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CSX EthX Ethanol Transportation. LT Brian Kendrick LT Corey Leewright LT Mike Blackman. Agenda. Network Overview Geographical representation of the network Potential Operator Problem Analysis of Network Network Recommendations. Identifying Our Network. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>CSX EthX Ethanol Transportation</p> <p>CSX EthX Ethanol TransportationLT Brian KendrickLT Corey LeewrightLT Mike Blackman1AgendaNetwork OverviewGeographical representation of the networkPotential Operator ProblemAnalysis of NetworkNetwork RecommendationsIdentifying Our NetworkEthX transports ethanol throughout the eastern half of the U.S.21 total nodes, 7 demand and 2 supply 33 arcs both directed and undirectedDemand on the network is 904 cars per dayObjective Maximize the flow while minimizing cost</p> <p>Model AssumptionsEach arc has associated cost * Cij = Cost per day for movement of 1 car along arcSupply nodes located in areas that have the most production facilities Demand nodes are located at end points of major EthX. * Each arc has a capacity constraint Uij Capacity on each arc is capacity of node(i)Capacities on the intermediary nodes modified to accommodate total demand on network . * Information provided by CSX website</p> <p>MAP 2</p> <p>Network Legend:Green Nodes = Supply NodesYellow Nodes = IntermediariesRed Nodes = Demand Nodes</p> <p>LegendLegendSupply Nodes Intermediary Demand NodesNew York Daily News 12/07/2010</p> <p>26 cars out of a 131 car train derailed near Chicago. 9 of these cars were loaded with Ethanol.Potential Operator ProblemA threat causes a delay of 12 hours but does not render this arc inoperable. Penalty added to the overall cost to traverse the affected arc. (cij/m)*1.5 = 4232A terrorist attack is an actual attack which renders the affected arc inoperable. </p> <p>Zero Threats on NetworkZero Threats on Network-------452bbbjbbjbjbjb-452-4523155652581809621900</p> <p>Three Threats on NetworkThree Threats on Network31-258180 9655219 65-452-4520</p> <p>Five Threats on NetworkFive Threats on Network 31258 180 96 5521965-452-4520</p> <p>One Attack on NetworkOne Attack on Network000000000000-452-452 650</p> <p>Two Attacks on NetworkTwo Attacks on Network-452-452219000000000000250 0</p> <p>Three Attacks on NetworkThree Attacks on Network00000000000000000000-452-452 65 55219 31 258 18096</p> <p>MAP 2</p> <p>RecommendationsEliminate or increase capacity at choke pointsIncrease the number of Supply nodes Incorporate short lines &amp; regional linesAlternative means of transportation</p>