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© 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Unified Access Cisco Mobility Vision, Strategy, and Portfolio Jeevan Patil Senior Product Line Manager Wireless Networking Group

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Cisco Unified Access Cisco Mobility Vision, Strategy, and Portfolio. Jeevan Patil Senior Product Line Manager Wireless Networking Group. Agenda. 1. Cisco’s Mobility Vision. 2. Mobility Differentiators. 3. Mobility Roadmap. 4. Controller and Access Point Portfolio. 5. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Cisco Unified AccessCisco Mobility Vision, Strategy, and PortfolioJeevan PatilSenior Product Line ManagerWireless Networking Group 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#1Agenda12345Ciscos Mobility VisionMobility DifferentiatorsMobility RoadmapController and Access Point PortfolioMobility Services Portfolio 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#Cisco Mobility Innovation LeadershipLed Every Major Change in Mobility/WLAN for 15 Years1997Controller and Coordinated Access PointsUnified Policy and Network Management Autonomous Access Points802.11n and Spectrum Intelligence802.11ac Wave 2802.11ad Wi-Fi RequirementsIPv6802.11acVirtualizationApp visibilityHotspot 2.0Local Services Discovery2015AP Mechanical DesignStandards Leadership (IEEE, WFA, WBA)RF resiliency, WLAN Scale, High Client Density 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#Cisco participates or is an officer on nearly every enterprise applicable IEEE standard Cisco does not shy away from standards:CCX is an engine to get adoption and drive into standards-body with customer weight.11r, 11u, 11w being some of the latestWFA.

WFA voice certification (11k,11v),

Cisco Mobility DifferentiatorsMobility/RF InnovationPredictability and Reliability Policy and Network Management

Who? What? When? Where? How?


Prime InfrastructureVisibilityCleanAirBest-in-class performance to a/g/n clientsOptimized multicast to unicastClientLinkVideoStreamChip level proactive and automatic interference mitigationPurpose-Built Wi-Fi Chipset with 4x4 MIMO, with robust platform No Open VentsAward Wining DesignAVCClassification and policies on 1000+ AppsMSE and ThinksmartAnalytics that aid business decisionsMeaningful Interaction with your customersSub second failover to hot standby controllerStateful fail-overStandardsFirst to introduce 802.11r, 802.11w and 802.11ac 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#All these intensive technologies translate to:1- CleanAir/Client Link: End-user get the Best Experience on your BYOD devices2- WLC/RRM/Bandselect/VideoStream: Automate, simplify, & Reduce the load on your IT Wireless Management.3- AP have purpose-built IC WiFi chipset to afford these technologies.4- ISE: For one-policy implementation across devices5- Prime Infrastructure: One Management4Cisco CleanAir TechnologyIndustrys First Chip Level Proactive interference mitigationCleanAir Radio ASICDetect Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference sourcesAssess impact to Wi-Fi performanceProactively change channels when interference occursMonitor air quality

Detect | Classify | Locate | Mitigate



Unique alert per interference, not per APFully integrated into Radio Resource Monitoring(RRM) and with location analyticsDetects Off-channel interference, radar jammer3rd security monitoring module offers a cost-effective management of full spectrum 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#5Cisco ClientLink 2.0 TechnologyAdvanced BeamForming improves wireless client performanceAFTERBeam Directed Towards Client Resulting in a Consistent Experience and Better PerformanceBEFOREManual RF Management

450 Mbps 300 Mbps 150 Mbps 65 Mbps 6 Mbps 450 Mbps 300 Mbps 150 Mbps 65 Mbps 6 Mbps Beacon RateConnection Rate

Highest data-rates for 802.11a/g/11n clients over the coverage area leads to: Lower coverage holes Transferring data at higher throughput conserves client battery life of smartphone100+ clients supported per radio in hardware 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#Similar to more or less bars when youre close or far away from the cell tower. Less bars = your data rate goes down.Similarly with WiFi the closer you are to the AP the better performance. Cisco AP, even when youre further away from AP you still get better performance than anyone else in the industry; i.e. best possible throughput at any point.

6BEFOREManual RF ManagementAFTERDynamic RF ManagementCisco VideoStream TechnologyWired-Like Video Delivery over Wireless



Cisco supports 40+ Videostream sessions per Access Point 2600, 3600 (2x competition)Tested for 30x Less Bandwidth Consumed 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#Without VideoStream (VS): ESPN or CEOs address get same priority and can have issues on your wireless network.You would want to prioritize the CEOs address to show in best possible way over your wireless network.7

AP3600: Investment Protection802.11ac Wave 1 ModuleField upgradable 802.11ac module5 GHz radio module, 802.11ac Wave 11.3 Gbps PHY/~900 Mbps MAC (throughput)Three spatial streams, 80 MHz, 256 QAMAP3600 maintains dual-band support 2.4 and 5 GHzSupporting b/g/n on 2.4 GHz base radio, a/n on 5 GHz base radio, and AC on 5 GHz module radioCleanAir and ClientLink 2.0 maintained15.4W < Power requirement with the 802.11ac module installed < 20W

Availability in 1HCY13 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#11ac module (3rd radio): 3x3:3 (5 GHz). NTE: $500Self contained power, interface, antenna.8

Q2802.11ac D3.0 ballotedQ3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q420122013201480 MHz256QAM1-3 SS160 MHz1-4 SSMU-MIMO?802.11ac Dx.0 ratifiedWave 1certifiedWave 2certified

2011Estimates only9Cisco Confidential 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.# 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#9Transcript:So what are the timelines? Well, there's really two tracks, what's happening at IEEE and what's happening at Wi-Fi Alliance. We've just validated 11ac. I think I just started reviewing 11ac this morning. And that will almost certainly be the draft that is used as the basis for wave one certification at Wi-Fi Alliance. And that certification will be the core features, 80 megahertz, 256 QAM, up to three spatial streams. And just drilling in, 80 megahertz is mandatory. One or two spatial streams is mandatory. 256 QAM is optional. In parallel, IEEE think will continue its continuous improvement process, delivering a series of drafts, commenting, refinement. The expectations is maybe around draft ten, hopefully by the end of 2013, their process will culminate at ratification of the final draft. And then loosely associated with that, Wi-Fi Alliance will certify that or the wave two certification with 160, four spatial streams, and hopefully this multi-user MIMO technology that we've talked about.

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600 1600 2600 3600EnterpriseReadyMissionCriticalBestin Class


Basic ConnectivityDeployment FlexibilitySP WiFi, Emerging, TeleworkerEnterprise-class PerformanceVoice/Video/MultimediaAny Device / BYOD OptimizedClient ScalabilityRF Interference MitigationHigh Client DensityHD Video/VDIInvestment Protection 11ac MigrationComprehensiveSecurityCisco Aironet 802.11n + 802.11ac Access Point Portfolio 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#105500, WiSM2, 7500, 8500 Series

Wireless Controller RedundancyNo SSID outage with stateful switch over

redundancy ports connected via standard ethernetActive WLCHot-Standby WLC

New in 7.31:1 wireless stateful failover capability in appliance and integrated controllersSSID is always beaconing (even after primary controller is down)Subsecond WLAN network convergence Backup Controller(Requires L2 Adj.)5508WiSM2Flex750085002500$20,000$25,000$40,000$60,000(7.4 Release) $2,000 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#7.3 support the following controller for redundancy (5500, WiSM2, 7500, and 8500)Redundant controller is attached back-to-back to Primary active WLC via Layer2 link.Standby Controller picks up all the configurations from Primary controller.Even if your WLC dies, you dont lose your SSID.Secondary controller is at a reduced price for the base HW.

11Ciscos Application Visibility & ControlIdentify standard ports, L7 Deep Packet Inspection and Heuristics

BEFOREApplication View & Control based on Firewall sessionsAFTERNetwork Based Application Recognition - NBAR2Deep Packet Inspection and App ID

NBAR2 LIBRARYDeep Packet inspectionTrafficPOLICYPacket Mark and DropWireless LAN Controller First GenerationFirewallVisibility to the port level interaction but not the applications running within the portNetflix = 50%YouTube = 15%WebEx = 10%Citrix = 9%exchange= 8%New in 7.4

Netflow v9 exportHTTP = 75%SMTP = 15%FTP = 2%Telnet = 1%SNMP = 3%

Classify 1000+ applications with sub-classification within applications: e.g. Lync desktop share, video/voice, file transferApply Granular policies - Per SSID, Device, Campus, Building, FloorReal-time troubleshooting on the Wireless LAN ControllerWired-wireless consistent export to standard netflow collectors 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#Typically youll need to put Firewall behind the Controller to provide you the kind of data being used on your WLAN.In 7.4 adding NBAR2 library (1000 type applications) to WLC to do DPI and provide you much more insight into what applications are being used per VLAN, per SSID, per Client.This comes at no additional charge. This is done in SW. New apps. do not require that we re-compile; rather just add the application signature.12 Scale (Number of Clients, APs)Roadmap is highly confidential and reflects current plan. Subject to change without noticeFlexConnectMulti-ArchitectureCapableController Product Portfolio


WiSM-2 (Campus)SREWLCM28500 (SP Wi-Fi)2500(Branch)5500(Campus)

Flex 7500VirtualControllerNewNew 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#Transcript:

If you have a certain subset of customers that do that, please go ahead and sell these. The way I would say this is, I would still categorize it as a full-service branch because you can get a little bit more features and functionalities when you throw in a local controller in there. Given that it's a relatively smaller part of the overall controller business itself, I would say this is more of a side case than a general branch solution. AUDIENCE QUESTION: (Inaudible). JEEVAN PATIL: Yes, this is for ISR, absolutely G2s. AUDIENCE QUESTION: (Inaudible). JEEVAN PATIL: Yes, absolutely, this is supported in JMR1 as well, and you will have the features aligned pretty much. I have one slide that covers the high-level details of each controller. And maybe we can cover certain attributes of that. AUDIENCE QUESTION: Thank you. JEEVAN PATIL: Sure. AUDIENCE QUESTION: (Inaudible). JEEVAN PATIL: I'm sorry. AUDIENCE QUESTION: (Inaudible). JEEVAN PATIL: Sure, there is no OEAP support on the SRE module. That's one point that, Jag, you wanted to clarify. Thank you.

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13Top: Broadest WLC portfolio in the industry:2500: Branch5500: Campus/WiSM28510: SP-WiFi/Large enterprise; 6000 AP and 64,000 clients. Deployed in Network Core or SP network.

Bottom:Virtual Controller/7500: Support thousands of branches.7500 in data center or VC for Controller-less architecture.

Detection & Mitigation of security penetration attacksDetection & Mitigation of denial of service attacksCapability supported in Monitor Mode & data serving AP (Enhanced Local Mode -ELM)Real time location trackingTracking probing & associated clients, RF tags & wired endpointsGeo fencing / Zone based alertsLocation Analytics System wide Interferer details Event correlationVisualization of interferer zone of impactInterferer notificationTrack & Trace interferers & Layer 1 threatsAdvanced Spectrum Capability Mobile Concierge*Wireless Intrusion Prevention * Roadmap

Physical & Virtual Appliance MSE tracks up to 50,000 endpoints & supports 10,000 Monitor Mode or ELM APIndoor Location / Context-AwareDetecting PresenceDelivering location based servicesMobility Services Engine (MSE) Overview

2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#Core component of our Portfolio; 1 RU, can place in network Core to manage multiple locations with one box.Needed: Better Birds eye view on whats happening in your network (Spectrum Usage & Interfrence): e.g. PCI (Retail), HIPPA (Healthcare) for wIPSLocation tracking: e.g. RF IDMobile Concierge: coupling business services with Location.CleanAir: Is further improved on. 2009, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Presentation_ID.scr14

Which area did people spend time at?Peak times in the store? New or repeat customers?

Most frequently used paths in the venue

% of shoppers who walk by without enteringAnalytics that aid business decisions

New in 7.3 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#

FY13 Roadmap - WNGWLAN InfrastructureWLC 8500Target customer - SP802.11rL2 Fast Roaming ISE -Flex integrationFlex / Local Mode parity with ISEOutdoor AP Internal AntennaAP 2600802.11n G2 AP1600802.11n G2HA - AP SSOHA LicensingScale Flex75006K APsVirtual ControllerAP3600 Security ModuleFlexConnect Split Tunneling802.11r Flex ModesBi-directional rate-limitingVoice/Video: 11n CACLocal andFlexConnect support on RAPOutdoor AP Honeywell integrationOutdoor AP Uni Band AntennaFIPS, CC, UCAPLProfiling and Policy on WLCIPv6 infrastructureMid-Market1 Box SolutionAP360011ac moduleAP-based firewallHA Client SSO802.11wMgmt Frame ProtectionApplication visibility and control (AVC)Bonjour GatewayVoice Enterprise Certification**Scale WLC 2500 Guest Anchor on WLC2500LAG on Flex7500, WLC 8500, WLC 2500**Voice Enterprise Certification targeted on a special release FCS beyond 7.4HA Licensing, N:1 HA SSO over any L2 connectionPMIPv6 AP-BasedPMIPv6 on WLCCommittedIn PlanningCisco ConfidentialNDA Only 7.2MR17.37.48.0 May 2012September 2012Q1 CY13 Q2 CY13ReleaseUnified Access WLAN Infrastructure 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#From this point on, we can be a bit more interactive with audience.Virtual Controller: Improving the flexibility of deployment and ease of use. Statefull Switchover (SSO) & High-Availability (HA) with reduced pricing: Increased reliability. Wired-like experience.UA: Umbrella of AP, WLC, Switches (up to 6k). Similar to what Borderless Network was a few years ago.NGWC is now called Converged access and is a deployment mode of Wired & Wireless.8.0Full IPv6 on WLC, AP, MSE, & PrimeNative Profiling & Policy management on WLC for mid-market (is that a cheaper type of ISE???)HA enchanced with Client SSO. Client Sessions are not impacted even if WLC fails.16Unified Access WLAN Infrastructure

FY13 Roadmap - WNGMobility Services Automated Switched port tracingWiFi Direct detection & ClassificationBranch Router Mgmt (ISR / ASR)High AvailabilityImproved location accuracy for CleanAirMobile ConciergeNew SignaturesBetter Attack Mitigation for aWIPS (Location)Better Rogue Classification, Containment, DetectionLocation Analytics INorthbound REST API3rd Party SupportPrime 360 ExperienceWired Config & Image ManagementIPv6 SupportLocation Support for FLEXMSE 3355 ScalingGlobal ForensicsaWIPS PreventionLocation Analytics IIGuest ServicesFIPS, CC, DoD CertificationELM Signature ParityAP 3600 Security ModuleaWIPS Rogue Contain EnhancementsFIPS, CC, UCaPL Mobile Concierge SupportAVC, Day 1 Device SupportIPv6 SupportISR / ASR Mgmt IntegrationVirtual ApplianceRogue Detection EnhancementsScalability ImprovementsPI releasesNCS 1.1 (7.2, 7.2 MR1)PI 1.2 (7.3 Support)PI 2.1 (7.4 Support)PI 2.2 (8.0 Support) Rougue Rules CustomizationReporting EnhancementsChannel Scanning OptimizationRogue Contain Enhancements IIOne Box SolutionNext Gen GUIFIPS Certification SupportCommittedIn PlanningCisco ConfidentialNDA Only 7.2MR17.37.48.0 May 2012September 2012Q1 CY13 Q2 CY13S/WReleaseMSEPrime 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#MSEVirtual Appliance (in 7.3 introduced the 3355; better scaling & things like advanced wISP capability)Mobile Concierge: Will address in next slides

PRIMEAddress Prime in the separate PRIME session.

17Thank you. 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.Cisco Confidential#