development. %rom</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Differences Between Female and Male Skeleton</p><p> 2/2</p><p>infancy, both men and women have relatively malleable bone cartilage, called</p><p>epiphyseal plates, that grow and become firm and solid when they reach a certain age.</p><p>The high levels of estrogen that happen during female puberty cause an earlier closure</p><p>of these particular cartilages. t around the age of &amp;', women$s bones are already set,</p><p>while male bone development ends at around age (&amp;, allowing men more time to gain</p><p>bone mass.</p><p>TRIVIS B!"T B!#$S</p><p> More than half of the bones in the human body are in the hands and feet.</p><p> The smallest bone in the human body is the stirrup bone inside the ear. It</p><p>is smaller than a grain of rice.</p><p> The thigh bone, or )femur* is the strongest, heaviest, and longest bone in</p><p>the human body.</p><p> +umans and giraffes have the same number of bones in their necks. very minute, the bone marrow in your body produces about one hundred</p><p>million red blood cells.</p><p> If one of your ribs needs to be removed, it can regenerate itself withinthree</p><p>months.</p></li></ul>


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