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Mario Mainland, CSCP

Curriculum VitaeMario Mainland, CSCPTel nr: +27 71606 9987 / Email:

Mario Mainland7/27/2015

Personal Particulars

FULL NAME: Mario Marcel MainlandDATE OF BIRTH: 18 January 1985AGE: 31SEX: MaleIDENTITY NUMBER: 8501185045084MARITAL STATUS: MarriedNATIONALITY: South AfricanPOSTAL & RESIDENTIAL ADRESS: 74 Kyalami Hills, Maple Drive, Midrand, 1684

CONTACT: Cell: +27 71606 9987 Email:

HOME LANGUAGES: Afrikaans, English

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Read, write, speak Afrikaans & English Excellent




CHARACTER STRENGTHS: Leadership Commitment Integrity Loyalty Dedication Self-motivation Organized Humble

Career Objective

To excel to the best of my ability in the field of business analysis, projects, logistics and supply chain management and to continue to learn as much as I can for as long as I can in order to reach and maintain growing levels of competence in management practices and operational activities.To occupy an executive / director role in a multi-national corporate company locally or internationally

I have had rapid career growth over the last 5 years.I have recently returned from 2 year a mission in Zambia to implement a large scale project in Chingola, just South of the DRC border.The project encompassed a green-fields construction project, employment of 90+ people, supplier evaluation and selection and all other operational project management activities to ensure a smooth start up in line with customer requirements. The scope = 800,000 tons of cargo (copper cathode, lime and sulphur) inbound and outbound with a total investment of 9mil Euro and a monthly P&L exceeding 1.5mil USD.I managed 20 direct reports and delivered the project in time and under budget.I am back in SA since March 2015 and was promoted to Director of Programme Management at SDV.I had enhanced the department, but I felt like I had lost some momentum in my career and was looking for a new challenge where I can put all my skills to work. I have since joined Premier foods as their Supply Chain Engineer working on all internal optimization and improvement projects. I recently moved a 4,000sqm facility from Epping to Saltriver which required a full feasibility study, stock level re-work and storage concept design. I just completed the design of an MRP tool for use in the S&OP process and I am also heavily involved in a new network and cost to serve analysis project.I can add a lot of value from both a theoretical and practical point of view, am not afraid to travel and will strive to take my new organization to new heights. I have excellent end-to-end supply chain exposure.I have a passion for people and saving money and looking to any task, problem or potential solution from a strategic perspective. I will be an asset with many years of experience, from designing bespoke spreadsheets in my office to sweating on the shop floor to ensure objectives and targets are met and exceeded.


School QualificationHoerskool Roodepoort (99 03)Highest grade passed: Grade 12 with merit Subjects: Afrikaans First LanguageA English Second LanguageA MathematicsB EconomicsB Business EconomicsB Computer ScienceBExtra mural activitiesRugby 2nd teamTertiary EducationI completed my degree inUniversity of Johannesburg (04 06)BCOM Logistics ManagementMember of Kanniedood day houseSubjects completed: Analytical Techniques Economics Business Management Accounting Transport Economics Marketing Management Logistics Management Logistics Management Systems Commercial Computer Systems

Part-time Employment

GoodfellasChauffeur service 6 months Tasks and Responsibilities Provision of timely, safe transportation of clients from a variety of events to their desired locations Client liaisonStudent wiseProduct/service promos2nd & 3rd year of studyTasks and Responsibilities Collection and distribution of promotional material. Example: Leaflet distribution Promotion of products / services through interaction with the target consumer base Maximizing the potential of each item on promotion

Full-time Employment

SABMiller soft drink divisionABI ESD (Equipment Services Division)March 2007 July 2007ESD PlannerTasks and Responsibilities Efficient, dynamic route planning for the delivery of coolers Maximizing available resources to ensure efficient truck volume utilization and to meet and exceed customer expectations Generating reports for internal customers Analysing information to make value-adding conclusions for future improvements on current operating procedures Coordinate vending machine movements Own system devised to coordinate removals / installations in trade, refurbishment as well as re-distribution to satellite plants Country wide monitoring of cooler movements and cooler stock levels Through reporting and organizing in-house haulage where necessary Tracking and monitoring of 3rd party haulage services Through budget tracking and report generation Cooler distribution planning for special events Example: The Nedbank Golf Challenge To maintain, track and improve upon customer service level agreements and to act swiftly regarding emergency customer requirements Assist with monthly spare stock count and cooler verificationSABMiller soft drink divisionABI ESD (Equipment Services Division)July 2007 April 2008Logistics Graduate roleAdditional Tasks and Responsibilities Completion of training courses and workshops Identification of areas for improvement and the implementation of approved action plans in order to affect change Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with external suppliers*Reason for leaving: Limited growth opportunities, poor culture fit

Kuehne+Nagel South AfricaContract Logistics DivisionApril 2008 Dec 2010Logistics EngineerTasks and Responsibilities Answer to customer tenders by designing and giving value to warehousing and distribution solutions with a continuous search for innovation Analyse tenders and / or technical specifications to design the solution and create the proposals in collaboration with the sales department while adhering to specified timelines Define the means and organization required to provide the designed service Including, but not limited to operational storage concepts, warehouse layouts, process flowcharts, organizational charts, budget tables and the overall operational setup Realize the technical studies and draw up a budget for the designed service based on the cost database available and newly sourced and negotiated market prices Tender costing and modelling quantitative and qualitative AND OR optimizing transport cost VS the service required Determine the project implementation plan and to and to ensure that it is set up according to the rules established Participation during project implementation keeping to the project definition and monitoring progress Maintaining a continuous database of material handling equipment, processes and storage solutions including the design of new tools to automate as far possible the tendering process Participation in customer site visits and where necessary, assist the customer in data gathering Participation in presenting of solutions to customers and contract negotiationsKuehne+Nagel South AfricaContract Logistics DivisionDec 2010 1 Aug 2012Operations Technology and Solutions Engineering ManagerTasks and Responsibilities (in addition to the above) Quotation cost and solution control Procurement control achieved by uniform quote template design, disseminated to all selected vendors warehousing and distribution Manage and assign responsibility to engineering team by using time management and performance control tools Evaluate requirements and training of new and current staffMajor projects include: Brandhouse Samsung MSA Continental Colgate

Attending global workshops Assist with market strategies Meet with suppliers / agents to review market developments and new trends Participate in Network Analysis for optimal plant / warehouse locations Project tracking and setting department goals Ensure compliance to guidelines Benchmarking Standardize processes to make solution engineering more efficient Create staff performance management tools Ensure warehouse operations are carried out according to theoretical design* Reason for leaving: Limited growth opportunities* Main skills acquired and applied: Costing and pricing of warehouses and distribution solutions for a 3PL across a wide range of industries using technical Excel based tools. Continuously searching for productivity and process improvement by searching for and applying best practice where possible.

SAEL Part of the Bollore GroupWarehousingAugust 2012 Dec 2012National Warehousing ManagerTasks and Responsibilities Profitable P&L design and management within South Africa and warehouse management training on the tools KPI improvement and negotiationResponsible for multiple P&Ls and the performance of teams / moving warehouse locations / improving the status quo

Project management Warehouse move from Jet Park to Pomona New process implementation Sales and tender process Calculation of new business opportunities within South Africa Project implementation SOPs and new contract review

SDV Part of the Bollore Group Tasks and Responsibilities 9 CountriesSupply ChainSouth Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar, South DRC, Malawi

Dec 2012 August 2013REGIONAL Supply Chain Manager SAREG

Manage existing VAS Warehousing and General Cargo/Commodities warehousing activities Develop WSCM activities within the Southern regionOperational Role: Ensure all projects are smoothly implemented and timeously executed as per clients request Ensure all teams are recruited and trained Analyse and monitor warehousing KPIs and reporting Analytical Role: Support tariff building (through data analysis and calculation if required) and manage the P&L (Business Plan Construction) and ensure profitability through close P&L monitoringOther Roles: Ensure IT infrastructure and the WMS implemented for warehousing operations are compliant with IT Department best practices Build on Supply Chain experience To capitalize on people, structure, processes, activities(without re-inventing the wheel repetitively)Major projects include: Huawei TFM (mining)

Support the sales force Support legal and contractual negotiations Harmonize methods used in the region / country Ensure strong client relationships Always pro-actively look for operational optimization in terms of space, processes, productivity etc.SDV Part of the Bollore GroupSupply Chain Project Management (ZAMBIA BASED)July 2013 Nov 2013Project Manager TFM ImplementationTasks and Responsibilities1.To follow-up with our local consultancy firm regarding the status of obtaining licenses and agreements with our appointed contractor

2.To validate BoQs and evaluate cost comparisons between quotations and our internal business plan

3.To follow the construction phase via MS Projects and regular progress meetings to ensure tasks are carried out in accordance with agreed timelines

4.To follow, update and administer all other project topics such staffing, structuring and procurement and to communicate this information clearly to internal stakeholders and our Head Office

5.To liaise with local management and regional and HO support

6.To finalize SOP documents and operational and customs clearance processes

7.To tender and identify (formally and informally) potential suppliers and service providersProject construction team arriving in Chingola Mario 3rd from the left

Bollore Africa Logistics Part of the Bollore GroupSupply Chain Branch Management (ZAMBIA BASED)Nov 2013 March 2015 (TFM project)Chingola Branch ManagerTasks and Responsibilities1. Primary functions of the job On the short term, to manage the implementation of the 70,000sqm warehousing hub in Chingola up north in Zambia as per agreed timeline with the client. To make sure all the necessary steps are fulfilled correctly and on time to ensure the success of the hub. On the medium to long term, to manage and operate successfully the warehousing activity, cost, people, processes and performance of the project. Responsible for the administration and efficient daily operation of a full service Branch Office Responsible for agreed budget performance, and expanding the customer base2. Job Function: List key Tasks & Responsibilities Ensure that the implementation of the hub is carried out as per the agreed timeline with the client Recruit and structure key staff Operate the hub with defined resources Define proper procedures in the hub Liaise with different stakeholders to ensure smooth Go-Live of the warehouse hub Operate the hub within cost parameters (while striving to reduce operational expenses) Ensure that all KPIs are met Ensure that all potential risks are managed pro-actively Foster strong relationships with the customer, customs and suppliers Strive for improvement in all aspects of the operation To manage the P&L of the Chingola Branch and achieve the stipulated budget in terms of operational result P&L monthly value = 7mil ZAR+ Manage and monitor CAPEX of 90mil ZAR+ To ensure permanent respect of all QHSE rules by staff, users and subcontractors3. Operations Coordinate operations through close liaison with: Customer Service Officer Clearing Supervisor Shipping Supervisor Warehouse Manager To closely monitor the status of all RIB,RIT and Bonded consignments to ensure the time constraints as stipulated by Customs & Excise are not exceeded thereby putting the company at risk of incurring penalty charges Maintain regular communication with Boarder Station under your umbrella Regularly check Customs & Excise Report 246/247 Prior to signing off any File ensure: All Customs Documents are present Invoices to Client is paid in full There are no outstanding Disbursements on the file Closely monitor Warehouse Reports

* Main skills acquired and applied: Accountable for the establishment of a 70,000sqm logistics hub encompassing construction of 20,000sqm warehouse space, 600sqm office and management of 80+ people. Full accountability of a 2mil USD monthly P&L. Working in a high pressure environment to meet directives and targets in a limited time frame while maintaining supplier and customer (senior management) relationships so that they can meet their own goals and objectives.

Full accountability for the hub facility and QHSE standards in preparation for audits. Dealing with customs officials and ensuring accurate and efficient movement of high value cargo

Bollore Africa Logistics Part of the Bollore GroupSupply Chain Senior Management for the ContinentMarch 2015 July 2015Program Management DirectorTasks and Responsibilities1. Primary functions of my team Reporting through a centralized approach and in a coherent matter Ensuring we perform as per our commitments (contractual targets) Being compliant to clients requirements (contractual obligations for reporting, KPIs, Reviews frequency) Ensuring a a continuous quality improvement Performances Analysis versus targets Root cause failures identification Responsibility identification (Bollore, the Client, Third parties) Corrective actions agreed upon with Operations team and the Client in each country Performance dashboards issued monthly or quarterly Responsible to review all the dashboards prior to final dispatch including formulation of the synthesis Responsible for transmission of dashboards within the deadlines set by the clients Question the reasons for failure given by the network to ensure Transparency and Objectiveness towards the Client. Ensure reports are dispatched to the KAM/GAM as well as Vertical Directors on a monthly basis. Creating and implementing relevant KPIs taking into account the Client industry as well as contractual requirements Teamwork with the CBS at a local or regional level to ensure automated reporting coherent and harmonised among the various countries Teamwork with heads of VM and RAM to ensure regular reviews and clients feedback in-country Cooperation and assistance given to the Sales Team at tender stage or at contract finalisation stage (Measurable KPI, realistic targets, scope of measure based on automated reports as much as possible) Implementation of Program Management at a local level (support given to eligible countries by organising training session for selected accounts and countries. Final review of all dashboards issued in country by the PM prior to dispatch) Create awareness and understanding of Performance Management within the network Monthly reporting to the HQ with issues / problems faced per country and per Key Account

* Main skills acquired and applied: To ensure all client KPIs and SLAs are met as per contractual agreement. To analyse and present these KPIs (operational / financial) in an automatic dashboard format for use in business review meetings. To put measures in place to correct any performance deviations and to maintain solutions to root causes of non-conformance.Design, implementation and improvement of processes in a contract logistics and operational environment. Costing and managing large projects in conjunction with department heads and managing peoples performance toward common goals.

July 2015 October 2015Supply chain and contract logistics consultantPrimary abilities Warehouse design Team leadership Solution / proposal design P&L analysis for cost reductionOctober 2015 CURRENTPremier Foods (FMCG)Supply chain engineerPrimary responsibilities Warehouse Migration & Network Optimization Cost to serve analysis / S&OP General quality and service improvements across the Southern African Supply Chain Collects data and performs statistical analysis and maps and documents processes Recommends and implements process improvement Applies company methodologies and tools to design distribution/ transportation operations including staffing, equipment, sizing and layout Supports business development and helps create efficient designs and solutions processes Determines efficient utilization of resources by analysing layouts, labour force, equipment, driver and equipment utilization charts Review production schedules, engineering specifications, orders, and related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures, and activities Recommend methods for improving utilization of personnel, material, and utilities Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine warehousing processes, staff requirements, and production standards Coordinate and implement quality control objectives, activities, or procedures to resolve problems, maximize reliability and customer service, or minimize costs Run improvement projects Determine optimum stock levels Assist with forecasting and materials requirements planning

Through my work experience, I have learnt that: Working under pressure comes with any job and how one deals with it, greatly determines the level of success one can expect One must be able to work in teams and maintain excellent relationships essential to achieving any common goal and / or objective While still being aware of individual goals & targets that add value to the organization as a whole

I can use Excel to create customized tools to deal with sophisticated warehousing and distribution problems I have created a tool to determine a warehouse P&L and resource in less than an hour Many templates for property research and acquisition Templates for Project Go/NoGo process, proposals to customers, automated KPI dashboards There is a difference between being manager and a leader That I do well when operating in a multi-cultured environment

Major achievements:

I performed well academically all through my life and have had the opportunity to visit and work in different countries and learn from different cultures.I have also been able to be exposed to many different verticals from Automotive, FMCG, to mining and oil and gas.

My biggest achievement professionally is setting up a 9 million EURO, 70,000sqm logistics hub with more 90 employees in Chingola Zambia. I did this in the required timeline and under budget constraints and learnt how to manage a large workforce, at times under immense pressure.

Training Summary

Other recent training and skills: Google Sketchup MS Projects Six Sigma (May 2016)


I was sent to Vienna, Austria in 2008 to receive training on a company tool that calculates and summarizes warehouse requirements and budgets. The tool requires in-depth understanding of logistic principles as well as the ability to manipulate its functions in order to achieve the most optimum solution in terms of space, manpower and costs.I attended a solutions engineering workshop in Paris, France in 2010 and Hong Kong in 2011 further enhancing my experience in solution design.

Why Im fit for the job

I am organized and detail orientated I am a leader in my field and work environment and target orientated I am experienced in working with large databases and drawing inferences from it I have ample knowledge of warehousing and distribution methods and principles I am a quick learner and not afraid of challenges I have a good, logical approach to business and strategic planning I have a mind-set geared toward problem solving through data I have good communication and inter-personal skills I am able to work well under pressure I am customer orientated and work well in managing large teams


Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Outlook, MS Visio (advanced) Strong Project Management skills Strong negotiation skills Logistical tools and calculations transport cost drivers, warehouse requirements etc. Financial calculations / spread sheets Presenting the information extracted from the data in a logical and attractive manner Attaining objectives through teamwork Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment

Hobbies and interests

I love writing and playing guitar I have a strong interest in aviation, motorcycles and technological innovation I love watching and participating in sports I enjoy reading, watching movies and spending time with loved ones


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