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  • 1. College/Career and TechnologyReadinessby Allison Lee

2. College Readiness what they dont know Save as and save as RTF Save to a flash drive Print PowerPoint handouts Email accounts- empty trash 2010 Word Charge for printing Content manager- moodle, blackboard, angel Narrowing their searches Using credible sources and citing correctly 3. College Readiness Cont. How to double space Adding page numbers Print a couple pages from a website versustwenty Urban legend emails Difference between scholarly journals and apopular magazine That databases are a paid product and what theyoffer 4. MaturesBoomers Gen XNet GenBirthdates1900-19451946-1964 1965-198211983-1991Description Greatest MeLatchkey MillenialsGeneration GenerationGenerationAttributesCommand Optimistic Independent Hopeful& ControlWorkaholic Skeptical DeterminedSelf-SacrificeLikes Respect for Respon-Freedom PublicauthoritysibilityMulti-tasking activismFamilyWork Ethic Work-life LatestCommunity Can do balancetechnologyinvolvementattitude ParentsDislikesWasteLazinessRed TapeAnythingTechnology Turning 50HypeslowNegativity 5. Presentation Prezi SlideShare 6. Poster Online - Glogster Favorites 7. www.Animoto.comStudent Samples 9/11 Memorial Soccer 8. Livebinder 9. What Can Your Library Do For You? -Flip video -Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer -Flashdrives -Cameras -Netbook with wireless mouse -Lesson on databases -Computer readiness lesson -Pathfinders -Using credible sources and citing them properly 10. 21st learning 21st Century Education


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