challenges & opportunities in emerging technologies

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  1. 1. Flt.Lt.M. Sridhar ChakravarthiDirector- Ride OpsTAF
  2. 2. Opportunities What are the most difficult problems to solve? Connect with society Observe people around Look for unresolved problems
  3. 3. Challenges Technology is not a panacea !!! Society needs SYSTEMIC SOLUTIONS! Biggest challenge is creating a system of solutionadoption and delivery
  4. 4. Developing Systemic Solutions Step-1: Conceive a systemic solution! Step-2: Design the entire solution Step-3: Identify and align stakeholders Step-4: Issues in implementation/ execution Step-5: Identify possible technology solution Step-6: Use Lean Start-up methodology
  5. 5. Thanks a lot! Flt.Lt. M. Sridhar Chakravarthi Director- Ride Ops TAF 91-9000883515


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