chapter 24, section 3 “the holocaust”. what factors led to the holocaust?

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  • Chapter 24, Section 3The Holocaust

  • What factors led to the Holocaust?

  • Nazi Persecution of the JewsHolocaust ----Nazis killed around 6 million JewsOther groups killed---considered inferiorDisabledGypsiesHomosexualsSlavic peoplesJews discriminated againstCouldnt own landAll Jewish were considered evilSept. 1935: Nuremberg Laws passedTook citizenship awayBanned marriage between Jews and Germans Could not hold public office/vote

  • Nazi PersecutionNovember 7, 1938: Jewish refugee killed German diplomatHitler ordered retaliation-random attacks against JewsNovember 9-Kristallnacht (night of broken glass)Violence did not stop---Gestapo arrested Jews, confiscated possessions/insuranceJews: ordered to pay for all damagesJews: decided it was time to leave---come to U.S.Map of Jews Fleeing GermanyVideo on Jews coming to the United StatesMany did not receive visasReasons:Could not take more than $4 out of GermanyCountries refused to accept Jewish immigrantsLaws (U.S.) restricted granting a visa to poor people (left w/ no $)High unemployment rates*May 27, 1939: SS St. Louis-Havana, Cuba---Jewish hoped to get to U.S.-Cuban govt. revoked visas---couldnt enter U.S.*had to go back home---part of the final solution

  • The Final SolutionJanuary 20, 1942: Nazi leaders met at Wannsee Conference---determine final solution for Jews1. Made plans to get all Jewstake them to concentration campsWork as slavesBuchenwald-1st and largest200,000 prisoners worked 12-hour shiftsDied from exhaustion/bad conditions2. Those elderly, ill, etcsent to extermination camps-built to kill Jews more efficiently-Treblinka and Auschwitz (gassed 12,000/day)-1,600,000 people died at Auschwitz*most of Jewish population had been wiped out

  • Auschwitz body pile

  • Jewish ResistanceWarsaw UprisingHitler wanted ghettos, including Warsaw, liquidated.In April 1943, Jews learned of this deportation to death camps, and formed a resistance.On April 19th roughly 750 Jews faced more than 2,000 German troops supported by artillery.General Jurgen Stroop ordered the ghetto to be burned building by building.Resistance lasted until May 16th 300 Germans killed 7,000 Jews killed

  • Questions over the HolocaustGive one reason for the Holocaust.What were the Nuremberg Laws?Why did many Jews choose to stay in Germany?Explain Kristallnacht.What was the Final Solution?Why couldnt Jews on the SS St. Louis come to America?


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