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<ul><li><p>Model Lab: Figure and PortraitCarol Rensink, monitor,, 713-299-4136, Norm Wigington, Liz Hill, ConnieMiddleton, and Sonia Miller, asst. monitors. Wednesday afternoons, 12:30-3:30. Weekly model fee is$10 for WAS-H members and $14 for nonmembers. Open to artists of all abilities. No instructionprovided. Drawing benches available. Bring your drawing &amp; painting gear for 3 quiet hours of modeltime.</p><p>Open StudioDiane Burch, Facilitator, 281-516-5680 Fridays 10:00-2:00when no workshops are scheduled. Free for members. There is always something new to learn,and a wonderful artist from which to learn. One to four sessions with each artist's DVD allowsattendees to "really get it." Diane previews the videos, provides a summary of the teachings, plansactivities, and encourages the artist's eye and heart in everyone. Bring your paper, paints, brushes,and a lunch as we view the DVD together, discuss the teachings, and apply what we have seen aswe paint in new ways or with new techniques.</p><p>Art for Seniors (ongoing weekly)Mary Rustay, Instructor, , 713-965-9393, 713-965-0812, ext. 1668. Carla Gauthier, Asstinstructor. Thursday mornings 9:30-12:30, Jan-May. Each week a different color image is provided as a photoreference. Interested students must contact Mary. All levels. No fee (WAS-H community outreach).</p><p>Warm and Cool ColorsCarla Gauthier,, 281-384-2473,, Thursday afternoons Jan 4, 11, 18, 25; 1:00-4:00;$150. Red, Orange and Yellow are warm colors while Greens, Blues andViolets are cool. Simple enough, right? Well there's so much more to learn!That each and every color has a warm and cool version, that using them in apainting can create space and depth, that glazes of warms and cools can create astronger focal point, that you might be able to make better decisions on whichyellow, blue or red would work best in a given painting. Learn to understandyour pigments, how to best use them to make your paintings stronger during thisfour-week class.</p><p>Chinese Brush Painting - Lotus and DragonflyPeihong Endris,, 713-206-3668. Tuesday mornings, Jan 9, 16, 23, 30; 9:30-12:30. $150. In traditional Chinese culture and the moral of lotus flower symbolizes the clarity of heart as well as the mind. In this class, you will learn this ancient style of brush work and techniques. Peihong gives demonstration and hands on attention to each students work. You will have fun experiencing the water-ink-colors with shimmer rice paper. All levels.</p><p>January 1-May 31, 2018</p><p>Classes &amp; WorkshopsWinter/Spring 2018Watercolor Art Society - Houston (WAS-H)</p><p>1601 W. Alabama at Mandell, Houston, TX 77006713-942-9966</p><p></p></li><li><p>Portrait PaintingProf. Mohammad Ali Bhatti, 281-818-6893;, Tuesdayafternoons, Jan 9, 16, 23, 30 at 1:00-4:00. $150. Pre-requisite is Portait Drawing by Dr.Bhatti. This class is designed to paint portraits in watercolor. The focus of the class will belearning the basics of portrait painting techniques, tonality, values, layering, creating anillusion of three-dimensional qualities through light and shade. There will be demonstrationsby the instructor followed by the class working on different projects in a group or through areference photo of your choice.</p><p>Anatomical Figure DrawingCarol Rensink, 713-299-4136,, Wednesday mornings, Jan 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14; 10:00-12:00. $150, plus $5 model fee per day. This will be a six-week class to learn to see the whole: refining the drawing and composition. Learn the underlying anatomical structures, their proportions, their relationship to each other, and how they change in different perspectives. Draw the head and facial features from various angles. There will be daily demonstrations, instruction, and sharing of resource materials with ample time for working from the model. Suitable for Intermediate students. Double your progress! Bring your lunch and stay after class for the Wednesday Figure &amp; Portrait Model Lab (see page 1).</p><p>Crazy Cats &amp; Mixed-Up Mutts ~ Pet PortraitsRobin Avery,, 713-410-1075, Sat &amp; Sun, Jan 13-14;9:30-3:30; $100.Come have fun designing and painting both serious and humorouspet paintings. From conception to final stroke, you will learn how tocreate emotionally charged animal paintings. Learn about theimportant features of eyes and noses, addressing fur and hair, andcontemporary approaches to our best friends.</p><p>Chinese Brush Painting: Finishing &amp; MountingPeihong Endris, 713-206-3668. January 15, 10:00 am to 3:00pm. $25/$35 non-membersLearning Chinese brush painting finishing and mounting procedures. This workshop isdesigned to help Chinese brush painting lovers to move up the ladder of success as anartist. Learn how to mount your paintings and how to mat and frame.</p><p>Color for the Acrylic PainterMary Wilbanks, , 281-370-7879, Fri, Sat &amp; Sun, Jan 19-21, 9:30-3:30; $150This will be a class in learning to use the color wheel. We will usecomplementary colors, and other color combinations. With this andglazing we"ll have dynamic color filled paintings. Anyone interested indoing this in conjunction with collage, I will bring plenty of collage paper.For more information please call me or email me. Mary Wilbanks NWS,WASH Signature Elite.</p><p>Visit our website to register for these classes andworkshops:</p><p></p></li><li><p>Learning the Ropes of Monthly ShowsJan McNeill,, 832-778-7180, Mon, Jan 22, 12:00-3:30, $20. WASH wants tohelp our newer artists move up the ladder of success as an artist! Come learn from long time member andWASH Board member Jan McNeill. Not sure how to prepare a painting for a monthly show? Unsure where/how to mat and frame your painting for a reasonable cost? Wonder what the habits are of the more frequentwinners of monthly shows? Wished you better understood the judging criteria for monthly shows? Comeand find out! Maximum 15 students. Must sign up prior to the class.</p><p>Monet, Cezanne, VanGogh with WatermediaSusan Giannantonio,, 281-347-9043,, Friday afternoons, Jan26, Feb 9, 16, 23, 2:00-5:00; $150We can learn so much from the masters about beautiful application of color.Heres our chance to apply some of their techniques to our own favoritepainting themes. Work in your preferred watermedia; demos will coveracrylic and watercolor. All levels welcome. Visit the MFAH after class andavoid the drive home in traffic! (supplylist)</p><p>Beginner Watercolor Weekend WorkshopJoanie Hughes,, 713-426-6767. Sat &amp; Sun, Jan 27-28;9:30-3:30. $100. This beginner class provides students with a solid foundation in materials,techniques, colormixing, composition anddesign.Workingwith each individual, Joaniegivesconfidence and shares the forgiving nature of watercolor. There will be painting exercises anddemonstrations of each days painting.</p><p>Wandering Into AbstractionCarla Gauthier,, 281-384-2473, Thursdayafternoons Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 1:00-4:00; $150. Realism, Representational,Abstract - all ways of taking an idea to completion using paint. We oftenadmire painters whose work is drastically different than our own - maybewe like loose painting, while ours is increasingly more detailed, or weswoon looking at color, but take our cues from the photos alone, playing itsafe. Often we look to photos to fill in all the blanks because we don'tknow and use the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to ouradvantage. In this class we will work on these cornerstones of art making,and work through exercises to take our own images as a jumping off point into abstraction. Together, we willexplore, problem solve, and define what we would like our work to be.</p><p>Drawing and Painting the Figure- Alternative SurfacesLiz Hill,, 713-252-7726,, Fri, Sat, Sun, Feb 2, 3, 4, 10:00- 4:30; $150 Join a fun filled 3-day workshop with Liz Hill, award winning mixed media artist. Each day you will have a model in the morning, lunch, followed by the method of painting you are working on that day. We will use at least 3 different surfaces with 3 different approaches. You should have a finished piece at the end of each day. There will be critiques first thing the next morning. Come with an open mind ready to try new things. Questions? Contact Liz at or call 713-252-7726Supplies: any watermedia paints you use, lots of drawing paper, watercolor sheets (2); pens, pencils, inks, colored pencils, watercolor craysons, collage papers (ready made, original, sheet music, etc), gessos (white, or black, or colored), matt medium, stamps, prints.</p><p>mailto:janmcneillart@gmail.commailto:lucholiz@gmail.comhttp://www.susangiannantonio.comhttp://SusanTeachesPainting.blogspot.commailto:joan-hughes@comcast.nethttp://carla.gauthier@yahoo.commailto:lizhill4u@aol.com</p></li><li><p>Portrait DrawingProf. Mohammad Ali Bhatti, 281-818-6893,, Tuesdayafternoons, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27, 1:00-4:00; $150. This class is designed for students to learnhow to draw the human head in correct proportion and measurements. Prior to painting facesin watercolor or any other mediums, it is preferable to learn human head proportion, how todraw eyes, nose, lips, ears, &amp; neck, and the correct proportion to each other. This class is apre-requisite for Prof. Bhattis Portrait Painting class. Intermediate to advanced.</p><p>Afraid of the Dark? Exploring theDark SideCarla Gauthier,, 281-384-2473,, Sat &amp;Sun, Feb 17-18, 9:30-3:30; $100. Have you ever been disappointed with the contrastand colors of a painting when you thought it had potential to be a strong finishedwork? Color dries lighter in watercolor, but it can also dry duller, and much more flatif you don't take the right painting steps. In this weekend workshop we will practicetechniques and tricks to give your paintings strong contrast, with rich, varied color. Wewill demystify back-lit subjects, and work with edges to create velvety darks, and astrong sense of light.</p><p>Pen &amp; Ink and Watercolor WorkshopJoanie Hughes,, 713-426-6767,, Sat &amp; Sun, Feb 24 &amp; 25, 9:30-3:30; $100 This medium has endless possibilities with a variety of themes. Techniques and painting concepts will be addressed in mid-sized and small paintings. You will learn about the different tools for pen &amp; ink. You will learn how to create delightful paintings with pen, ink, and watercolor. Suitable for all levels.</p><p>Fast Figure Sketching NEW!Ksenia Annis,, 409-457-4527, Wednesday mornings, Mar 14, 21, 28, 9:00-12:00;</p><p>$120, plus $5 model fee per day.This will be a three-week class to learn to sketch the human figure in 20 minutes or less. Each session starts with a demo sketching a live model. Then participants will practice various aspects of Ksenias sketching technique. Participants will be encouraged to work quickly and to experiment with various sketching materials and substrates. A model will be provided in each three-hour class.The lesson plan will include:1. seeing the whole: positioning the figure on paper; 2. seeing the relationships:correctly placing various elements of the figure; 3. filling in the darks: addinglight and shadows to the figure; 4. stepping back: checking the results and quicklymaking corrections; 5. soften and unify: adding mid-tones; 6. back to seeing thewhole: refining the drawing and composition. All levels.</p><p>Visit our website to register for these classes andworkshops:</p><p>mailto:artistmohdali@yahoo.commailto:carla.gauthier@yahoo.comhttp://carlagauthier.commailto:joan-hughes@comcast.net</p></li><li><p>Magical World of Botanical PaintingSusan Giannantonio,, 281-347-9043,, Fri &amp; Sat, Mar 16-17, 9:30-3:30; $100Back by request. No matter whether you are a novice or professional painter, combiningreal plants with the magic of watercolor using these unique techniques will bringdelightful results. They almost paint themselves. Join us! Learn unusual and innovativemethods of painting trees and botanicals. Discover how much fun it is to allow nature tonearly paint itself! All levels.A rather unusual supply list available on the blog SusanTeachesPainting.blogspot.comor email:</p><p>Portrait PaintingProf. Mohammad Ali Bhatti, 281-818-6893;,Tuesday afternoons, Apr 3, 10, 17, 24, 1:00-4:00. $150. Pre-requisite isPortrait Drawing by Dr. Bhatti.This class is about learning the basic technique of painting portraits inwatercolor medium. The focus of the class will be on learning the form,tonality, values, layering technique, and composition. Portrait painting is fun,</p><p>exciting, and challenging, too.</p><p>Beginner Landscape &amp; SeascapeRobert Ruhmann,, 979-864-0155, Tues evenings,Apr 3, 10, 17, 24. 6:00-9:00 pm $150.Come learn about landscapes and seascapes from this new, award-winningartist. You might have seen him demonstrate his techniques of paintingrocks and cliffs at a recent Paint-in. Come learn about this wonderfulmedium we love- watercolor!</p><p>Fabulous FlowersCarla Gauthier,, 281-384-2473,, Thursday afternoons, Apr 5, 12, 19, 26, 1:00-4:00; $150Spring has sprung! What better subject to celebrate the season? Let's study thestructure, the strength and shapes of individual flowers, so that we can simplifythem in our paintings. Then we will use that simplicity to our advantage and leapinto composition, color and energy of this subject matter. We will work onexercises together, and explore possibilities with your own photos.</p><p>Chinese Brush Painting- Landscape in SpringPeihong Endris,, 713-206-3668,, Fri, Sat, Sun, Apr 13, 14, 15,9:30-3:30; $150 Chinese landscape is represented by just twocharacters mountain and water. These really do describe theessence of most Chinese scenery- the majesty and ruggedstrength of the mountains contrasts with the fluid nature ofwaterfalls and lakes. Learn fundamental exercises of brushtechniques. Using Chinese brush painting tools and techniqueswe will paint a landscape in spring. Peihong gives handson,</p><p>mailto:...</p></li></ul>