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Welcome to the latest in Designs and innovation from Sline



2. Contents Page 04 - 11 : s:l range Page 12 - 17 : h:d range Page 18 - 23 : G3 & Benchmark range Page 24 - 27 : IGT range Page 28 - 29 : Skyline range Page 30 - 31 : s:line Pedestals range Page 32 - 38 : Technical Specifications Page 39 :Colour Portfolio 2 3 3. Today we live in an environmentally conscious economy where demand for " Beingproducts with improved environmental performance is at an all time high. Withawareness in these issues increasing, s:line have designed s:l to demonstraterecycledgreen credentials through the careful construction of the riveted picture frameexterior. doesnt meanIn a busy working office, units can inevitably be knocked into and damaged.With this in mind the s:l carcass has been carefully designed to allow thedamaged panel to be replaced, eliminating the need to replace the entire unit. I lack quality " When the product ultimately reaches end of life the s:l design also allows for theproduct to be easily re-introduced into the recycling process. 4 5 4. "Transformation in 6 minutes" The core focus of s:l is to provide choice andOur systems range is fully interchangeable; You can convert your s:l unit in minutes, changeability. Whether you are altering your filing allowing variety and modification maintaining the same outer shell. Transformation system, changing your office colours or simplyof the fitments alone gives you a brand new unit wishing you had a drawer instead of a doorin quick and simple steps 67 5. The heart of s:l is choice and functionality. s:l offers a multitude of filing options, designed for every occasion. The culmination of all your storage solutions in one range; flippers, doors, drawers and tambours give choice and flexibility to capture space with an aesthetically pleasing finish.Interchangable storage options, including Excellent storage options, with easy to modify Easily accessible, soft-sliding drawersdrawers, shelving, and roll out filingshelf heights, perfect for a busy office customised for accessibility 8 9 6. " I will be here longafter everythingelse " s:l range The striking energetic design of s:l extends fromThe levelling system allows effortless solutions for the exterior through to the interior. Balanced safety and stability within the office environment. lines and clean surfaces create an impression of elegance and stability, enhanced by top You can experience the quality on every closing of craftsmanship. a door or drawer. You can notice it on every detailof the architecture. A truly engineered system, s:l provides a strengthened bottom plinth for use as a filing baseYou can see it in the design and the styling. s:i to maximise storage capacity. Remaining true tois confirmation of our commitment to providing s:ls ethos, the anti tilt provides a quality feel and leading edge storage design for every office extra stability on both drawers and roll out filing. environment. 1011 7. RAN G E 12 13 8. " I am built to befully secure atall times " h:d rangePart of the s:l family, h:d has a style that opens up a multitude of opportunities featuring the highest of security attributes. For maximum security, each closure within the h:d unit is individually locked with a unique key. The fully enclosed back on the drawers and security plates within each closure, ensures safe storage of documents for complete filing security. Whether you are filing confidential departmental files or private client documentation h:d will lock away your paperwork, laptop or personal belongings leaving an elegant and styled exterior.14 15 9. h:d can be suited in with s:l, matching both the footprint and Personal suspension filing, or a departmental resource: theTo maximise filing and storage capacity all units contain aVariety of door heights within the range allows the h:d storagethe 20, 30 & 40 pitch height options; providing a further ex-h:d range combines the functionality of a pedestal, a filing strengthened base plinth. The reinforced base makes h:d an system to be used as a single closure or combination unit. Alltension of choice within the s:line family.cabinet, a side filer and a cupboard; all in one range.ideal unit for personal storage, utilising every part of the unit. closures house their own locks for secure departmental filing. 1617 10. benchmark RANG E R AN GE 1819 11. " I am a great extension to your deskingconfiguration, allowing segregation ofdepartments without the need for partitioning "G3 RANGEBookcase combination units are the perfect The option of a lockable Side Tambour Unit choice for non confidential or shared re-sourceensures your personal unit can be used for your filing, ideal for use in an open office environment. confidential and storage requirements. 2021 12. afterBENCHMARK RANGE " I will save you 30% extraPositioned at the end of a bench desk system,benchmark allows personalised secure storage andspace in your office " filing for each individual.By replacing each personnels pedestal with onebenchmark unit located at the end of your benchdesk, benchmark allows a more comfortable workingenvironment.This provides more working space, or the opportunityto increase the capacity of staff members around yourbench desk before2223 13. RA N G E 2425 14. IGT - IMAGE GRAPHIC TAMBOUR An innovation in tambour design: IGT is the Graphic Tambour range thatallows any digital image, graphic or logo* to be transferred, using highquality materials, to your tambour door units. The results are spectacular,taking the finished product beyond the realms of the imagination.Whether it be Wall Art, Front of House Branding, a reference source orsimply an image that adds that feel good factor to the office. IGT cancompletely transform any office space enhancing the harmony andenvironment.The IGT range enhances your office atmosphere, it injects enthusiasmand has been known to create an air of relaxation and peace; quite anachievement from a storage system.Simply supply your own photography, company logo or illustration ina digital format* and let us apply it to any s:l or m:line tambour blind.Graphics are printed with the latest digital print technology using durableand environmentally friendly UV inks. Professional colour managementensures accurate and vibrant colour saturation. * graphics, images and logos can be reproduced CMYK only, no metallic & spot colour artwork can be accepted. 26 27 15. " I adapt to fit perfectly with your environment " skyline rangeSimple and stylish, striking and versatile. Sky:line to remain in close proximity to your workspace. is designed to enhance your office visually and functionally. Sky:line capitalises on the desk and With the unique option of a slender shelf for storage area with efficient filing locked inside a increased on shelf filing capacity, or the multi contemporary finish. purpose shelf for dual purpose filing, Sky:lineprovides you with the solution for your filing and The choice of s:lines characteristic handle detail, storage needs under one footprint. or Sky:lines handle design options presents style and function to visually unite your storage with Additional options are available from pen pots your office pin boards and letter trays to magneticwhiteboards. These options enhance the The refined exterior opens up to a multitude offunctionality of your Sky:line unit, allowing them internal embellishments to allow all your essentials to be tailored to suit any environment.2829 16. " The Beauty in the Details "Ideal for personal storage, the s:line pedestalInspired by style and function the choice of The slimline pedestal is ideal for personalrange is available in configurations of beam,handle designs suite in with your office providing storage and sits comfortably under a beam deskunder desk and desk high. All pedestals containa modern and stylish finishconfiguration, providing a narrower footprinta pen tray and anti-tilt functionality as standardwhilst still offering great versatility of storage 30 31 17. Range FeaturesOptions Technical Specification -15 year guarantee-2 widths to choose from -Fira tested-4 sets of internals for cupboard combinations -Levelling feet Range FeaturesOptions -2 Key master series with folding key fob -Counter balance (must be ordered separately) -All drawer compartments come with filing rails to allow left to -Dual point locking right and front to back filing -15 year guarantee-2 widths to choose from and 5 sets of internals -Removable locking barrels-Choice of configurations -Fira tested-Counter balance (must be ordered separately) -Vertical handle design provides ergonomic motion and ease of use -s:line hotbox available -Levelling feet -All drawer compartments come with filing rails to allow left to -Double skin double doors on h:d personal cupboard compartments -See page 39 for colour options -2 Key master series with folding key fob right and front to back filing -Quick release hinges allowing closures to be removed and refitted -Dual point locking -s:line hotbox available -Full height back on drawers in conjunction with security plates for security -Removable Locking barrels-See page 39 for our blind options for s:l side tambour units -Individually locking personal drawers and doors -Vertical handle design provides ergonomic motion and ease of use -See page 39 for colour options -Strengthened slotted base plinth -Double skin double doors on s:l cupboards -Damaged panels can be repaired without the need to replace entire unit Please see our h:d specification guide for more information -Quick release hinges allowing closures to be removed and refitted -Strengthened slotted base plinth -Damaged panels can be repaired without the need to replace entire unit Please see our s:l specification guide for more information -5 year guarantee -2 widths and 2 depths to choose from -Fira Tested-4 heights to choose from -Levelling feet -Postal Slot detail (specified on orderi