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The year in review for 2011-2012 for Centro San Antonio.


  • 1. CENTRO SAN ANTONIO2012 Update April 2011 May 2012President: Ben E. Brewer IIIOperations Manager: Jimmy Richards

2. NFY2012 PID Boundary 3. Centros Key ServicesCurrent Level of Service Ambassador Amigos Maintenance Amigos Streetscaping Amigos Marketing & Public Relations 4. Ambassador Amigos 5. Ambassador AmigosCurrent Level of Service 17 Ambassador Amigos,plus 1 Cross-trained Project Manager 4 Cross-trained Shift Supervisors Cover the entire PID area District is divided into 5 coverage zones 6. Ambassador Amigo ZonesN 7. Ambassador AmigosCurrent Level of ServiceCoverage Monday through Sunday 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.5 Ambassadors 12 P.M. - 9 P.M. 5 Ambassadors Everyday 9 A.M.- 9 P.M.1 Ambassador at Alamo Plaza1 Ambassador at River Walk StreetcarStation on River Level1 Ambassador at Mobile Information Kiosk 9 A.M. 6 P.M.1 Ambassador at Centro Info Center - 1 Supervisor and 1 Operations Center Staff at all times664 total hours per week 8. Ambassador AmigosServices of past 12 months Assisted 883,072 downtown guests, office workers andresidents with directions and service needs Manned Mobile Information Kiosk at various locations daily Serve as additional eyes & ears for the SAPD DowntownBicycle Patrol & Park Police Trained in specialized historical & geographical facts Available for special tours of key historical and geographicareas of downtown We have a total of six team members that have obtained theirProfessional Tour Guide Certifications. 9. Ambassador Amigos Monthly Contacts People Assisted120,000100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 - 10. Maintenance Amigos 11. Maintenance Amigos Current Level of Service 35 Amigos, plus 1 Cross-trained Project Manager 4 Cross-trained Shift Supervisors Cover entire PID area District divided into 6 coverage zones 12. Maintenance Amigo ZonesN 13. Maintenance Amigos Current Level of Service Amigos per zone Pan and Broom teams work sidewalks in assigned zones Six teams dedicated to pressure washing Four for night time bus stops & sidewalks (9pm-5:30am) Two day time teams for spot cleaning sidewalks (6am-3pm) Schedule Monday through Friday8 A.M. - 5 P.M. 12 crewmembers12 P.M. - 9 P.M. 6 crewmembers Saturday and Sunday 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. 7 crewmembers12 A.M. - 9 P.M. 6 crewmembers 1 Supervisor and/or 1 Project Manager per shift Activities include: Pressure washing, graffiti abatement, trash bag pick-up, weedremoval, gum removal Performed on schedule and on an as-needed basis 1,388 total hours per week 14. Maintenance AmigosServices in past 12 months Collected over 68,329 bags of trash, a total of 850 tons Power washed in District a total of 41 million SF ofsidewalks Power washed 11,054 bus stops Removed weeds from 1,005 block faces of Districtsidewalks Removed 100,247 gum spots from District sidewalks Removed 10,120 graffiti tags & stickers Provide contract maintenance services for COSA DTOperations on the River Walk Provide contract maintenance services for San AntonioRiver Authority on Museum Reach Provide contract services for Pearl Farmers Market &Sunday in the Park Trained to serve as eyes and ears for the SAPDDowntown Bicycle Patrol and Park Police 15. Maintenance Amigos RiverWalk Sanitation ServicesCurrent Level of Service Amigos on the RiverWalk- City of San Antonio Contract Service- Three 2-man teams clean RiverWalk on a daily basis- 14 Amigos Schedule Monday through Sunday 6 A.M. - 10 A.M. 6 crewmembers2 P.M. - 8 P.M. 6 crewmembers 1 Supervisor and/or 1 Project Manager per shift Activities include: Elevator cleaning, graffiti abatement, trash & brush pick-up,trash can tipping, trash removal Performed on schedule and on an as-needed basis 540 total hours per week 16. Maintenance AmigosMuseum Reach Current Level of Service Amigos on Museum Reach of San Antonio River - San Antonio River Authority Contract Service - 8 Amigos Schedule Monday through Sunday 8A.M. 5 P.M. 4 crewmembers 1 Supervisor and/or 1 Project Manager per shift Activities include: Trash & brush pick-up, trash can tipping & trash removal 224 total hours per week 17. Streetscaping Amigos 18. Streetscaping Amigos Current Level of Service 4 Amigos Schedule Monday through Friday 5 days per week 6 A.M.- 3 P.M. Saturday (as needed if lack of precipitation) Improvements include: 586 12 terra-cotta pots on light poles 60 clusters of 3 large pots on sidewalks & in plazas 86 12 terra-cotta pots on stair rails between street &RiverWalk 3 concrete planters at the RiverWalk Street CarStation 160 hours/week 19. Streetscaping Amigo Work AreasLegend Clusters of pots Pots on handrails Pots on lampposts 20. Streetscaping AmigosServices in past 12 months Planted 2,016 bougainvillea plants Planted 3,360 pansies Planted 3,360 petunias Regularly pruned, fertilized and treated forinsects Dispensed thousands of gallons of water tosupplement rainfall Regularly replaced missing and dead plants asnecessary 21. Marketing &Public RelationsServices in past 12 months Maintained Downtown Need HelpRack Card program in over 300Regional Hotels & Restaurants Added Wi-Fi to Mobile InformationKiosk PID Information Resource Added Amigo Feedback page toWebsite Media Exposure for Amigos Special Event Participation Helped launch Haven for HopeDonation Meters Facebook and Twitter presence 22. FY2012 Special Projects& Capital Improvements Partnered with COSA Downtown Operations to providefunding for a grackle relocation program Partnered with DTA and Centro Partnership to providefunding for a downtown strategic plan with focus onhousing, parking, hospitality & office attraction Purchased 25 new sidewalk blue recycling receptacles Utilized handheld PDAs to conduct landscaping surveyfor COSA on River Walk, at Milam Park, and TravisPark For the past 12 month all Amigos have wornPedometers while performing their duties. This resultedin 59,574 miles walked or the equivalent of walkingaround the earths equator 2 times. 23. Amigo Numbers from October2009 to April 2012Total People Assisted2,131,358Trash Bag Count193,672Pounds of Trash4,841,800Gum Stops Removed226,613Graffiti Tags Removed 21,151Block Faces of Weeds Removed 1,953Sq. Ft of Sidewalks Pressure Washed 77,364,454Plants Replaced 43,967Miles Walked since Oct. 2010 100,641 24. FY2012 BudgetIncome Private Assessments -$1,895,000* City/CPS Assessment - 141,000 By contract (VIA, County ) -209,000 Other (Delinquent, P&I)- 23,000Expenses Management/Admin - $ 345,000 Operations -95,000 Maintenance -950,000 Ambassadors -675,000 Landscaping -250,000 Marketing/PR - 100,000 Capital/Contingency/Reserve -175,000* Based on assessment rate of $0.12/$100 valuation


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