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Chapter 10: Caribbean South America. Section 1: Physical Geography. Andes Mountains Cordillera (Mountain range made up of parallel ranges) Guiana Highland erosion Orinoco Highlands Orinoco River 1,281 feet. Climate and Vegetation. Resources. Oil Iron Bauxite Timber Shrimp Power. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Chapter 10:Caribbean South America

  • Section 1: Physical GeographyAndes MountainsCordillera (Mountain range made up of parallel ranges)Guiana HighlanderosionOrinoco HighlandsOrinoco River1,281 feet

  • Climate and Vegetation

  • ResourcesOilIron BauxiteTimberShrimpPower

  • ColombiaEarly HistoryChibchaPottery, goldSpanish Conquest1500Conquered ChibchaForced Natives and Africans to be slavesIndependenceRepublic of Gran ColombiaBattle between church and state Regional conflict

  • Colombia TodayMost Populous country EconomySoil-coffeeOilExtreme povertyCulturePeople identified by locationBorder disputes with Venezuela

  • VenezuelaEarly HistorySpanishIndigo used to make dyeIndependencePoverty made people madSimon BolivarOil80% of people live in poverty

  • Venezuela TodayEconomyOilElectricityAgricultureCattle ranchesFamily FarmsCulturePardos (African, European, Native)25 different languages

  • The GuianasEuropean SettlementSpain was firstLost land to British, French, DutchUsed slavesAsian WorkersSlavery made illegal in 1800sIndentured Servants from Asia

  • The Guianas TodayGuyanaAgriculturePopulation= south asian 1/3 AfricanFrench GuianaRepresented in French governmentForestry and ShrimpSurinameAluminumVery diverse people

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    Page 209 Map Activity


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