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1. Cup--la-CakeOliva LLagostera, Barbara Van Stigt and Maria Eugenia Errobidarte Branding 2. Cup--la-CakeA caf specializing in cupcakes andoffering:Wide rage of teas and coffes.Fresh Smoothies.Cupcake take-away, pre-order andhome delivery.Chic Environment.Additional Services. 3. Calac - Palindrome Word with no meaning Pronounced the same in every language Cherry IcingPastry 4. Brand Vision 5. Brand Vision CUP--LA-CAKE A caf where people can come and enjoy a wide range of homemade sweet & salty cupcakes as well as a selction of teas, coffees and fresh smoothies in a chic environment. 6. Brand VisionUnique Benets / Differenciation Left overs will be brought to orphanage on daily basis - CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Take-away cupcakes. Pre-order (for orders bigger than a specic n of cupcakes). Home made cupcakes, of our own recipies. Unique within Barcelona, there is no other store with this concept. Complete different experience than any other place. We are focussing on cupcakes both sweet and salty. 7. Brand VisionGoal Our goal is to be a point of reference in the pastries industry focusing on delicious cupcakes. 8. Brand VisionObjectives Provide fresh and home made cupcakes at all moments of the day (9 - 22). Be the main place for cupcakes (mufns) within Barcelona in 1 year. I !nclude our customers in our growing structure. B ! e Socially Responsible. O " pen the next caf within 2 years. O " pen a caf in Madrid within 3 years. G ! row within the market of cupcakes and become known internationally. A ! dd a new products (cupcake) each month in order to grow in our product offer, while including the customer A ! llow 25% of our prot to be used for research in the cupcake industry. 9. Brand VisionSWOT Analysis Strengths A real lifestyle type of concept. Cupcakes (Sweet and Salty) Atmosphere Extra Services: Books, Computer, Music Machine, Staff, Take Away and Delivery Price - Quality Weaknesses Start up, lots to learn Focus on a limited target 10. Brand VisionSWOT Analysis Opportunities No cafs offering books and music machines in Barcelona/Spain. No cafs offering homemade cupcakes. Home made smoothies. Expansion nationally and internationally Threats Competition such as Starbucks. No brand awareness or image. Economical situation - People trust their cafs. No brand vulgarization due to expansion - e.g. Starbucks is everywhere, the special idea is gone. 11. Brand VisionBrand Promises We promise to make each experience at Cup--la-Cake unique and special. Consisten performance and availability of products. Quality control. Price control. Staff control. Atmosphere Music changed. 12. Brand Creation 13. Brand CreationBrand Name & Trademark Cute and catchy name. Memorable. Suggests what our service is about. It is noticed. It is distinctive and attractive. Identiable. Invented. The name CUP--LA-CAKE communicates a message = exquisite 14. Trademark Industrial Property.Type Mixed or Complex Trademark.Trademark Taxonomy Articial Trademark.Protection Protected as a service mark. Registered internationally.Trademark Message Exquisite cupcakes suitable for everyone.Name Identity Our main service is a caf place where you can spend your free time. Home made sweet and salty cupcakes. All types of coffee and tea. Fresh smothies. Personalization (music and cupcakes). 15. Target Prole 16. Demographic Prole 1 Age: 16-25 years old Gender: Female Income: Depend on parents. Occupation: Students Hobbies: Going around on bicycle, horse back riding, swimming, ballet, yoga and pilates. Interests: Reading, walking around, music, movies, being with friends and enjoying free time, studies, eating, going out and art. Lifestyle: Creative, innovative, fun and active young people who enjoy trying new things and places. Where do they shop? Mango, COS, H&M, Zara, Topshop, Bershka and vintage shopping. Where do they eat? Starbucks, Central Caf, Buenas Migas, Sandwich & Friends, local cafes like tte--tte. 17. Demographic Prole 2 Age: 20-50 years old Gender: Female Income: Middle income Occupation: First jobs focused on more creative areas: in advertising, marketing, fashion and design. Hobbies: Going around on bicycle, running, yoga and pilates. Interests: Reading, going to the cinema, movies & music, walking around, being with friends and family and enjoying free time, working, eating, going out, art, literature and ballet. Lifestyle: Creative, relaxed, innovative, fun and active young people who are curious on trying new things and places. Where do they shop? Mango, COS, Zara, Topshop, local shops and vintage shopping. Where do they eat? Starbucks, Central Caf, Buenas Migas, Sandwich & Friends, local cafes like tte--tte. 18. Target ProlePotential Customer Possible clients who will order our services for events: Weddings Birthdays New Baby Born Tea Parties Gift Packages 19. Competitors 20. CompetitorsDirect Pasteleria Hoffman StarbucksIndirect Buenas Migas Paul Local Cafs Local Pastry Shops Tte--TteBenets Only store offering wide range of cupcakes.Values Quality Price Service Atmosphere 21. CompetitorsSWOT Analysis of Main Competitors Hoffman: Strengths Known Place Exclusive Luxurious Weaknesses Expensive Location Service Just Pastries/Cakes 22. CompetitorsSWOT Analysis of Main Competitors Starbucks: Brand Awareness Large Offer Atmosphere Weaknesses Expensive Attention on Coffee Too Busy 23. CompetitorsCompetitive Advantage Service Affordable Prices Great Quality Music Personalized Cupcakes Large Selection of Cupcakes Salty Cupcakes Pre-Orders CSR 24. Brand Positioning 25. + Design Hoffman Cup--la-Cake Starbucks + Quality- Quality Buenas Migas Tte-a-Tte Paul - Design 26. + Variety Hoffman Cup--la-Cake Buenas Migas Starbucks Paul + Price- Price Tte-a-Tte - Variety 27. + Service Cup--la-Cake + Atmosphere- Atmosphere Starbucks Hoffman Buenas Migas Paul Tte-a-Tte - Service 28. Brand Communication 29. Cup--la-Cake will have the following communication strategy:Known Guides and Magazines Guides: Absolut Barcelona Magazines: Elle, Vogue or Telva (Trend and Lifestyle Magazines)Promotion Customers who buy 10 cupcakes will get 1 for free 15 cupcakes will get 2 for free 20 cupcakes will get 3 for freeClient Card Clients will get points for every purchase they doRecipe Book A new cu


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