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Art Classes & Workshops Jacqueline van der Venne


<ul><li><p>Art Classes &amp; WorkshopsJacqueline van der venne </p></li><li><p>Color your lifeDescription: The topics in this workshop include: Color, Color mixing, Color psychology, Color trends. We make a sphere collage with these topics with the title Color your life.</p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; ChildrenDuration: One or two hours Number of students: Maximum 25 studentsMaterials: Paper, pens, old magazines, paints, brushes, glue, scissors, useless materials and crayonsSpace: Classroom with blackboard, DVD, TV, Internet, computer</p><p>Paper art Description: Make a vase or bowl of thick cardboard.In a brief introduction I introduce the paper artist Juice from Bangladesh whom I know personally. He works with a special technique and we use his technique in this workshop. We are going to make a vase or bowl and then finish it by painting it.</p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; ChildrenDuration: Two hoursNumber of students: Maximum 25 studentsMaterials: Paper, pens and pencils, staple stacker, glue, brushes, brown paper, paint, thick cardboardSpace: Classroom with blackboard</p><p>Cologne Carn</p><p>ival</p><p>Cologne Carn</p><p>ival</p></li><li><p>Create your own AvatarDescription: This workshop is based on photography and you will make your own avatar. An avatar is the appearance of a real person from flesh and blood in a virtual world. The actual avatar is the little image or logo you can use on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or your Facebook page. We start from with the principle of pixel art. The students create their own avatar based on a portrait.</p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; Children Duration: Two hours Number of students: Maximum 25 studentsSupplies: Computers, digital cameras, Internet, printer. In consultation with the school we look at what materials are available school and what should be rented or purchased if necessary.</p><p>MonotypeDescription: A monotype or mono-print is a printing technique where only one copy can be made. The print is created on a glass plate with ink or paint. While the ink is still wet, it is printed on paper so a second print isnt possible. Audience: Adults &amp; Children Duration: One or two lesson or a series of lessonsNumber of students: Maximum 25 studentsSupplies: Glass plate, sheet, paper, ink rollers, paint, turpentine, brushes</p><p>Illustrative designDescription: Want to learn illustration design? Express your creativity on paper? In this course on illustrative drawing you will learn all kinds of different materials and techniques. You will learn to visualize what is in your head and put your thoughts on paper. You will develop your own style and different techniques, which I will introduce. </p><p>In the end you will know what it takes to illustrate books, create drawings or pictures for brochures and also for products. We will learn how to create with and without computer software. This course is for everyone who is interested in drawing and wants to learn different techniques and materials. </p><p>You will build your drawing skills step by step and develop through different exercises your own style. As an illustrator you will learn to make your own choices and also learn why you do what you do. </p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; Children Duration: Series of 10 lessonsNumber of students: Maximum 25 studentsSupplies: paper, pencils, paints, brushes, computer, old magazines</p><p>ABOUT</p><p>JACQUELINEVA N D E R V E N N ECONTACT</p><p>J A C Q U E L I N E VA N D E R V E N N EJacqueline van der Venne has studied both graphic and advertising design, illustrative arts, and photography. In 1987, </p><p>she graduated from the Art Academy in </p><p>Maastricht, and has since seen several </p><p>years of steady employment in the field of </p><p>graphic arts and design. Since 1982, Jacqueline has exhibited her work both in </p><p>The Netherlands and abroad.Her work includes photography, paintings </p><p>on canvas and drawings on paper, strongly combined with the use of new </p><p>media. Jacqueline works as an artist, graphic designer, photographer, web designer and lecturer in art &amp; design. In 2005, she earned her teaching degree </p><p>and has taught at both primary and secondary school, </p><p>where she offered courses in drawing, </p><p>arts &amp; crafts and CKV (arts and cultural </p><p>education).People in all possible aspects are central </p><p>to her work, in which she searches for the </p><p>ultimate shapes and colours to make her </p><p>DESIGNV i s u a l a r tGeerstraat 2506411 NW Heerlen Telephone +31(0)45 5714855 </p><p>Mobile 06 81754790 Fax +31(0)84 752 4994Skypename </p><p>www.jacquelinevandervenne.nlNetherlands</p><p></p><p>art vibrant and dynamic. Beauty is the </p><p>essence of her art, and communication </p><p>through it is her main theme. Jacqueline finds that a successful work of </p><p>art is one that evokes feelings that may be </p><p>either positive or negative.Jacqueline van der Venne lives and works in </p><p>the Netherlands.</p><p>VA N D E R V E N N E</p><p>JACQUELINE</p><p>ARTIST</p></li><li><p>Graphic Design / DTPDescription: Brochures, advertisements, book covers, billboards, CD-ROMs, TV commercials, Websites Everywhere you look, you see expressions invented and made by a graphic designer. As a graphic designer you are responsible for the design and implementation of an idea that aims at commercialization. </p><p>Besides creativity, communication is also an important part of the job since even if you have great ideas, you also need to convince the customer of those brilliant idea! </p><p>The topics as a concept, presenting and typography are important for a graphic designer and also the skills you need to have to print your designs are all included in these lessons. We work with Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. </p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; Children Duration: Series of 10 lessonsNumber of students: Maximum 25 studentsSupplies: Computers and computer pro programs from Adobe</p></li><li><p>Build your own websiteDescription: 45% of children aged 10 to 14 years will make their own site, according to research by Stichting My child online. The time on spent on the computer is fun, informative and a great hobby for later. </p><p>During the lessons, there is a lot of room for creativity but the following topics are included as well: How do I put my website online? What structure do I use for my website? How do make a website in Dreamweaver or IN CMS and also all kinds of other applications?</p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; Children Duration: Series of 10 lessonsNumber of students: Maximum 25 studentsRequirements: Computers and Internet, Adobe software</p><p>Urban Art: Introducing Graffiti design This workshop is split in two parts: 1) I will tell about the history and development of graffiti along with the Style and de-sign in graffiti. 2) Designing your own tag. The purpose of a tag is the ability to publish it in visible areas so that as many people can view the tag as possible. The more visible you are in public spaces the more recognition and fame is generat-ed.</p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; ChildrenDuration: One or two lesson or series of lessonsNumber of students: Maximum 25 studentsSupplies: Paper, ink rollers, paint, brushes, glue, computer</p><p>Cost for All WorkshopsThe workshops and guest lectures have a target price between 90 120 per workshop / lecture. </p><p>Note: For workshops where instruments (such as a printer) need be rented, additional fees will be charged. The exact price varies per edition and is dependent on customization and the specific interpretation. I set the final price by being in consultation with the school and the various parties.</p><p>Course packages:6 to 10 lessons of 50 minutes.6 to 10 courses of 100 minutes, this may also for two groups.Single lessons</p></li><li><p>Customized Private Art Classes</p><p>Customized private art classes to fit any childs needs and in-terests! Jacqueline van der Venne offers 1 1-hour private art classes for children. We will customize the curriculum based on your childs needs and creative interests. </p><p>Lessons can include painting (oil/acrylic on canvas), drawing, print-making, web design, computer, sculpture and many more projects. The lessons can focus on either abstract or representational art. Price is based on curriculum and art materials.</p><p>Audience: Adults &amp; ChildrenDuration: One or two lesson or series of lessonsNumber of students: 1 Individual Lesons</p><p>Supplies: Paper, ink rollers, paint, brushes, glue, comput</p><p>Contact Jacqueline van der VenneGeerstraat 2506411 NW Heerlen Telephone +31(0)45 5714855 Mobile 06 81754790 www.jacquelinevandervenne.nlNetherlands</p></li></ul>