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<ul><li><p>1 | P a g e </p><p>COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM VITAE OF </p><p>HANR COETZEE </p><p>PERSONAL INFORMATION </p><p>Surname Coetzee </p><p>Full Names Johannes Petrus </p><p>Known As Hanr </p><p>Birth Date 1989/06/17 </p><p>ID Number 890617 5013 08 5 </p><p>Gender Male </p><p>Marital Status Single </p><p>Dependants None </p><p>Citizenship Republic of South Africa </p><p>Drivers Licence Code B 2007 </p><p>Passport Yes </p><p>Physical &amp; Postal Address 25 Delheim, 263 Glover Avenue, Lyttelton </p><p>Centurion, 0157 </p><p>Cell phone Number(s) +27 72 217 2090 (SA) </p><p> +258 84 220 7965 (Moz) </p><p>Telephone Number (Work) +258 23 921 008 (Moz) </p><p>E-Mail Address </p><p>ABOUT MYSELF &amp; CAREER OBJECTIVES </p><p>Im a critical thinker, bright, punctual, and talented accounting graduate with SAICA articles who is looking to further my career with my current, commercially focused, forward thinking company. I possess excellent communication skills with an ability to interpret and communicate financial data to non-financial colleagues. </p><p>Currently Im employed by a well-established international Mining &amp; Operations entity, as well as an Engineering entity within the Minopex/DRA group, based in Mozambique, Head quartered in South Africa. Should the opportunity arise, I seek to advance to a higher and more challenging financial and or auditing position within your entity to which I can add value using over the 7 and a half years experience and knowledge Ive obtained through auditing, accounting and other engagements. </p><p>Im aiming to enrol for my honours as soon as I have the opportunity back in South Africa. My 5 year </p><p>goal is to complete my qualifying exams and become a Chartered Accountant (S.A.), so doing adding </p><p>greater value to my employer. </p><p></p></li><li><p>2 | P a g e </p><p>EDUCATION HISTORY TERTIARY QUALIFICATION </p><p>Degree - Obtained Bachelor of Accounting Sciences, (BCompt) </p><p>Completion 2013 </p><p>Tertiary Institution UNISA </p><p>Modules Obtained: </p><p>1st Year Modules Obtained </p><p>- Economics 1A - Accounting Concepts, Principles &amp; Procedures </p><p>- Economics 1B - Economics 1B - Intro. to Economic &amp; Management Environment 1A </p><p>- Business Management 1A - Intro. to Economic &amp; Management Environment 1B </p><p>- Business Management 1B - Accounting System in Computer Environment </p><p>- Commercial Law 1A - Introductory Financial Maths </p><p>- Commercial Law 1B - Accounting Reporting </p><p>2nd Year Modules Obtained </p><p>- Commercial Law 2A - Introduction to Theory of Audit &amp; Audit Practise </p><p>- Commercial Law 2B - Introduction to Performance of the Audit Procedures </p><p>- Taxation of Individuals - Practical Accounting Data Processing </p><p>- Taxation of Business Income - Financial Accounting for Companies </p><p>- Taxation of Deceased and - Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Insolvent Estates Structures </p><p>- Cost Accounting and Control </p><p>3rd Year Modules Obtained </p><p>- General Financial Reporting - Management Accounting as Aid in Decision Making </p><p>- Group Financial Reporting - Aspects of Internal Control of Importance to an Auditor </p><p>- Financial Planning And Control - Advanced Theory Of Auditing And The Performing Of </p><p>- Specific Financial Reporting The Audit Process </p><p>- Distinctive Financial Reporting - Financial Analysis, Valuations And Restructuring </p><p>- Legal Aspects Concerning Audit - Computer Auditing And The Use Of The </p><p> Practice Computer In Performing The Audit Process </p></li><li><p>3 | P a g e </p><p>SCHOOL QUALIFICATION </p><p>School Attended Middelburg Horskool </p><p>Completion 2007 </p><p>Matric Yes </p><p>Subjects Completed: Afrikaans, English, Maths, Accounting, Geography, </p><p>Travel &amp; Tourism and Physical Sciences </p><p>OTHER QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS </p><p>COURSES COMPLETED </p><p>- Junior Induction CA Trainee - Certified Computer Building &amp; Upgrading - 2006 </p><p> (Pro Beta) 2008 - Cricket Umpire Level C UCB 2004 </p><p>- Probe Beginner Auditing - Linear Cricket Scorer - 2004 </p><p> (Pro Beta) 2008 - Fasset Ethics Training 2010 </p><p>- Probe Beginner Accounting - Fasset Risk, Ethics, Governance and Fraud - 2012 </p><p> (Pro Beta) - 2008 - Fasset Companies Act 71, 2008 Training 2012 </p><p>COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS </p><p>- Pastel Partner/Evolution - Internet: Capable </p><p>- Access Dimensions &amp; Asset Manager - e-Filling </p><p>- Acts Online - Internet banking (company profiles) </p><p>- Windows 95; 98; 2000; XP - Case Ware Working Papers </p><p>- Windows Vista - Case Ware Time </p><p>- Windows 7 &amp; 8 - MS Office: Excel (Advanced), Word, Power Point &amp; Outlook </p><p>- Winlaw - VIP Payroll </p><p>- Afrikaans - Read, write and - IQ Accounting Software </p><p> speak fluently - e@syfile </p><p>- English - Read, write and - Experience with various other accounting packages such speak fluently as SAP, OMNI, QuickBooks and client created packages </p><p>- Portuguese - learning. Proficient with cardinal numbers and a number of accounting terms </p><p>TRAINING </p><p>Attended monthly training sessions hosted by our firms own top partners and outside professionals in their own fields of expertise such as Auditing, Accounting and IFRS, Taxation, Laws and legislation, Ethics and professionalism. </p></li><li><p>4 | P a g e </p><p>EMPLOYMENT HISTORY </p><p>MINOPEX MOAMBIQUE LDA &amp; ENSERMO LDA Duration November 2013 till present Occupation Financial Accountant Employment Sector Mining plant operations &amp; Engineering workshop Type Permanent contract Location Tete, Moambique Head Office Woodmead South Africa Duties &amp; work performed Accounting of all cycles and other daily financial &amp; </p><p>bookkeeping matters </p><p>For both entities duties include, amongst others, and are not limited to: </p><p> Financial management o Overseeing posting and reconciliation of bank statements and cash book o Petty Cash and Cheque control; receipts and requisitions o Journals o Control over client maintenance o Control over supplier - maintenance, - payment initiations and - internal controls </p><p> Also includes cross border payments and the procurement processes and regulations involved </p><p>o Maintenance of general ledger accounts, posting, reconciliations etc. All - Statement of Comprehensive Income (Income statement) items All - Statement of Financial Position (Balance sheet) items (Not limited to:) </p><p> Intercompany loan accounts </p><p> Property, Plant and Equipment </p><p> Foreign currency cash and cash equivalents maintenance </p><p> Foreign currency income and expenditure accounts </p><p> Taxation and Statutory accounts </p><p> Employee cost accounts </p><p> Support, creation and overview of costing centres and costing allocations and journals </p><p> Foreign currency rate maintenance o Asset register maintenance o Cash flow forecast and maintenance (Weekly/Monthly) o Monthly reporting schedules o Accounting for stock maintenance and recording o Loading of local and foreign (expat) salary payments o Monthly client invoicing o Support for general enquiries from management o Support on various client and supplier queries and requests o Ad hoc accounting matters o IVA (VAT) support preparation o Audit &amp;Tax Audit assistance &amp; Year end procedures </p></li><li><p>5 | P a g e </p><p> WERTHEIM BECKER INCORPORATED </p><p> Duration July 2013 till October 2013 Occupation Accountant and Office manager Employment Sector Attorneys notaries and conveyancers Type Permanent (3 month probation) Location Illovo, Johannesburg Duties &amp; work performed Accounting, Payroll and other daily financial &amp; </p><p>managerial matters as Office Manager </p><p>Duties include, amongst others, and were not limited to: </p><p> Attorneys Trust account o Daily posting and reconciliation of bank statements and cash book o Receipt and Cheque requisitions o Journals o Client maintenance &amp; queries o Investment capturing Duties not assigned but have knowledge of (not done due to segregation of duties): o Agent and Correspondence payments and capturing o Disbursements &amp; Fees o Trust transfers o Month end closing procedures </p><p> Business o Daily posting and reconciliation of bank statements and cash book o General Ledger posting and maintenance o Petty cash &amp; Cheques management and posting o Receipting o VAT submission and payment o Individuals Tax o Payroll </p><p> Employee maintenance Employee - and Employer Contributions, Deductions and Taxes EMP201 reconciliation and submission Full Reconciliations to the G/L and statutory records </p><p>o Debtors &amp; Creditors o Budget &amp; Cash flow accounts forecasts o Management accounts o Tax calculations and projections o Professional Indemnity Insurance Profile o Company Insurance Profile o Source documentation maintenance </p><p> Reason To Leave Joined internationally established group </p></li><li><p>6 | P a g e </p><p>CERTIFIED MASTER AUDITORS INCORPORATED </p><p>Duration April 2009 till June 2013 </p><p>Occupation 5th Year Trainee Accountant </p><p>Employment Sector Financial/Auditing Sector </p><p>Job Level Senior Trainee (2009 -2011 &amp; 2013) </p><p>Associate-in-Training (2012) </p><p>Type Permanent </p><p>Location Midrand </p><p>Duties &amp; work performed Auditing &amp; Assurance, Accounting and Taxation </p><p>Responsible for various senior duties after my previous employer merged with CMA Inc. Services to a variety of clients were provided, but not limited to insurance brokers, property investment and real estate entities, attorneys &amp; conveyancers, architects, multinational -, import and export entities, motor vehicle traders, farming entities, NPOs, whole sale entities and bodies corporate. </p><p>Senior trainee and Associate-in-training: </p><p> Audit and accounting procedures on all four major accounting cycles - Revenue and Receipts -, Acquisition and Payments -, Inventory and Production - and Payroll and Personnel cycles. </p><p>o Planning of and full responsibility for running audits. o Risk assessment procedures. o Analysis of financial statements. o Analytical procedures on financial information. o Tests of controls. o Substantive procedure testing. o Concluding on audit findings. </p><p> Preparation of IRBA standard audit files and working papers. </p><p> Preparation of annual financial statements according to either IFRS or IFRS for SMEs. </p><p> Finalisation of annual financial statements. </p><p> Forensic auditing. </p><p> Stock counts. </p><p> Estate Agents Affairs Board Trust Account audits. </p><p> Taxation of companies (From private companies, farms to NPOs). This included, but was not limited to; provisional - and income tax calculations and returns submission. Supplementary disclosures, SARS audits and resolving SARS disputes. </p><p> Taxation of individuals (From low to high net worth individuals). This included, but not limited to; provisional - and income tax calculations and return submission. SARS audits and resolving SARS disputes. </p><p> Taxation of deceased &amp; insolvent estates. </p><p> EMP201 and EMP501 reconciliations and submissions. </p><p> IRP5 preparations. </p><p> VAT calculations and returns submission. Also included SARS audits. </p></li><li><p>7 | P a g e </p><p> Tax Clearance Certificates. </p><p> Tax (all) registrations. </p><p> Consultation on client queries; Company Act compliance, VAT -, STC -, Income Tax -, CGT -, PAYE matters, accounting treatment of simple to advanced transactions according to IFRS and or IFRS for SMEs. </p><p> Assistance with Annual Return submission to CIPC </p><p> Preparation and presentation of training for whole firm at training sessions in Auditing, Accounting, Taxation and advanced uses of Excel. </p><p> Monthly accounting o Monthly transaction recording from client records Pastel, QuickBooks, Case Ware </p><p>and from manual source documents. o Monthly bank reconciliations. o Debtors reconciliations. o Creditors reconciliations. o Sales and VAT reconciliations. o Payroll. o Journals. o Fixed Asset Registers. o Loan accounts. o Finance and operating leases. o Related Party transactions. o Balance Sheet item verification. o Income Statement item reviews. </p><p> Budgets &amp; Management accounts </p><p> Compilation agreements. </p><p> Maintaining and seeing to own clients needs. </p><p>Managerial duties: </p><p> Management of other trainees o Allocation of work. o Leave and other admin approvals. o Work planning oversight. </p><p> Invoicing. </p><p> Review of others work. </p><p> Guidance, assistance and couching. </p><p> Maintaining and seeing to my associates clients needs. </p><p>Reason To Leave SAICA training and work contracts expire 30 June 2013. Further, looking for more stimulating challenges and to gain further experience in order to become a sought after financial accountant. </p></li><li><p>8 | P a g e </p><p>BRAND WOLMARANS INCORPORATED </p><p>Duration November 2007 till March 2009 </p><p>Occupation Trainee Accountant </p><p>Employment Sector Financial/Auditing Sector </p><p>Job Level Junior Trainee Accountant </p><p>Type Permanent </p><p>Location Kempton Park </p><p>Duties Auditing &amp; Assurance, Accounting and Taxation </p><p> Substantive procedure testing on audits. </p><p> Stock counts. </p><p> Assistance with the taxation of companies. This included, but was not limited to; provisional - and income tax calculations and returns submission. Supplementary disclosures, SARS audits and resolving SARS disputes. </p><p> Assistance with the taxation of individuals. This included, but not limited to; provisional - and income tax calculations and return submission. </p><p> Monthly transaction recording from client records - Pastel </p><p>o Bank reconciliations. </p><p>o Debtors reconciliations. </p><p>o Creditors reconciliations. </p><p> Fixed Asset Registers maintenance. </p><p> Box audits. </p><p> Compilation agreements. </p><p>Reason For Leaving Brand Wolmarans Incorporated merged with Certified Master Auditors Incorporated April 2009 </p><p>AREAS OF EXPERTISE </p><p> Financial statement preparation and reporting </p><p> Auditing and assurance </p><p> Accounting systems and internal controls </p><p> IT skills </p><p> Accounting use of Excel </p><p> Asset management </p><p> Taxation Individuals &amp; Companies </p><p> Monthly accounting and reporting </p></li><li><p>9 | P a g e </p><p>PERSONAL SKILLS </p><p> Attention to detail </p><p> Time management </p><p> Good team player </p><p> Problem solving </p><p> Fast learner </p><p> Well-mannered and professional </p><p>KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES </p><p> Can produce sole trader ship, partnership and private company accounts from both manual and computerised records. </p><p> Adherence to IFRS, IAS &amp; ISAs </p><p> Interpretation of Tax Laws, amendments, interpretation notes </p><p> Able to work as part of a team or alone. </p><p> Up to date with all current accounting, company and taxation legislation. </p><p> Experience of offering tax, accountancy &amp; business development advice to clients. </p><p> Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. </p><p> Having a mathematical mind with good analytical skills. </p><p> Able to co-ordinate and manage all aspects of Payroll and VAT Administration. </p><p> Able to prioritize individual workloads according to deadlines. </p><p> Confident attitude with a proactive approach to my work. </p><p> Can meet requirements and deadlines without any supervision or follow up from my superiors. (Dont need babysitting) </p><p> Can quickly and effectively grasp and understand new accounting software packages. </p><p>LEADERSHIP ROLES &amp; ACHIEVEMENTS </p><p> Primary School - Served on the Learners' Representative Council in 2002 </p><p> High School - Served on the Student Body (Pre...</p></li></ul>