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Chandni ChowkThe Unity In Diversity

HistoryIt was built in 17th century and the foundation was laid by the favorite daughter of Emperor Shahjahan, Jahanara.

Originally the pool was built and the market was divided by the canals to reflect the moonlight, as a result, it acquired the name of Chandni Chowk- "the moonlit square".

During that time itself, an arcade of shops had been built in a half-moon shape. Round this in no time, grew a fabulous trading center branched into a number of by lanes(galis).

The Present Market:In the present time Chandni Chowk is known as the largest trading centre of North India with around 2500 shops. It is a crowded place and normally there is a maze of traffic that one has to negotiate almost every second.

This place is the mixture of religion, food, chaos, history, modernity, tradition and commerce.

The bazaar has several Galis each of which represents the specialty of this market for ex: Parathe Vali gali is famous for its parathas and so on.

The other shopping places are Katra neel for fabric, bhagirath palace for electronics , kinari bazaar for needles and dariba kalan for silver jewelry. It has the historical land marks like sunheri masjid, fatehpur mosque and a jamma masjid.

Kinari Bazar is famous for zari work of any and every kind. It can offer anything any everything one need for Indian bridal attire. Nai Sarak a popular book shopping destination in Old delhi.It has numerous whole sale and retails shop selling college and school textbooks. You will also find shops selling on stationary items also.

Chhatta chowk bazar is a covered bazaar built in 17th century. Today the market has around 40 shops selling artificial, semi precious jewelry, embroider bags and hand painted wall hangings.Daliba Kalan is the perfect place to shop Silver Jewelry. Most shop here trade in silver jewelry and costume jewelry. Some also deals in authentic itar, a special variety of perfume.Eating JointsThe eating joints in Chandni Chowk are famous not only in Delhi, but all over India. Most of these date from the last century, some even earlier than that. They have managed to retain their essence and yet move ahead with the times. Here, with every bite one samples not only a delicacy but also a piece of history!

Handed down from father to son, many of these businesses are now being managed by the 4th or 5th generations. They include halwais (confectioners), namkeen shops, chaatwalahs

Est. 1872Est. 1940Est. 1910Est.1790Spiritual SignificanceChandni Chowk has the distinction of being perhaps the only trade market that also houses an equally amazing number of places of worship of all the prominent Indian religions. Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and Jainism exist side by sides. Here one can find more than seven Hindu and Jain temples, two Churches, three Mosques and two Gurudwaraas.

Positioning Chandni Chowk's speciality is the variety of its markets and their Indian-ness.

From authentic Indian food, delicacies and sweets of more than 1000 kinds, to sarees with chikan and zaree work. There are lots of narrow lanes with many shops selling books, clothing, shoes and leather goods, electronic and consumer goods and what not.

This is also a good area for window shopping.

Market Segmentation GeographicDemographicPsychographicBehaviorPeople from Delhi and near by regions as wel as foreign tourists Age All age groups.Gender Both male and femaleIncome middle class and Upper middle class people.People who can withstand a bit lower quality but has price as main constraint in mind and live a normal life style.People who love to do bargaining are the most attracted customer.SWOTAnalysisStrengths:*Variety of goods.*Availability at low price.

Weakness:Unorganized manner.Congestion and traffic problems.

Threats:Decline in sales due to construction work.Opportunities:Going Online.Better shopping experience to people.Consumer Insights:It is a shopaholics delight buzzing with life throughout the dayIts narrow spaces are congested & dirty filled with characters, pick pockets. Avoid bringing your vehicles inside the market, too crowded & roads too narrow for itOne can buy anything here from stationary to clothes , wedding attires to wedding jewelry. Improvements:Over hanging power cables should be taken underground.Lamp posts, street lights and signals should be replaced with new ones.Remedial measures should be taken to decongest the traffic congestion.By making a pedestrian friendly environment.By increasing the security of the area by installing more CCTVs.


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