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  • Chili cook-off

    Whats Included: Bandanas Chef Hats Decorations Aprons Food (for making chili) Bales of hay Utensils Cooking range Festive Blankets Chili pot Colorful vegetables Cowboy Hats How it Works: Participants are broken up in to teams (inside or outside) and provided with materials to make their chili. Each team is given 1 hour to make their perfect chili. In the end, our chef will judge two bowls of chili, one for taste and one for presentation. After the winners have been declared, teams should feel free to sample bowls from each team. Upgrades: Hospitality bar Split fencing Wagon wheels Prizes Sound System Logo Aprons (Graylyn or Company Logoappropriate lead time required) Price: $150 per team (Recommended team size is 5-6 participants. Teams over 6 people will be charged a $25 surcharge.)

    Blend cooking with communication and serve up a great time for everyone! Participants don Chef hats, aprons, bandanas and

    work diligently to create their very own style of chili while our Executive Chef makes his rounds to assist and check for

    culinary techniques.

  • FISH! philosophy

    Whats Included: Fish Amenities Participant Pack: Sticky-note Pad Fishin License Pete the Fish 2 Thank You Cards Notepads Playbook Magnet Nametag Pen

    How it Works: The FISH! Philosophy is a team building activity that enhances the entire work experience for the employee and the customer. The group will work with a facilitator to customize the activity to meet the needs of your company. Attendees will receive all sorts of FISHin gear and will be surrounded by a FISH! atmosphere. Attendees will participate in various activities that rely on cooperation, fun and ingenuity.

    Upgrades: Purchase of Fish Philosophy Book

    Price: $50.00 per person

    It all started in Seattle with a crowd laughing and screaming. It was coming from the World Famous Pike Place Fish market.

    People watch FISH! once because its fun, but they watch it over and over because its message is fundamental to satisfying work

    and delighted customers. The key is in four choices that each of us is free to make every day: *Play, *Make Their Day, *Be There, and *Choose your Attitude. Many are using FISH! to increase

    retention, improve service, inspire passion, and boost performance. If these are goals in your workplace, then this is an

    excellent team building activity for your meeting.

  • Game Break

    BAG O TRICKS Whether you are trying to introduce new team members to others, build trust, strengthen bonds, energize your team, or increase communication, we have a game for you! Whether you have 15 minutes or 1 hour, we have an activity to get your group up and out of their chairs and thinking out of the box. These games are designed for indoors or outdoors and only require a willingness to have fun! They can be inserted into your program at the beginning of the day as ice breakers, the middle of the program as a stretch break, or for conclusion to reinforce the objective of your meeting. Our staff is fully trained to facilitate these interactive exercises, so you wont have to worry about a thing. Just tell us a little bit about your group and your objec-tives, and our staff will put together the perfect Bag O Tricks for you!

    Need a break from the meeting, but dont have time for an hour or more for a complete team building event? Graylyn now offers a team building game break

    that quenches the thirst for communication, ice breakers, problem solving, camaraderie, and more. Graylyns Activities Manager can assist meeting planners

    in developing a game break to the specifications of the group. Energize and rejuvenate your group in an hour or less!

    CLASSIC TINKER TOY TOWER When was the last time you built a skyscraper? Hard hats not required! Let us take you back to your childhood of building with Tinker Toys. This activity may be played individually or in teams. Each individual or team must build the highest structure within an allotted amount of time. The winner of the group is determined by the amount of time the struc-ture stands upright without falling. Tinker Tower is sure to bring out the competitive spirit while building teamwork that lasts!

    30 minutes to 1 hour: $10.00 per person

    Human Rush Hour Human Handcuff Human Knot 2 Be or Knot to Be Traffic Wizards and Gelflings

    Key Punch Tank Corporate Maze

    Have you ever? Blind Formation Pass the Loop Helium Pole Mosquitoes

    Lilly Pads Tie the Knot Any many more...

    1530 Minutes: $5.00 per person 30 Minutes1 Hour: $10.00 per person

  • Game Break

    CUPCAKE DECORATION Do you see what I see? Attention to detail is important with this initiative. A specified number of cupcakes are iced and placed together in a particular shape. The cupcakes are meticulously deco-rated. Each team must recreate the design with the supplies they are given. Each team has 3 to-kens, which offers 3 chances to view the model and a referee will collect the tokens for each view. The teams have an allotted amount time to complete their creation. The winner is determined by the similarities to the original design.

    30 minutes to 1 hour: $10.00 per person RUSH HOUR Driversstart your engines. Happy Motoring! Ever been stuck in traffic? Sure, you have! Wished you could move the cars out of your way? Heres your chance.Rush Hour takes the classic picture sliding puzzle to a new level of problem solving. This game requires analytical thinking, communication and teambuilding skills. You choose the level of challenge. First, try with the game board, or enhance your experience using actual individuals as the game pieces. There are 40 puzzle challenge cards and four levels of play: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. 1530 minutes: $5.00 per person SLING SHOT Is it power? Is it placement? You be the judge. Three is not a crowd in this game. It takes three to launch these water balloons. The group is divided into teams. Each team may have 1 practice launch. Using a giant sling shot, teams will launch water balloons at the flag target across the Graylyn pond. Each team member must participate at least one time. Teams have a specified number of launches. The team closest to the pin wins.

    1530 minutes: $5.00 per person

  • Game Break

    DUCK HUNT Chaos with direction. The group is divided into teams. The teams will select a blindfolded per-son, guide and direction attendants. Each team will choose 2 toolsa fishing tool and a guide tool. The blindfolded members kneel around a kids pool filled with water, ducks and obstacles. The guide will direct the blindfolded teammate to the correct duck to capture in the bucket. The direction attendants may assist the guide with duck location. Each team has 10 minutes to com-plete the activity. Each team reports to the facilitator once all of their ducks are rescued from the pool. The concept is simple, but a challenge.

    1530 minutes: $5.00 per person GINGERBREAD HOUSE For the holiday season, decorate your own gingerbread house. Divide the group into teams. Each team has a gingerbread house kit along with some extra decorating goodies. The teams have 15-30 minutes to create their unique gingerbread house. Each team will present their house and theme to the group. Judging is based on presentation and design. 30 minutes to 1 hour: $10.00 per person

  • Geo-cache

    Whats Included: GPS receivers Bandanas Containers

    How it Works: The group has the option of a 10 to 20 clue hunt depending upon time allowed for the event. The group is divided into teams and each team will receive a team color, bandana and GPS receiver. Once the teams are divided, the facilitator will ask for team captains. The facilitator will meet with the captains to discuss the rules. Then, the captains are responsible for repeating the instructions to their respective team members. The teams may want to divide the responsibilities for the hunt: guide, scribe, navigator, organizer, and riddle master. Each team starts with a way-point, a marked location on the property, and the receiver only gets you within about 15-20 meters away from the marked waypoint. The cache is hidden from geo-cachers to increase the challenge and fun and team members work together to solve the caches clues. As they solve their caches, team members make notes of the places and items they have found at each waypoint. The first team back at the start with the most correct caches wins!

    Upgrades: Flashlight Geo-caching Company Logo T-shirts

    Price: $50.00/p Price: $60.00/p (includes Graylyn Adventures logo t-shirt)

    Geo-caching is an outdoor activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to hide and seek containers (called

    "geo-caches" or "caches"). A typical cache is a container containing a log-book and/or items for trading (we suggest company-branded products or

    trinkets). Geo-caching is most often described as a game of high-tech hide and seek.

    Join the fun of a high-tech, treasure hunt on 55-acres of a scenic estate. Geo-caching is a fun group activity fostering a strong sense of

    community and support for the environment. Or you can gear the caches toward your business whether it is a product launch or guiding


  • Graylyn Outdoor Elements offers a half or full day of experiential learning, which takes groups through a challenge course in order

    to examine the problems and advantages of working as a team. Participants are challenged and entertained through physical and

    mental exercises.

    Dont be afraid! These elements


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