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Powerpoint of Cotta Family pictures put together by Diane Young. This Powerpoint has great pictures of my great Aunts and Uncles.


  • 1. Grandpa Cottas father Jose Domingos. MotherRosa Joaquiana with two grandchildrenMaria and Francisco,who married aunt Virginia.

2. Grandpa Manuel D. Cotta 1869-1945 3. GrandmaJuliana Da Rocha Cotta 1873-1955 4. Grandmas sisters,Maria, Father ManuelRocha holdingGuilhermiana andGrandma Cotta 5. The whole Family plus one.Lt-Rt:FRONT ROW: Bell, Grandma Cotta, Aurora, Grandpa Cotta withErnestine, Laura and Paula.BACK ROW: Lawrence, Mary, Manuel Jr. Virginia, her husband FranciscoJaques, and Jack. 6. The Old Homestead 214 N. E. First Ave Visalia Ca. 7. Ernestine and Aurora 8. Grandma Cotta,Mary, andGrandmas sisterGuilhermina 9. Clestino Mendez 10. Clestino andMary Mendes 11. Mary Cotta 12. Pauline Cotta 13. Laura andPauline 14. Bell, Lawrence ,Manuel Jr. and Mary 15. Tony Souza, Pauline Cotta, Laura Cotta, and Manuel Flores 16. (?), Joe Areias, Bell Flores, Junior, Manuel Lucio, Aurora Areias 17. Bell Flores and Manuel Lucio 18. Laura Cotta, ManuelFlores, and Paula Cotta 19. Ernestine Cotta 20. Lt-Rt: Clestino, Mary Cotta, Grandma Cotta, Manuel Cotta Jr.,Unknown, and sitting grandpa Cotta 21. Manuel Cotta Jr. and Mary Do Egito (Cousin) 22. Tony Souza, Laurence Cotta, Emily Souza, and Paula Demello 23. (Back Row- Lt-Rt) Bell Flores, (?), Paula Cotta, Manuel Souza, MarySouza, Aurora Cotta .(Seated-Lt-Rt.) Helen Souza, Ernestine Cotta, Tony Souza, Laura Souza,Emily Souza. 24. (Lt-Rt.) Bell Flores, Joe Areias, Aurora Areias, Manuel Flores 25. Manuel andErnestine Lucio 26. Paula and Tony Demello 27. Our One and only UncleJack Cotta 28. Jack Cotta 29. Jack Cotta and First Dance Partner 30. Jack Cotta and Wife Evelyn 31. The real Jack Cotta 32. Ernestine Cotta as Queen 33. (Lt-Rt) Laura Cotta, Pauline Cotta, and Unknown 34. (Lt-Rt) Evelyn Cotta, Unknown, Jack Cotta, and Ernestine Cotta 35. The Visalia Auditorium with City Float 36. Float with Ernestine Cotta as the statue of Liberty 37. Float with Jack Cotta 38. (Lt-Rt) Manuel Lucio and Manuel Flores infront of Cotta Visalia home 39. Cotta Family Home Doze Riberas Azores 40. Celestino and Mary Mendes home on Hall St. VisaliaMoved off the property and replaced by medical offices 41. Fountain behind the Mendes home 42. Laurence Cotta withwife Emily 43. Joe Areias tending bar 44. (Lt-Rt) Manuel Lucioand Tony Souza 45. Tony Demello all dressed upfor a night out 46. Virginia Jackes Graduation fromCosmetology School 47. (Lt-Rt) Joe andAurora Areias andManuel Lucio 48. Aurora Areias and ErnestineLucio If Guessing correctly,expecting Val Areias andDiane Young 49. Christmas at Clestino and Mary Mendes house.(Lt-Rt) Mary Mendes, Mary Cotta, (Cousin), Celestino,and Standing, Manuel Cotta Jr. 50. A Day at the TijuanaBull FightsManuel Lucio and JoeAreias 51. Vacation for Aurora, Joe Areiasand Manuel Lucio 52. Woopee Time in Tijuana (Lt-Rt) ManuelFlores, Ernestine Lucio, Tony Demello, BellFlores, Joe Areias, and Manuel Lucio 53. Paula Demello and Bell Flores getting ready for a party 54. Aurora Areias celebrating her birthday 55. Mary Cotta (Cousin) and Laura Souza coming to abirthday party 56. (Lt-Rt) Back Row: Bell Flores, Paula Demello, Laura Souza, and Aurora Areias(Lt-Rt) Seated: Ernestine Lucio, Mary Mendez, and Virgina Jackes 57. (Lt-Rt) Back Row: Pauline Demello, Ernestine Lucio, Laurence Cotta, Aurora Areias(Lt-Rt) Front Row: Bell Flores, Virgina Jackes, Mary Mendes andLaura Souza