Emerging Trends ,Opportunities and Challenges in Guar Farming

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Emerging Trends ,Opportunities and Challenges in Guar Farming. D. Kumar Former project Coordinator (Arid Legumes) Guar Consultant Central Arid zone Research Institute ,Jodhpur Recent Contacts: 17E\ 230, C.H. B.,Jodhpur-342008 Contacts:09314008627;09166297938 (M) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Emerging Trends ,Opportunities and Challenges in Guar FarmingD. KumarFormer project Coordinator (Arid Legumes)Guar Consultant</p><p>Central Arid zone Research Institute ,Jodhpur</p><p>Recent Contacts:17E\ 230, C.H. B.,Jodhpur-342008Contacts:09314008627;09166297938 (M)E Mail : dkumarcazri@gmail.com</p></li><li><p>Trends in guar farming Yesterday and Today</p></li><li><p>Production scenarioIn India, guar was grown in almost 51.50 lakh ha, the production realized was 24.61 lakh ton with productivity of 478 kg\ ha (2012-13).Rajasthan is the mega state for guar production (60-65%), followed by Haryana (20-22%), Gujarat (10-12%) Punjab (2%) and other southern and central states (3-4%).Productivity of guar varies between the states and within state (Rajasthan). Indian productivity is 490 kg\ha against 1200 kg for haryana,685 kg for Punjab and 669 kg\ha for Gujarat.Rajasthan productivity is 370 kg, whereas for Ganga nagar and Hanuman garh (807 &amp; 870 kg, resp.), for Churu, Barmer,Bikaner (144-207 kg\ha ).</p></li><li><p>Improved varieties of guar suitable for different cropping regions, Rajasthan</p><p>Sl. No.Average rainfall* (mm)Region/districtCropped area* (000ha)Productivity* (kg/ha)VarietiesMaturity (days)Remarks1170-200Churu315.00235RGC-93685-90Suitable for arid Rajasthan Jaisalmer190.00100HG-36580-85High viscosity (3500 cP) and ruling variety of Haryana2200-250Bikaner411.00215RGC-93685-90Suitable for Haryana, high gum and viscosity profile (4050 cP) Barmer325.00135RGC-36580-85RGC-56385-903250-300Ganganagar180.00807HG-36580-85Hanumangarh319.00870RGM-11285-90RGC-1066100-105Suitable for mechanical harvesting</p></li><li><p>Fig: Grain yield and gum content during kharif 2011 and summer 2012.</p></li><li><p>Summer, 2012Kharif, 2011ViscosityFig: Gum content and viscosity during kharif 2011 and summer 2012.</p></li><li><p>Farmer happy with bumper guar production at Yavatmal.Farmers. Guar field in Yatmal during summer 2012Summer guar introduced in Vidharbha(Yavatmal) ,</p></li><li><p>Lot of Opportunities 1.Taming drought, sustaining soil productivity, nutritional security ,agricultural diversity 2.Mrginl lands, marginal inputs, marginal care marginal support , as a social crop3.Multi uses ,cash crop, fodder, primary and secondary products4 Horizontal expansion taken place5.Enhanced productivity6.Crop of poor &amp; prosperous persons, large industries7.Best crop for cropping sequence &amp; rotations8.TIFAC a body of DST organized one day workshop and submitted report on export of guar gum to GoI.</p></li><li><p>Main ChallengesLonger growth period : 95 to 120 daysQuality seed not available only 7-8% seed replacement rateLife saving irrigation at crucial stagePopulation stress due to sub-opt. plant densityNo weeding and inter culture operationsCrucial planting dates for newer regionsNo plant protection measures used</p></li><li><p>Challenges Stagnated gum contents at the varietals levelPoor genetic variability for guar gum viscositiesUnstable price structureNo by-back policy in newer regionsNo Government support in spite of being most important foreign earning field crop.No R and D incentives from guarindustry sector</p></li><li><p>Additional challangesChemical source (CMC) of guar gum identifiedUse of guar gum is twisted with higher viscosity (7000-8000 cP) in petroleum industries and in Oil drilling wellsTemerind, Sesbania bispinosa, Cassia tora, C. sophera ,C. accidentailsCultivated in other countries alsoLow price : farmers loosing interestFrotier sciences and big seed coys not coming to help this crop</p></li><li><p>Guar Gum By- Products Poor utilization of guar meal protein(20-30 %)-through By- pass plantValue addition of Korma and ChuriRemoval of residual guar gum from guar meal for better quality of the sameRemoval of toxic substances ,like trypsin inhibitors, Saponians, Lignins , Phytates etc. from guar meal.Additional uses of large content of crude protein available in guar meal .</p></li><li><p>Inter specific hybridizations</p><p>In guar</p><p>C. tetragonoloba X(late, limited pods, BLB susceptible)[Cultivated sp.] C. Serrata &amp; C. senegalensis(High pods 45 days maturity, BLB resistance)[Wild sp.]No fertile hybrids</p></li><li><p> Stable, diversified and specific sources of guar viscosity may be identified.. Attempts may be made to develop guar varieties having different viscosity values ( low, medium ,high).</p><p>Specific growing inputs and environmental conditions may be specified in reference to gum quality..</p><p> Specific varieties with similar inputs may be grown in particular zone to have control over sustainability and traceability of guar gum and its quality.</p></li><li><p>Enhancing guar gum contentGuar gum content per se may be increased almost to 35.0% against existing values of 30-31 % for last many decades</p><p>A source (IC-116601) reported to have almost 34.83% gum content ,may be confirmed,if found stable be transferred into promising guar cultivars</p><p>Traditional and non-traditional approaches may be used in this context</p><p>could help increase gum yield even without increasing grain yield</p></li><li><p>Promising crop of guar in Virudgnagar ,T. N. during 20132</p></li></ul>


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