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<ul><li> 1. By Arafat, S.Kom</li></ul> <p> 2. Untuk menampilkan klik menu Window Pathfinder 3. ArrowheadsMenu Effects &gt; Stylize &gt; Add Arrowheads and choose a style. 4. Without The Round Corners Effect?Round CornersDraw a rectangle shape, go to Effects &gt; Stylize &gt; Round Corners andenter a radius value. 5. Zig Zag EffectEffects &gt; Distort &amp; Transform &gt; Zig Zag and enter a value for Size and Ridge PerSegment. 6. BadgesDraw a circle and apply the Zig Zag effect with the setting as shown and youwill get a badge shape. 7. Pucker &amp; Bloat Effect Draw a circle, go to Effects &gt; Distort &amp; Transform &gt; Pucker &amp; Bloat, enter -55% (Pucker), and you will get a diamond shape.With the same object, change the Pucker &amp;Bloat option to 70%, and you will get aflower shape. 8. Transform EffectThe example below shows how I can duplicate 12 copies of the object(in increment of 30 degree angle) with the Transform effect. 9. Roughen EffectWith the Roughen Effect, I can make the trees look more realistic. 10. Scribble EffectThe example below shows how you can create a sketchy effectcombining the Scribble and the Roughen effect. First apply the Scribbleeffect (Effects &gt; Stylize &gt; Scribble) and then apply the Roughen effect sshown. 11. Object &gt; Path &gt; Offset Path. 12. Klik dengan Direct Selection Tool dan tekan tombol Delete padabagian yang di lingkari warna merah 13. Menu Object Expand 14. Copy kotak yg berada di luar dan beri warna putihGambar lingkaran ova di atas kotak putih tadi dan beri warna putihPilih kedua object tersebut, kemudian di intersect</p>