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What do you consider to be the worlds worst advice about blogging? I've received some horrible advice over the years, have you? Care to compare notes?


  • 1. The Worst Blogging Advice Ever

2. EvenYour Mom Can Do It 3. Write about anything, it doesnt matter what it is 4. Dont worry about the design, its the content thats important 5. You dont need any plugins 6. If you need images just grab them from Google, theyre free 7. Write between 250 to 500 word posts and youll be fine 8. You have to blog everyday in order to get traffic 9. Put some ads on your blog and youll be making money in no time at all 10. Build the & youll rank great in Google 11. You can get away with using cheap hosting, its no big deal 12. Want to know what I wish I had been told? Click the image below 13. Did you like this presentation? If so then please share 14. I have so many more blogging tips to share Be sure to stop by Go ahead, the link is clickable