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COLLEGE & CAREER READINESS CENTERCOLLEGE & CAREER READINESS CENTERSENIORINTERNSHIPPROGRAMPRESENTATION2014Learn, not by default, but by designS12WHY SHOULD STUDENTS PARTICIPATE?GAINING ADVANTAGE FOR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM OR EMPLOYMENTLEARN KEY SKILLS ABOUT A CAREER OR INDUSTRYEMPLOYERS RELY ON INTERNS TO PRODUCE REAL WORK SUBSTANTIAL CONTRIBUTIONSFORGING MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS WITH MENTORSEXPERIENCE THAT IS PRICELESSThe hope of gaining an advantage for future employment (or access to a particular program) has increased both the number and quality of internships. They have become a key element in today's economy and workplace. Some employers are counting on their internship programs to provide crucial additions to their workforce. interns are being relied upon in the workplace to produce real work; they are given these opportunities to contribute substantially. forging meaningful relationships with mentors and are getting that "priceless" experience of real world perspective along with an introduction to the skills necessary to be successful in the future. This program at Natick High School has proven that the benefits to the students, the school, the businesses and the community are desirable on every level3BENEFITS TO EMPLOYERSAs the global economy becomes more global, the competition for good jobs continues to increase. You no longer have to simply be more qualified than the person next to you, you have to be more qualified than countless others all around the world.The internship is a model example of why employers have internship programs; students contribute well to their assigned projects, provided a fresh view of how we operate, gained experience in the area of major mission, and demonstrated their capabilities and work ethic with excellence.It is absolutely a win, win for students and businesses. It allows us to increase the depth and quality of programs and interns get great real-world, workplace experience to add to classroom knowledge and activities.BENEFITS TO EMPLOYERSEffectively manage your workflow to accomplish immediate objectivesFind new team members to help grow your business and accomplish your future objectivesTest drive future talentIncrease productivityEnhance perspectiveSupport studentsGive back to the communityFacilitate your own successPROGRAM INFOOPEN TO ALL SENIORS MEETING GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS GRADED ON A PASS/FAIL SYSTEM P or FSTUDENTS EARN 3.0 CREDITS TOWARDS GRADUATIONSTUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS MUST MEET DIFFERENT STANDARDS:ADVANCED PLACEMENT CLASSES HONORS BANDHONORS CHORUSATHLETIC TEAM, CLUB OR OTHER ACTIVITY can participate in the Internship Program(Please discuss with your guidance counselor if you have any concerns)NO ONE HAS EVER FAILED!WILL APPEAR AS A LINE ITEM ON YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPTIf you are in an ap class, you are required to attend that class or classes until the end of the year (even after the exam)Honors Band Students are required to attend one big band rehearsal and one big band class each week their choice prior to the MICCA CompetitionFor the Senior awards POP concert, interns need only attend one Big Band rehearsal per week (PLEASE DISCUSS WITH MR. CICE!)Senior intern Choral Music Students need to remain active with theperformanceprogram through the last day for Seniors in May. This includes:Two Concert Choir rehearsals per weekChamber Singer members need to make all after-school rehearsalsALL choral students will need to participate in all competitions, schoolandoutside performances,and recitals (Honors students) (PLEASE DISCUSS WITH MR. TURNER)6PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS80 TOTAL HOURS INCLUDES WRITING PORTFOLIO PROJECT & FINAL PROJECT PREPARATIONPORTFOLIO PROJECTUPDATED RESUMEDAILY JOURNAL WRITINGS (10 20)Massachusetts Work Based Learning Plan (MWBLP) (skills assessment document completed with the mentor FINAL SUMMATIVE ESSAYPROGRAM EVALUATION STUDENTPROGRAM EVALUATION _ MENTORCOPY OF THANK YOU LETTER TO MENTORRESUME will include internship information please do not use the format in Naviance. The information you enter into Naviance in Guidance Sem is a great start but the format is non-professional. Also, do not use the format in Entrepreuneurship that is not professional either.USE CAN USE JOURNAL PROMPTS AVAILABLE TO YOU ON WEBSITE OR YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT A SITUATION OR A RECOMMENDATION FROM YOUR MENTORMWBLP - (job description & skills & task listing along with assessment twice) ESSAY - - reflecting the growth and learning of the experience this will be a shared document in GOOGLE DOCS to a senior English Teacher7MASS WORK-BASED LEARNING PLANThe Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education through an interagency collaboration of employers, educators and workforce development professionals. This is a diagnostic, goal-setting and assessment tool designed to drive learning and productivity on the job. A VISUAL PRESENTATION OF YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCEUSE A 3-FOLD PRESENTATION BOARD, OR OTHER TECHNOLOGY IPHOTO, IMOVE, POWERPOINT THIS WILL SHOWCASE YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE AND YOUR SKILL GAINALL STUDENTS WILL HAVE SPECIFIC INFORMATION ON THEIR BOARDS IN ADDITION TO YOUR CREATIVE PIECES ABOUT YOUR OWN INTERNSHIPEVERYONE WITH PRESENT AT THE ANNUAL INTERNSHIP SHOWCASE EVENING TUESDAY, MAY 20THALL FACULTY, STUDENTS, ADMINISTRATION, MENTORS, FAMILIES AND BUSINESS PARTICIPANTS INVITED9INTERNSHIP HOURSHours may begin after school on APRIL 4TH, during that weekend & after the seminars on APRIL 7TH & 8THIT IS STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO MEET WITH MENTOR TO SCHEDULE ALL HOURS USE A CALENDARMAY 1 MAY 15 If STUDENTS need assistance from a teacher in writing the essay or preparing the presentation please make arrangements to do soESSAYS will be shared via GOOGLE DOCS with a Senior English TeacherIf they return it to you and ask for edits, that must be completed and regraded by MAY 16thALL PIECES OF THE PORTFOLIO WILL BE SUBMITTED BY MAY 16TH at 2:00 pmPRINT OUT THE SCHOOL CALENDAR FROM MAIN PAGE OF NHS WEBSITE INCLUDE ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES ON IT AS WELL AS SENIOR ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS, WORKING, BABYSITTING, DRIVING GRANDMA TO GET HER HAIR DONE! EVEYTHING.ALSO REMEMBER THAT TRANSPORTATION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY 10MENTOR RESPONSIBILITY AGREEMENTMentors agree to provide the opportunity for the full 80 hour program to the students They will guide, inform & advise the students concerning their specific career and personal career journey as well as the industry in which they workMentors will provide interns with work that is worthwhile and relevant to their specific career Mentors will complete the Massachusetts Work Based Learning Plan (Skills Assessment Evaluation) with their student intern, offering constructive analysis twice during the time frame11MENTOR RESPONSIBILITY AGREEMENTMentors will always adhere to workplace safety guidelines and train interns in the proper use of any process or equipment and ensure they have proper training, protection, supplies, materials & supportMentors will expose interns to as many aspects and activities of the career as possibleMentors will review their interns work periodically, providing suggestions for improvement and offering guidance and time to answer questionsMentors will verify their interns attendanceMentors will agree to complete a program evaluation upon conclusion of the internship period.----- Meeting Notes (9/23/13 09:41) -----No matter what type of experience you have, you will get a taste of, a visual, the smell, the sense of what a professional work environment is all aboutThe purpose is to engage you in many activities and have you realize that many skills are transferable to other jobs, industries and careers.You will have to wear many hats in your future working years - I hope you get a discount at LIDS? Insert laugh here!13CONTACT INFORMATIONQuestions, comments, suggestions Lisa De Palo, M.S.Natick High 647-6400 x1740 affiliation withEmployment Practice: Employers of Natick High School students may not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, or disability.


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