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College & Career Readiness. Madison Southern High School. Welcome Madison Southern Parents. Meet your Counselor Steve Case All Seniors 625-6148 Ext. 6220 Marla Thomas 9 th thru 11 th Students A - K - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>COLLEGE 101</p> <p>College &amp; Career Readiness</p> <p>Madison Southern High SchoolWelcome Madison Southern ParentsMeet your Counselor</p> <p>Steve Case All 625-6148 Ext. 6220</p> <p>Marla Thomas 9th thru 11th Students A - 625-6148 Ext. 6218</p> <p>Celita Eden 9th thru 11th Students L 625-6148 Ext. 6219What Can College Do For You?</p> <p>ACTs PLAN Programfor Grade 10The PLAN Includes:</p> <p>Tests in English, math, reading, and sciencejust like the ACT.</p> <p>A guide that explains what your scores mean and how you can use them.Students who take PLAN score higher on the ACT than those who do not..Administered in September for all 10th Grade Scores will be Distributed When the school receives them.PLAN: Practice for the ACTPractice for the SATOctober 179th, 10th, and 11th grade students</p> <p>Best scores could possibly qualify students for the Governors Scholars Program</p> <p>11th Grade Scores could possibly qualify students for National Merit ScholarshipsPSATWhat does the ACT or SAT mean for me?College AdmissionsScholarshipsEliminate Remedial CoursesCollege Entrance Exam - ACTACT$34 for RegistrationHighest Possible Score 36The National Average 21Subject AreasEnglish 75 Questions 45 MinutesMath 60 Questions 60 MinutesReading 40 Questions 35 MinutesScience 40 Questions 35 MinutesOptional Writing 30 MinutesACT 2011-12 Test DatesACT www.actstudent.orgOctober 27, 2012Deadline September 21st December 8, 2012Deadline November 2nd February 9, 2013Deadline January 11th April 13, 2013Deadline March 8th June 8, 2013Deadline May 3rd </p> <p>ACT New ID UpdateACT</p> <p>Now required to upload a self photo on ACT website when registering for a national test date.</p> <p>Required to have a photo ID at the time of entering Test Center.</p> <p>ACT PrepACT Prep</p> <p> </p> <p>There are ACT prep books in the library and counseling office you can check out.</p> <p>College Entrance Exam - SATSAT$47 for RegistrationHighest Possible Score 2400The National Average 1500Subject AreasWriting 200 to 800 Possible ScoreMath 200 to 800 Possible ScoreCritical Reading 200 to 800 Possible ScoreBenefits of Taking AP Courses:Added Challenge/Prep for College Extra Credentials for College AdmissionsWeighted GPAEarn College Credit if the AP Score meets college criteriaPossibly earn Advanced Placement in CollegeEKU NOW! &amp; Berea CollegeJuniors and Seniors have the opportunity to take Dual Credit classes with EKU and/or Berea.You must obtain certain ACT scores and GPA to qualify.See a counselor for more </p> <p>GovernorsSchool for theArtsGovernors Scholars Program5 Week Residential Summer ProgramBetween 11th and 12th Grade YearApplications Available Online (Due Jan 5th)Nominated by the School and School DistrictPSAT, SAT, or ACT RequiredVisit Website for More Information:</p> <p>Governors School for the Arts3 Week Residential Summer ProgramStudents Interested in Creative and Performing ArtsMust currently be a Sophomore or JuniorApplication Required and Available OnlineStudent deadline is December</p> <p>Creative WritingDanceDramaInstrumental MusicMusical TheaterVisual ArtVocal Music</p> <p>EligibilityRegister Online - $ </p> <p>Official Test Scores MUST be Sent fromACT and/or SATUse Code 9999The Higher the ACT and/or SAT Score, the Lower the GPA has to be for Eligibility16 Core Courses are Required for Division I Only core courses are used to compute the GPA</p> <p>EligibilityDivision I16 Core CoursesMinimum 2.0 GPASlide Scale for Test Scores and GPAUses only Critical Reading and Math Sections of SATUses sum of all four ACT SectionsDivision II16 Core CoursesMinimum 2.0 GPAMinimum SAT Score of 820 ORMinimum ACT Sum Score of 68</p> <p>EligibilityDivision I4 English3 Math (Algebra I or Higher)2 Science1 Additional Math, Science, or English2 Social Studies4 Extra Core (Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and/or Foreign Language)Division II3 English2 Math (Algebra I or Higher)2 Science3 Additional English, Math, or Science2 Social Studies4 Extra Core (Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and/or Foreign Language)</p> <p>GPA is calculated for Core Courses ONLYDivision I Sliding Scale ExampleCore GPASAT(Verbal and Math Only)ACT(Sum of All 4 Subject Areas)3.450440413.275510453.100580492.950640532.775710582.525790652.225930782.000101086</p> <p> Meet with Mr. Case to Review TranscriptRegister onlineKeep track of your account and your eligibility processMake an appointment with your counselor if you have questions about your core classes or the worksheet.</p> <p>Eligibility</p> <p>Register Online - $ </p> <p>Official Test Scores MUST be Sent fromACT and/or SATUse Code 9876</p> <p>Eligibility</p> <p>Requirements for Eligibility(Must meet 2 of 3 below)</p> <p>Minimum ACT of 18 or SAT of 860Achieve an overall minimum GPA of 2.0 on 4.0 scaleGraduate in the top half of your class</p> <p>Eligibility</p> <p>College Admissions ProcessVaries with CollegeEarly Decision (Binding)Early Action (Non-Binding)Regular Decision (Non-Binding)Contact College Admissions Office or visit the College WebsiteCollege ApplicationsCommon Applications: www.commonapp.orgStudents should complete the application process by Christmas Break of their Senior Year.You must request transcripts be sent through the Counseling Office. Final transcripts will be sent upon graduation.Make sure YOU have requested ACT send your scores to the schools at which you are applying. (Keep in mind for March ACT)College VisitsALWAYS Contact College Admissions office to schedule visitContact Dean of the College for the selected major of student to arrange meetingContact the Colleges Financial Aid officeAlways get a note of attendance from the college indicating your visit to turn into Mrs. Gabbard.Seniors - 3 School Days Allowed for College VisitsJuniors/Soph/Fresh Plan for visits during Fall Break, Election Day, Spring Break, etc. All visits should be winding down by the end of 1st semester senior year.What should I ask?Questions for College StudentsCollege ReputationHas the college lived up to your expectations?Has anything been a major disappointment?What is distinctive about the college? Strengths? Weaknesses?Is there anything special I should see before I leave?If you were able to do it all over again, would you still choose this college? Why?What would you change if you had the chance?What should I ask?Questions for College StudentsHousing</p> <p>Is it quiet enough to study in the dorms?Which dorms are good places to live in?What dorms have a special quality?</p> <p>What should I ask?Questions for College StudentsActivities</p> <p>How difficult is it to make the ______ team?How can I qualify for the newspaper? Orchestra? Radio Station? Drama group?How do I qualify for intramural sports? Clubs?What were some social, political, or academic issues that concerned students last year? How did administration react? Results?</p> <p>What should I ask?Questions for College StudentsAcademics and Faculty</p> <p>What classes are taught by professors or by teaching assistants?How many hours a week do students typically study?How easy is it for Freshmen to get classes they want?Are classes for Freshmen typically large?Is there good rapport with faculty?</p> <p>RecommendationsProvide Senior Profile SheetProvide College Form if availableGive at least 2 Weeks NoticeFor December 15 January 10 deadlines, give all information to counselor by December 1College FairsOctober 19, 2012Madison Southern College/Career FairOctober 9, 2012Madison Co College Fair @ EKUOctober (TBA)Central KY College Fair @ Heritage Hall 6:00 8:30 (over 150 colleges)TranscriptsRequesting transcripts through the Counseling Office. (Allow 1 week to be sent.)Requesting transcripts through (To be sent upon request.)</p> <p>Doe, JohnStudent Number: 1234567890 Grade: 121333 Walnut Creek Drive, Berea, KY 40403</p> <p>12345678094/10/1994123-45-6789</p> <p>Credit RequirementsGraduation Requirements 23 creditsEnglish4 CreditsMathematics3 Credits*(Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II)Science3 Credits(ESPS, ESCS, and Biology)Social Studies3 Credits(Integrated Social Studies, World Civilization, and U.S. History)Health/PE Credit / CreditArts/Humanities1 CreditElectives8 Credits*Students must take Math every year in high school.</p> <p>Credit RecoveryIf you fail a class, you are behind for graduating on time. See a counselor to take advantage of credit recovery opportunities.</p> <p>Credit recovery courses are available through the Project Succeed Program to help students that have fallen behind in the number of credits needed to graduate. Students with a standard schedule pursuing a standard diploma may be scheduled into a credit recovery course a maximum of 1 period per day.Students may recover up to one credit per semester, with a maximum of 6 credits counting toward graduation. The principal shall consider teacher recommendations prior to placing students in a credit recovery class.Credit RecoveryTeacher Recommendations </p> <p>_____I recommend the student complete/re-submit current course work to receive credit this semester.Course work to be submitted:___________________________________________________I recommend this student complete the course in Credit Recovery or Summer School._____I recommend this student complete the course in Credit Recovery._____I recommend this student retake the entire course.</p> <p>Service LearningEvery student must complete 10 hours of Service Learning prior to graduation.</p> <p>You can check with any of your teachers, advisor, or counselor to find out how many you need.</p> <p>Documentation forms are found just inside the Guidance Office on the bulletin board.Infinite Campus AccessEmail </p> <p>Please include whether you:1. Lost your login informationOR2. Never used it before</p> <p>**IC also has an App for I-Phones Search for: Infinite Campus Mobile Portal</p> <p>Kentucky Higher Education Assistance AuthorityP.O. Box 798Frankfort, KY 40602-0798(800)</p> <p>The Student Loan PeopleP.O. Box 24266Louisville, KY 40224-0266(888) 678-4625www.studentloanpeople.comKHEAA Outreach</p> <p>Scholarships vs. Grants vs. Student Loans</p> <p>Who Are We?Financial aidGrants/scholarshipsWork-studyLoansInformational servicesPublicationsGetting In for SeniorsGetting Ready for JuniorsOutreach counselorsSavings ProgramsKentucky Education Savings Plan TrustThe Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, or KHEAA, is the state government agency that provides students with: </p> <p>4141KAPTThe last enrollment period was held in Fall 2004. In May 2006, the KAPT Board Chair appointed a committee to consider whether or not KAPT should be reopened. To date, no decision has been made. (Commitments will be honored for those who purchased KAPT accounts prior to Fall 2004.)</p> <p>Free College Planning Information and Student Financial Aid Resources:Adults Returning to SchoolAffording Higher Education (scholarship resource)The College CircuitCollege Info Road Show (mobile outreach center)Getting Started (freshmen) (online only)Getting Set (sophomores) (online only)Getting Ready (juniors) (online only)Getting In (seniors) </p> <p>Interactive Websites:kheaa.comGoHigherKY.orgInteractive web portalSingle point of information for students, parents, counselors and others, including:Online Individual Learning Plan (ILP)Career and college planningOnline admissions and financial aid applicationsFinancial aid informationScholarship searchesDistance and online learning opportunitiesPersonalized account</p> <p>4242The Kentucky Consortium:</p> <p>-KHEAA-Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust-Council on Postsecondary Education-Kentucky Department of Adult Education and Literacy-Kentucky Department of Education-Kentucky Virtual Library-Kentucky Virtual Campus-Association of Kentucky Independent Colleges and Universities</p> <p>Works with the Xap Corporation on maintenance/enhancements of the website, a single source of information for students, parents, counselors, colleges/universities, and others in the higher ed community.</p> <p>Create a new GHK account between now and the end of the 2008-09 academic year, and youll be eligible to win one of the MP3 players to be given away each month!</p> <p>FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student Aidfor Grants and Student Loanswww.fafsa.ed.govGet OrganizedDetermine Dependency StatusGather Required DocumentsComplete FAFSA Worksheet on WebsiteSearch for School Codes on the FAFSA WebsiteApply for a PINCheck Application Deadline DatesCollege Goal Last Sunday in JanuaryEKU from 2:00 to 4:00</p> <p>FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student Aidfor Grants and Student LoansFAFSA Workshop at Madison Southern(All students/parents welcome)November 8, 2012January 10, 2013</p> <p>Where to Find InformationKHEAA www.kheaa.comApplication statusAccount historyKEES awardsCollege Aid CalculatorReference books</p> <p>For Juniors Getting Ready</p> <p>For Seniors Getting In </p> <p>Where to Find More InformationFinancial Aid</p> <p>Matching Students to</p> <p>Scholarships Known to Madison Southern Counselors are on the Madison Southern website. Click on Counseling then find Scholarship Info for your grade </p> <p>Contact the Individual Colleges/University Scholarship Offices as soon as possible for additional scholarship information.Where to Find More InformationArticles written for students, by students and career professionals. Valuable tool for students transitioning into high school, college, and career. The site also includes interactive games, tools, and Follow us on Facebook updated regularly with Counseling Where to Find More InformationFollow us on Twitter Once you create an account, search for MSHSEagleScholarship and Online test preparation courses to improve Math, Language Arts, and Science as well as test taking Where to Find More InformationEver wonder what jobs you can do with certain college majors? Visit this website to find out! What is the ILP?Individual Learning Plan for ALL Students</p> <p>Records Career, Education, and Life GoalsExplores Career InterestsProvides College and Scholarship SearchesDevelops a Professional ResumeFREE online access</p> <p>Parents Accessing the</p> <p>See Your Counselor for:</p> <p>Parent/Guardian UsernameParent/Guardian Password</p>