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Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five. Daily Practice Kindergarten Readers Phonics Lesson Websites. Mrs . Whitinger Miller Perry Elementary. What kind of adventure can a little girl have? . Daily Fix-It the three bears live in a cottage. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay FiveDaily PracticeKindergarten ReadersPhonics LessonWebsitesGoldilocks and the Three BearsMrs. WhitingerMiller Perry Elementary

1What kind of adventure can a little girl have? 2Why is Goldilocks visiting the bears?64Daily Fix-It

The three bears live in a cottage.4CharactersCharacters are the people or animals in stories. They can be realor make-believe. Are the characters in Goldilocks and the Three Bears make-believeor real?


What do the characters do that would not happen in real life?6



Cookie Monster- Letter Gg Letter Gg Bowl -op, -ock, -ig, it, -ap Bears story, 2 children tell their own endings to the story, and a sequencing game Three Bears Story (C Beebies) Bears Story




12Word Practiceglad13Word Practiceglass14Word Practicegrab15Word Practicegrin16Word Practicecrab17Word Practiceclock18Word Practiceblack19Word Practicesnap20Word Practicetwoonefour

21High Frequency Words

22Word Practiceflopspinslamdropplopstoplandjump23Handwriting

24Telling SentencesA telling sentence is a statement about something.

It begins with an uppercase letter and ends with a period.

It must have a naming part and an action part.25Telling SentencesThe little girl is sitting.

Circle the naming word (noun), underline the action part (verb), box the describing word (adjective)

capital in front? Punctuation? Fix if incorrect

26Telling SentencesI apple

Is this a complete sentence?

How can we change it to make it a telling sentence?

27Telling SentencesThe red box fell.

Circle the naming word (noun), underline the action word (verb), box the describing word (adjective)

capital in front? Punctuation? Fix if incorrect

28Telling Sentencestwo Boys ran.

Circle the naming word (noun), underline the action word (verb), box the describing word (adjective)

capital in front? Punctuation? Fix if incorrect

29Telling Sentences Make a SentenceAdjective Noun Verb

30Are there one, two, three, four, or five bears in this story?31Daily Fix-It

gus can get the gum32Daily Fix-It

Gus can get the gum.33



36Sliding Down the Slippery Slope

Sliding down the slippery slope,And floating through clear water.The water slides our special ride,Please go first up the ladder.Climbing up the platform high,And stepping up in order.Just ask me why I like to slide,And Ill say its in the water!


Find g on a keyboard38Word Practicedog39Word Practiceand40Word PracticeLin41Word PracticeHap42Word Practicesend43Word Practicekids44Word Practicepig45Word Practicefrog46Word Practicecrab47Word Practicetip48Word Practicetrip49Word Practiceone50Word Practicefive51Word Practicehave52Word Practicefour53Word Practicethree54Word Practicehave

55Word Practiceis

56Word Practicelike

57Word Practicedo

58Word Practicesee

59Word Practiceyou

60Telling SentencesBeth lost her glove at school.

61Telling Sentencessunny day on Monday

Goldilocks went in the cottage.

The bed was just right.

in his wee small voice62Lets Write!Goldilocks runs away when the bears come home. Where do you think she went? She may have gone home. I'm going to write:

63Daily Fix-It

a baby Bear is. very small65Daily Fix-It

A baby bear is very small.66SettingThink about when and where a story takes place.

Apply setting

Where did the three bears live? (in a cottage)

Where did the three bears go for a walk? (in the woods)

Does this story happen in a place that is real or make-believe? (make-believe)

The story starts with the words "Once upon a time." Do you think the story happened recently, or a long time ago? (a long time ago)

67CharacterHow are Goldilocks and the baby bear different? (Goldilocks is a girl and the baby bear is a bear.)

How are Goldilocks and the baby bear the same? (They are both young. They are about the same size.)

How are Goldilocks and the mama bear alike? (They are both female.)



70Initial /g/gum71Final /g/bag72Final /g/pig73Final /g/jug74Final /g/bug75Final /g/dug76Final /g/dog77Word Practicebit78Word Practicesag79Word Practicesat80Word Practicerug81Word Practicecrab82Word PracticeI83Word Practicethe84Word Practiceof85Word Practicefive86Word Practiceare87Word Practicethat88Word Practicefour89Word Practicelike90Word Practicelook91Word Practicethree92Word Practiceshe93Word Practicetwo94Word Practiceis95Word Practicedo96Word Practiceone97Word Practicestopsitsskipdropflagkidsdotspast98Daily Fix-It

goldilocks Ate the porridge100Daily Fix-It

Goldilocks ate the porridge.101Telling or Question Sentence?What is your favorite color?

We read a book.102


104Daily Fix-It

i like a small cottage?106Daily Fix-It

I like a small cottage.107



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