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  • Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

  • Page 1 of 8Weddings are special and important and hence a lot of effort is put into them. From the table dressing to the brides accessories, every detail is taken care of well in time. An important part of any wedding is the wedding cake. After months of planning and tasting youve finally chosen the perfect wedding cake for your big day. However, thats only half the battle. Getting a beautiful cake is definitely the main step but none of it will matter if it is not properly displayed at your wedding venue. A good display can easily make or mar any wedding cake. Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

  • Page 2 of 8Vintage wooden display

    A great way to highlight your wedding cake is to display it on an antique dresser for a vintage wedding. You can also display your wedding cake on stacked rustic apple crates for a relaxed country style. This would not only reduce the cost of displaying but also give your wedding cake display a creative boost.

    Theme of the cake as an inspiration

    A great point to remember while Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

  • Page 3 of 8displaying your wedding cakes and cup-cakes is to use the theme of your wedding cake as an inspiration. This is quintessential because otherwise the whole scene would end up looking like a clutter. For example, if youve designed a love birds cake for your wedding ceremony, then decorate its surroundings with leafs or a nest. This would instantly highlight your wedding cake.

    A variety of hues from the key colour of your wedding

    Get as creative and playful with Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

  • Page 4 of 8your wedding cake display as you can. Use a number of shades of the colour most highlighted in your wedding. Do not choose shades of different colours as you do not want your wedding to look like a kindergarten party.

    Space above the cake

    Usually all the decoration and display around the cake is only taken care of and we forget to even realize the space above the cake. You can hang beautiful glowing lights or small lanterns upside down from the wall above the cake. Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

  • Page 5 of 8This would immediately take the attention of the guests towards the cake.

    Place a mirror behind the cake

    A smart way to make your cake look larger and broader is by placing a mirror right behind the cake. This would also give your guests a great 360 degree view of the marvellous cake.

    Flowers as decorations

    Place beautiful flower vases around your cake stands to enliven Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

  • Page 6 of 8the whole dessert table. Opt for flowers that go with your wedding theme. This is a common style of displaying the cake but provides a lot of choice for creativity within itself.Family photographs

    Another great option to decorate your wedding cake surroundings in a budget-friendly way is to hang your family photographs onthe wall right behind the cake. This is an easy ideawhich not many couples think of. It lends a sense of nostalgia to the whole surrounding.Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

  • Page 7 of 8Cake cutting song ideas

    While youre busy decorating your cake and cake surroundings, do not forget to take care of the cake cutting song ideas. Play wedding cake cutting songs that match with the wedding style and the wedding music.Cake and Cup Cake Display Accessory

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