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Civilizations of Mesopotamia Chart . Sumerians. See Maps/Videos…. Location. Lower Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates River Valley. Cities. Ur and other Independent City-states. Leaders. N/A. Religion. Polytheism. Cultural Achievements . Writing (Cuneiform) City States Ziggurats - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Civilizations of Mesopotamia Chart

  • SumeriansSee Maps/Videos

  • LocationLower Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates River Valley

  • CitiesUr and other Independent City-states

  • LeadersN/A

  • ReligionPolytheism

  • Cultural Achievements Writing (Cuneiform)City StatesZigguratsWheel/CartsSundialArchGovernmentCalendarBronze ToolsEpic of Gilgamesh

  • Empire/DynastyNot Really

  • Reason for DeclineWarring among the independent City-statesWeakened itselfThen invaded by foreign armies (Amorites)

  • Babylonians

  • LocationMesopotamiaTigris Euphrates River

  • CitiesBabylon

  • LeadersKing Hammurabi

  • ReligionPolytheism

  • Cultural Achievements Code of Hammurabi1st written legal codeAstronomy and AstrologyBabylonian EpicsBased on Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh Similar to stories of the Old Testament

  • Empire/Dynasty?YESConcept of Monarchy and Kings

  • Reason for DeclineAbout 1700 BC they were invaded by foreign armies.

  • Phoenicians

  • Location Eastern Mediterranean Coastnear Lebanon

  • CitiesTyreByblosSidonCarthagelocated in northern Africa

  • LeadersKing Hiram

  • ReligionPolytheism HarshChild Sacrifice for fertility godsNo belief in afterlife

  • Cultural Achievements Trading/Shipping ArchitectsPurple Dye (Monopoly)so rare that only royalty could use itPhonetic Alphabet (22 letters)Colonies

  • Empire/DynastyTrading Empire Only----confederation of city states.

  • Reasons for DeclineCompetition?Series of defeats by invaders into Canaan (Israelites) King David?Alexander the Great

  • Hittites

  • LocationNorthern Asia Minor (Turkey)

  • Cities, Leaders, ReligionN/A?Polytheistic?Religious tolerance?

  • Cultural AchievementsEarliest Mastery of Iron Working (about 1500 BC)Cultural Diffusion with other Mid-East Civilizations/Egypt (Iron Tools/Weapons)

  • Empire/DynastyYesAnatolia (Asia Minor) and Northern Mesopotamia and Northern Syria Height: c. 1350-1250 BC

  • Reason for DeclineInvasions by foreign armies

  • Assyrians

  • LocationNorthern MesopotamiaEmpire expanded into all of Fertile Crescent and Egypt`

  • CitiesAsherNineveh

  • LeadersKing Assurbanipal

  • ReligionPolytheistic

  • Cultural AchievementsGovernmenthad Governors and ProvincesMilitary RoadsPowerful KingsGreat Library at NinevehArmies outfitted with Iron weapons

  • Empire/DynastyYesCruel and violent peopleRuthless and Brutal EmpireTerrorized their subjects

  • Reason for DeclineInvaded by Babylonians (Chaldeans) Nineveh sacked in 612 BCFall of the Assyrian Empire

  • Chaldeans

  • LocationAll of Fertile Crescent

  • CitiesBabylon

  • LeadersKing Nebuchadnezar

  • ReligionPolytheistic

  • Cultural AchievementsHanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world)Astrology and Astronomy Extremely accurate calendar

  • Empire/DynastyYes

  • Reasons for DeclineInvaded and Crushed by Persian Empire (Cyrus the Great) in 539 BC.


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