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1. MOOC College & Career Readiness Tara Miller, College Counselor Austin High School, Austin ISD 2. MOOCS 3. The Problem ASCA Recommended 1:250 Austin High School 1:480 4. MY Plan "Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application." 5. The Irony 6. #moocfail Looking Back at the Fundamentals of Online Education Crash Online Class on How To Teach Online Classes Goes Laugha MOOC Mess The MOOC Honeymoon is Over: Three Takeaways from the How NOT to Design a MOOC: The Disaster at Coursera and Fundamentals of Online Education: Dude, where s my MOOC? 7. The Idea 8. Where do I begin? 9. Ask the right questions How do we support all students? A. Using web 2.0 to reach more students. B. Start small, will grow. How can we reach them systematically? A. Mapping events & setting milestones. How can we make sure this is happening? A. Online CMS & Accountability via Naviance. How can we provide effective support? A. PD & Training for all staff involved. 10. Blend In Combine with existing online platform that our district is using: Moodle for the online class. Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites ( 11. Start with the end in mind Start with the end in mind College Counselors piloted initial set of milestones Post-secondary meeting for sharing ideas, mapping desired outcomes Identified key lessons needed School-based teams decide how to implement when, how, via advisory or academic class, what supporting experiences are needed (blended learning). Checking in via milestone completion and success planner tools in Naviance. 12. Desired Outcomes Students will learn how to: 1. Understand the post-secondary application planning and completion process via Naviance. 2. Understand basic concepts of the technology used to complete the college application. 3. Understand the appropriate roles of the applicant, parents, counselor, teachers, registrars, and college representatives within Naviance. 4. The final product will be a completed application. (Senior Application milestone completion). 13. Module One & Two The Application Process: Example: 1. Video showing the college application process and technical aspects of Naviance: Technical aspects of Naviance Location of college application websites 14. Module Three Roles & Responsibilities Videos Students & Parents Teachers & Counselors 15. Module Four Module Four Bringing it together Milestones marked via Naviance. Utilizing CCR Curriculum in Naviance: Application(s) listed in Naviance Letters of recommendation(s) requested Transcript(s) requested Resume Essay 16. Pilot Program Garza High School Online will host the course via Moodle Austin High & Garza High Students will be loaded into the College Readiness course. Start small (2013-2014) Disrupt specific classes for pilot program AVID Pre-Advising requirement (select Seniors 2014) 17. Online Tools Social Media LIKE us on facebook! Follow us on Twitter! 18. Hosting Sites Garza High School Online Moodle Blogger Wikispaces Jing Vimeo You Tube 19. Questions? Tara Miller, M.Ed. College & Career Counselor Stephen F. Austin High School 1715 W. Cesar Chavez Austin, TX 78703 (512) 414-7232 Thank you 20. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: