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Ann Shireen G. Chan BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringPassion. It is what keeps a person going, even when it seems theres no other place to go. For others, it might be quite hard to hold on to that drive to go on but its not impossible, especially for someone like Ann. Ann, or Annie, as most of her close friends would call her, can be described as someone with so much passion. Ann sure is a very busy body... literally! Here we have a scientist in the making who manages to make terminally ill children happy, who makes sure that the campus is safe, who stays in touch with her friends, and runs a seasonal business. How does she manage to do all these things and manage to smile like that in front of the camera? One can only guess. :) And yet, with all this, she still finds time to enjoy herself, her life. She is a very talented young woman who can not only play the guitar but dances pretty well, too, although sometimes, she gets a little shy and it kind of gets the best of her. Well, at least now shes learning to be more daring and confident. Hey, its such a waste not to show-off those moves, right?


Joseph King Eos Dawn V. Enriquez BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringPeople on Eos: Colin Antig: For him, effortlessness is the measure of true greatness Ann Chan: Unlike other guys, he isnt afraid to show that he cares Jobe dela Torre: Hes hands down, downright smooth Dan Gamboa: Personifies eloquence and wittiness Marge Maguad: Super fun kasama Tawa lang kami nang tawa Jenna Pasco: A man of few but meaningful words Wena Predas: Siya yong tipong paaapi pagdating sa pagibig Christine Querebillo: Bad side Uhmmm Kuripot Peter Santiago: E - epitome O - of S - slyness Arlene Tan: Guy w/ the big appetite And a much much bigger heart Deniz Wong: Carefree but w/a great mind; Proud but w/a great heart Eos on Eos: Put in simple words, I am the sum of all my experiences


Daniel D. Gamboa BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringI am a scorpion of molded clay. You are a subconscious stream sleepy woodwinds play. I am phlogiston that burns away. You are two scoops of ice cream on a rainy day. As we are those, it never comes, not even close.


Ramon Norberto L. Maaliw BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringThe name Chito was given by his mother during his childhood days. It came from the Spanish word Ramoncito that means young Ramon that eventually led to Chito.. Huh? That makes a lot of sense now! He loves all kinds of music that varies according to his mood. Hes fond of playing the guitar that he learned to play by himself. A man of few words, most of them in French, this dude can crack you up anytime with his no nonsense take on life. Hes very devoted to his family, is into adventure and good clean fun. He loves sports, hes into cooking and low key conversations. Chito may seem to be the quiet type, but be careful, with his enigmatic smile, this guy has more than a few antics up his sleeve. One weird thing about him: he barely recognizes showbiz celebritieshes not even sure how Aga Mulach looks like !?! And he hardly understands some Filipino words. Lastly, hes a gay magnet waHAHAHAHAHA!


Margareth F. Maguad BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringA lot of people would have had incomplete college lives if not for Marge. She may not be everybodys friend, but shes friends with a lot of people especially the members of the Ateneo Chemical Society and the Ateneo Science Guild a fact thats not surprising considering she has headed both. Having her either as a friend or as a leader is an extraordinary experience mainly because shes an extraordinary person. Not only is she intelligent, organized, responsible, caring, generous, funny, a perfectionist, and a paragon of magis, but she is also manipulative, frank, a chronic gossiper, a pasalubong addict, and the giggliest chemist ever. Shes a very hardworking lady and dreams of (in addition to becoming filthy rich,) becoming a great wife and mother someday: an easily achievable dream, if not for her allergy towards anesthesia and the desire for her progeny to be all geniuses.


Jenna Riz D. Pasco BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringOur greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. Thomas Jefferson


Michael L. Pineda BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringIsa sa mga may pinakahayag na opinion itong si Mike. Pagdating sa usaping pulitika, relihiyon, pilosopiya, o anumang mainit na isyu, asahan mong may makukuha kang komento. Magbigay ka lang ng isyu ay hintayin mo na ang malakas na boses na mabilis na tutugon sa iyo. Sarkastiko man siya (minsan?), may paninindigan pa rin. Marami raw kasing taglay ang malalaki. Punung-puno ng kuro-kurong nais ipaalam sa iba, nag-uumapaw sa sayang maidadala sa anumang okasyon, nagsusumiksik sa mga hirit at patawa sa mga kaibigan, at nananaba sa tunay sa pag-ibig. Mula sa pagtulong niya sa mga gawain sa ACheS, sa masigasig na pakikipagtalakayan sa klase, sa mapaglarong pang-aasar sa mga kaibigan, sa mapagmahal na pakikisama sa mga chem buddy, at iba pa, makikita ang yaman na naihahandog ni Mike. Puno ng libog, ika nga. (Passion po sa Ingles) Ito si Mike. Mabuting kaibigan, mag-aaral, manlolohika, analitiko, pilosopo, manghihirit, kimiko, kuya, at marami pang iba.


Christine Joy U. Querebillo BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringChristine - French, English female version of Christian From a medieval Latin name that meant Christian. This was the name of ten kings of Denmark. Another famous bearer of the name was Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish author of such fairy tales as The Ugly Duckling and The Emperors New Clothes. In medieval England this was also a feminine name. Christine / Xtin - block, friend version of determination --- ang feeling ay kulang sa: pagkain sa labas, nood ng sine, punta sa event, take ng test, copy ng notes, parties... ---- kapag wala si Tin, lalong nagiging makulay ang event pag nandyan ka dahil meron kang isang katangiang wala ako at hinahangaan ko ng husto--katapangan. Kung ako bibigay na, siya go na go pa rin. Hindi napapagod sa buhay, makatotohanan, malaya... -Ann


Aran Homer J. San Juan BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringA dependable son, responsible brother, good friend, diligent student, passionate leader, and a conscientious bikerall these and more you will find in the person of Aran. This may not be apparent at first, but when one gets to know him better, one sees all these sides of Aran and cant help but admire him. He performs all of his roles to the best of his ability. As a son, brother, and friend, he does not think twice about making sacrifices for the people he loves. As a student, his endless enthusiasm about his subjects is enviable. As a leader, he makes sure that his vision is achieved, and all tasks are accomplished. As a biker, he obeys all traffic regulations, concerned not only for his safety but for others as well. How does he do all these? Simple. For inside his small frame is a huge heart, providing him courage to take on any challenge, giving him room to love as many people as he can.


Peter June M. Santiago BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringThis star from Pampanga knows how to live life to the fullest. Having had the formula to balance his life, Peter knows which things to prioritize. He prays for his family, a concrete sign that he loves them. He loves to socialize, always on the lookout for new friends to meet. Peter also studies diligently, and his grades reflect the efforts he exerts in academics. He also plays sports, such as badminton and table tennis, very well. It is easy to be envious of his wellroundedness, but Peter remains to be extremely humble. He takes in compliments but does not brag about his accomplishments. Peter always challenges himself to be a better person, pushing himself to perform better in various aspects of his life. This is probably why people admire him. He always spends time improving himself, so that he may be able to improve others. Peter is bound to become successful in the future. It is almost written in the stars, but this star from Pampanga will prefer people not to look up to him, but rather, use the light he shines for them.


Arlene Clarice F. Tan BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringThe complete irresponsibility of man for his actions and his nature is the bitterest drop which he who understands must swallow. - Friedrich Nietzsche


Wilson L. Tang BS Chemistry with Materials Science EngineeringHe makes everyone stop and think. Strives for change. Aila. Brilliant thinker. Tad too serious. Hard worker. True friend. Nolet. Wilson is a big guy with a big heartMarilyn Tang. Youll realize how crazy and corny he is.Reg Nonato. When he works, he works like theres no tomorrow and when he parties, he parties much harder.VJ Sianghio. He is friendly, helpful and also street-smartEdilberto. Inside him a fragile being thats full of love and wisdom. Biancs. Si Wil kunwari tough but this guy has his soft side too!Karaine. Hes there when you need him and is also very makwento (kahit hindi halata)Raizelle. Shouldnt have gotten to know himwhehehehePierre. |#$#%%^~&*(!/&!!!! Glenn. He just wants to sometimes fool around and goof things upJanelle. A man of many thoughtsRocky.


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