cockpit procedures trainer (cpt) the fj2000 is a fixed-base cockpit procedures trainer (cpt)...

Download Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) The FJ2000 is a fixed-base Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) modelled

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  • Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT)


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    The FJ2000 is a fixed-base Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) modelled on a narrow-body jet airliner.

    The FJ2000 is designed to be used in a classroom environment as a systems and procedures trainer.

    With a small footprint and low upfront investment, the FJ2000 is a complete alternative to the Integrated Procedures Trainer (IPT) which typically use touch-screens instead of ‘tactile’ panels to save cost.

    The FJ2000 is an ‘open-cockpit procedures trainer which includes fully tactile panels, switches and levers, flight controls and visuals, yet is comparable in price to most good quality touch screen trainers

    The device also includes the option for integrated systems schematics software to display active diagrams for the major aircraft systems on touch-screen monitors.

    The FJ2000 FSTD is available in the following configurations:

    • Boeing 737NG

    • Airbus A320 - CEO and NEO


    FJ2000 Cockpit Procedures Trainer Key Features

    • Open-flight deck configuration with two pilot seats

    • ‘Tactile’ levers, switches and controls

    • Flight controls, rudder pedals, steering tiller and throttle quadrant

    • Extensive aircraft systems modelling

    • Flight Management System (FMS)

    • Advanced autopilot and flight director systems

    • High Definition visual system using TV monitors

    • Navigation database

    • Instructors Station with extensive features

    • Optional integrated Systems Diagrams/Schematics

    • Small footprint and environmental requirements

    • Low maintenance and running costs

    “The FJ2000 offers the airline industry a ‘tactile’ alternative to touch screen trainers, for around the same investment. With increased training benefits with no increase in cost, we believe this is the future for pilot training, especially for airlines with B737NG or A320 fleets.”


    IAIN PERO Sales Director Pacific Simulators

    • Type Rating credits

    • Systems familiarisation training

    • Procedural and SOPs training

    • Jet Transition / Jet Orientation Courses

    • Simulator assessments for pilot recruitment

    • Instrument training including glass cockpit familiarisation and Instrument Rating training / recency / renewals

    • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) training

    • Human Factors courses

  • Boeing Airbus

    FSTD TYPE • Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) • Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT)

    COCKPIT • Open-flight deck configuration with two pilot seats


    • Fully functional panels and instruments including: • Main Front Panel • Mode Control Panel (Boeing) / Flight Control Unit (Airbus) • EFIS Control Panels • Overhead Panels • Pedestal Panel and Centre Console • Dual Multi Purpose Control Display Units (MCDUs) • Primary and secondary engine displays • Comprehensive ECAM displays (Airbus)


    • Glass cockpit instrument displays including PFD and ND • Autopilot, Autothrust and Flight Director Systems • Comprehensive aircraft systems including Fuel, Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, • Pressurisation and Fire Protection Systems • Flight Management System • Advanced autoflight capability including LNAV/VNAV, RNP approaches and autoland • TCAS • EGPWS • Weather and Terrain Radars

    FLIGHT CONTROLS • Dual light-weight Yokes • Dual Rudder Pedals with toe brakes • Steering Tiller

    • Dual Sidesticks • Dual Rudder Pedals with toe brakes • Dual Steering Tillers


    • Forward and reverse thrust levers • Trim wheels and pointers • Speedbrake lever and Flap lever • Engine Start levers

    • Thrust levers with autothrust and reverse thrust detents

    • Trim wheels • Speedbrake lever and Flap lever • Engine Control Panel


    B737NG A320

  • Boeing Airbus


    • IOS includes touch-screen interface • IOS Software includes comprehensive simulation controls including snapshots and lesson

    plans tool, aircraft positioning, dynamic weather interface, flight-path map and extensive system malfunctions / failures

    SEATING • 2 x replica pilot seats – adjustable (forward / backward)


    • 2 X High Definition (HD) large format televsion screen


    • Choice of: • Rockwell Collins • RSI • Simthetiq


    • Global, updated Navdata / AIRAC FMS data including airways, SIDS, STARS and approaches - GE (Boeing), Honeywell or Thales (Airbus)

    SOUND SYSTEM • Stereo Sound Package includes realistic HD engine and environmental sound effects • Cockpit alerts and warnings including radio altimeter call-outs, configuration warnings,

    TCAS alerts and EGPWS warnings


    OPTIONAL FEATURE: • Integrated Systems Diagrams/Schematics software on touch-screen ‘side’ monitors for all

    major aircraft systems


    • Pilot Intercom System with Headsets and Oxygen Masks for crew communications • iPad for accessing IOS Software and chart viewing • GoPro Camera and Recording System for recording and review • Genuine pilot seats with adjustment controls, arm rests and 5-point seat harnesses


    ProJet Series

  • Boeing Airbus


    • FAA – FTD Level 4 & FTD Level 5 with CLS • EASA – FTD-1 • ICAO 9625 – Type IV


    • Electrical connection (1 x single phase 13-20 amp circuit - 230V/110V) • High-speed internet connection for support


    • Simulator Operations Manual, Simulator Maintenance Manual, FCOM, QRH, checklists, and cockpit posters

    TRAINING • Operator training includes how to start and shutdown the simulator, operate the IOS

    software, aircraft normal and non-normal SOPs including familiarisation of aircraft systems (if required), and how to maintain the trainer


    • Minimal maintenance required – low running costs • Comprehensive ongoing Service Level Agreement (SLA) available including:

    • 24/7 Technical Support including phone hotline and remote VPN access for software updates and fault resolving

    • Online fault reporting/logging system • Scheduled Service Visits by Simulator Technician

    • Assistance with simulator certification.


  • TESTIMONIALS “It’s been our goal to provide state-of-the-art facilities for students to complete their pilot training and leave ready to confidently approach airlines for a job position. We spent over a year researching different companies to help us with our solution, but only Pacific Simulators could do what we want at the price we were willing to pay.” BYRON LEGUISAMO Chief Pilot, ADF Airways, Miami, USA “This was the obvious choice for us to facilitate MCC training for our airline partner and student cohort. The device is ideal for this type of training and offers the highest level of functionality and fidelity for its value compared with any other alternative that we researched in its class.” BRIAN HORTON Director of Flight Operations, UNSW Australia “Nelson Aviation College is delighted with the product and support and we would certainly consider purchasing another simulator from PacSim because of the way they worked with us, and the capability, quality and performance of the delivered system.” GILES WITNEY CEO, Nelson Aviation College, Nelson, New Zealand

    ABOUT US Pacific Simulators (PacSim) is a Training Device Manufacturer (TDM) with a factory based in Christchurch, New Zealand and a sales office in Sydney, Australia.

    Founded in 2002, we manufacture a range of high-fidelity Flight Simulator Training Devices (FSTDs) for a variety of markets including pilot training, AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) training, entertainment and private use.

    Our FSTDs are located in around a dozen countries including Australia, China, France, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand and USA.

    We specialise in Lower Level Training Devices designed for the ‘airline bridging’ flight training market. These are ideal for flight schools looking at expanding into the airline career and jet transition market and for airlines looking to reduce their FFS footprint.

    Our simulator training products are listed below:

    Australia – Sales & Marketing Level 3, 55 Pyrmont Bridge Road I Pyrmont, NSW 2009

    Sydney | Australia T +61 412 893 777

    New Zealand – Manufacturing & Support

    Unit 3, 30 Sonter Road | Wigram Christchurch 8042 | New Zealand

    T +64 3 343 0864

    Email: Web: www.pacificsimulators.


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