Dell EMC Deployment Services for VxBlock, Vblock, and ... EMC DEPLOYMENT SERVICES FOR VXBLOCK, VBLOCK, ... such as scale and capacity planning, ... • Provides a detailed Site

Download Dell EMC Deployment Services for VxBlock, Vblock, and ...  EMC DEPLOYMENT SERVICES FOR VXBLOCK, VBLOCK, ... such as scale and capacity planning, ... • Provides a detailed Site

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<ul><li><p>SERVICES OVERVIEW </p><p>Services Overview </p><p> 2017 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. </p><p>DELL EMC DEPLOYMENT SERVICES </p><p>FOR VXBLOCK, VBLOCK, AND VXRACK </p><p>SYSTEMS </p><p>MODERNIZE FASTER AND SIMPLIFY IT </p><p>The global Dell EMC Services portfolio includes comprehensive deployment services to help customers gain the </p><p>most from their Dell EMC VxBlock Systems, Vblock Systems, and VxRack Systems (Blocks and Racks) and accelerate </p><p>their modernization journey. The services dramatically reduce time to value and minimize risk by applying proven </p><p>deployment practicesbeginning in the factory and continuing with and far beyond on-site installation. Choose the right </p><p>mix of on-site deployment, residency, onboarding, software upgrade, hardware expansion, and other service options </p><p>available directly from Dell EMC or through our extensive global partner ecosystem. Complementary Dell EMC consulting </p><p>services and Virtustream managed services are available to help you further simplify operations and complete your </p><p>organizations IT transformation. </p><p>WHAT WE OFFER </p><p>Dell EMC Vscale Architecture Services </p><p> Evaluates key areas, such as scale and capacity planning, workload requirements, and operational requirements </p><p>leading to the right scale-out data center design for your organization. </p><p> Provides an overall architecture design, migration strategy, policy definition, and an implementation and </p><p>execution proposal. </p><p> Accelerates time-to-value by installing and configuring optional software-defined network (SDN) software or hardware </p><p>on Dell EMC converged infrastructure. </p><p> Configures Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems and connects them to the Dell EMC Vscale Fabric. </p><p> Extends Dell EMC life cycle assurance across the architecture and delivers unmatched application agility. </p><p>Residency Services </p><p> Provides trusted resources and expertise to support Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems. </p><p> Focuses on customer-specific needs and provides day-to-day technical support, specific operational advice, and </p><p>improved management of customers converged infrastructure. </p><p> Improves productivity, reduces risk, and accelerates adoption. </p><p>Site Readiness Assessment Service </p><p> Assesses the data center for Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems installation readiness and plans for required </p><p>facilities upgrades, using facilities resources more efficiently. </p><p> Provides a detailed Site Readiness report clearly documenting requirements prior to the arrival of the Dell EMC </p><p>converged infrastructure systems. </p><p> Eliminates costly delays by ensuring efficient, successful deployment of the infrastructure.</p></li><li><p>2 | Services Overview 2017 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. </p><p>Logical Configuration and Deployment Services </p><p> Includes resources for overarching program management and provides planning, design, deployment, and </p><p>integration services. </p><p> Drives full-scale system implementation and knowledge transfer while leveraging Dell EMC best practices. </p><p> Accelerates time-to-value and reduces risk through pre-integration and logical configuration of technologies in the </p><p>Dell EMC factory before system shipment. </p><p>Onboarding Service </p><p> Enables your team to move your Blocks and Racks to production more quickly and with a strong comfort level. </p><p> Helps you simplify ongoing operations through best practices and development of a runbook under the guidance of </p><p>specialized technical consultants. </p><p> Ensures that you derive maximum value from your CI investment, including faster time-to-market and lower costs. </p><p>Workload Migration Service </p><p> Efficiently and cost-effectively moves x86-based physical or virtual server workloads to Blocks. </p><p> Includes full project management and applies proven tools and methodologies to deliver a pre-validated solution. </p><p>Hardware Expansion Services </p><p> Provides turnkey solutions for expanding existing capacity of Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems, including </p><p>assessment, planning, and execution of upgrade activities. </p><p> Frees in-house IT resources by reducing the effort required to evaluate and execute hardware expansion. </p><p>Software Upgrade Service </p><p> Provides software update services (including assessment, planning, and execution) for Dell EMC converged </p><p>infrastructure systems. </p><p> Aligns the systems with current release certification matrices (RCMs) for continued Dell EMC support. </p><p> Minimizes risk by implementing a pre-engineered, pre-defined, and pre-tested upgrade path. </p><p> Frees in-house IT resources by reducing the effort required to evaluate and execute software updates. </p><p>Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations Software Installation Service </p><p> Provides expert installation of Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations software on Dell EMC converged infrastructure </p><p>systems to minimize implementation risk. </p><p> Enables you to quickly take advantage of valuable Dell EMC Vision software capabilities to monitor Dell EMC </p><p>converged infrastructure systems. </p><p>Dell EMC Vision Multi-System Management Enablement Service </p><p> Provides expert design, planning, and implementation of Dell EMC Vision Multi-System Management (MSM) </p><p>clustering in your Dell EMC converged infrastructure environment. </p><p> Enables you to quickly begin managing multiple Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems from a single dashboard </p><p>within Dell EMC Vision software. </p><p>Workload Performance Assessment Service </p><p> Analyzes virtual environment performance data and system constraints over a period of time, providing improved </p><p>visibility into resource utilization. </p><p> Identifies the most efficient resource utilization and workload performance mix for the Dell EMC converged </p><p>infrastructure systems. </p></li><li><p>3 | Services Overview 2017 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. </p><p>For More Information </p><p>More information about Dell EMC solutions and services is available from and from your local </p><p>Dell EMC representative. </p><p> 2017 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved. Dell, EMC and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Inc. or </p><p>its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners. Reference Number: H15553 </p><p>Learn more about Dell </p><p>EMC Converged </p><p>Infrastructure solutions </p><p>Contact a Dell EMC Expert View more resources Join the conversation with #dellemc </p></li></ul>