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We all receive good and bad advice as we venture in the world of blogging. What is some of the best blogging advice you've ever received?


  • 1. The Best Blogging Advice Ever

2. Get a Self Hosted WordPress Blog 3. Buy a Paid Theme 4. Get a custom header created and be sure to put your picture in it, people need to see who you are the minute they land on your blog and it needs to stand out from the rest. 5. Have a tag link that explains what you share on your blog. 6. Write two to three blog posts weekly on a consistent basis 7. Be sure to add social sharing buttons so that your readers can share your content 8. Dont blog for the money, it will come back to bite you 9. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken 10. Give all your good stuff away, people will love you 11. Be patient, you wont see results overnight 12. Comment on other peoples posts 13. After you comment share their content, it will help you stand out 14. Want to know what I had to learn on my own? Click the image below 15. Did you like this presentation? If so then please share 16. I have so many more blogging tips to share Be sure to stop by Go ahead, the link is clickable