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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Central Kitchn+POS Product Brochure Lores</p><p> 1/6</p><p>ASTERISKHELPING BUSINESSES RUN BETTER</p><p>Asterisk CentralKitchen + POS</p><p>Solution</p><p>p ow e re d b y </p><p>M ic ro sof t Dynam ic s</p><p>NAV tog e the r w ith</p><p>Intel</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Central Kitchn+POS Product Brochure Lores</p><p> 2/6</p><p>It requires careful planning and fastidious managing of outlets handling of food processes, consistently offering</p><p>excellent customer service and controlling c ost, on a da ily basis. You have the suppliers to worry about, you have</p><p>to comply with industry and government standards, and you have to meticulously plan and optimize ingredients</p><p>and other different million things that encumber every restaurant business owners.</p><p>Make things easier on your end. Create a smooth integration of your daily operations, from front-end to back-end.</p><p>We offer the Asterisk Central Kitchen + POS Solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV together with Intel to</p><p>solve all your food and beverage establishment concerns.</p><p>Different industries need different solutions. The food &amp; beverage/ restaurant have unique</p><p>requirements that are varied and are challenging to understand and acquire in nature.</p><p>The Asterisk Central Kitchen + POS Solution is perfectly tailored to handle the challenging</p><p>requirements of any restaurant or food &amp; beverage establishment. Its a ready-to-use</p><p>solution that automatically reduces implementation and deployment time and lowers</p><p>product risk</p><p>From optimizing critical ingredients or menus, consolidating procurement processes</p><p>which allows you to get bulk discount from suppliers, identifying popular dishes that will</p><p>help you pre-plan supply demands, trac king the profitability and costing of existing</p><p>outlets locally or worldwide and meeting the demands of your restaurant patrons, the</p><p>Asterisk Central Kitchen + POS Solution provides you a comprehensive system for your</p><p>business.</p><p>Running afood and</p><p>beverage</p><p>establishment</p><p>is no easy task.</p><p>Why Choose</p><p>Asterisk</p><p>CentralKitchen +</p><p>POS Solution</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Central Kitchn+POS Product Brochure Lores</p><p> 3/6</p><p>The Asterisk Central Kitchen +</p><p>POS Solution is a ready-madesolution that would bring you</p><p>ease in operating your estab-</p><p>lishment, efficiently integrate</p><p>all necessary methods and</p><p>efforts while keeping up with</p><p>industry practices and govern-</p><p>ment regulations.</p><p> Ease in Operatio n of Several Outlets</p><p> Track the progress of each of your outlet</p><p> Quickly identify trends and act on areas that may become a future concerns</p><p> Generate revenue reports, food costing and other managerial matters with ease</p><p> Stores each and every one of your departments activities, from financial, manufac-</p><p>turing, inventory &amp; distribution including individual transactions and related events</p><p> Identify profitability trends, inventory movements</p><p> Integrated Methods and Activities</p><p> Systematic coordination of issuance of</p><p>production orders for food times</p><p> Synchronize delivery time and production</p><p>schedule</p><p> Early avoidance of missed and delays in</p><p>deliveries, forgotten requirements</p><p> Immediate modification of food ingredients,</p><p>rec ipes and even equipment</p><p> Ease in monitoring your orders and fulfilments</p><p> View buying histories, create user specific</p><p>criteria allowances and share updated</p><p>information with customers regarding your</p><p>products and services</p><p> Enables data customization by attributing</p><p>and setting up characteristics and values to</p><p>your recorded information</p><p>Asterisk Central</p><p>Kitchen + POS</p><p>Solution</p><p>Benefits</p><p>Overview</p><p>Item Recipe</p><p>User ca n de f ine the recipe ( Bil l of ma ter ial) to prod uce one u nit of</p><p>sem i-f inished prod uct .</p><p>User can com pa re the order it em a nd sca nned i tem . If the</p><p>informa t ion is co rrec t , they ca n co nf irm the dispa tch in this</p><p>screen</p><p>Handle Outlet Request Dispatch Delivery</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Central Kitchn+POS Product Brochure Lores</p><p> 4/6</p><p> Effective Recipe Management System</p><p> Efficient calculation of production yield of each recipe and measuring the output of</p><p>the finished goal and comparing it against the ingredient used</p><p> Easily locate product information and details by sharing real-time data across your</p><p>organization</p><p> Highly improved processing of ingredients and recipes for food production</p><p> Meticulous record upkeep of inventories Active warning of expiration date for food items</p><p> Avoidance of massive product batches spoilage or recall</p><p> Point of Sale Inclusion</p><p> Customizable and easy to use POS screen</p><p>that offers immediate access to prices, avail</p><p>ability and stock location</p><p> Automates process of introducing mark</p><p>downs and promotions and in turn, trackingthem accurately</p><p> Automate inventory and purchasing man</p><p>agement</p><p> Fast Exchange of data between head office,</p><p>store and POS</p><p> Integrate credit, debit, cheque and gift card</p><p>processing</p><p> Track individual transaction from the POS to</p><p>the General Ledger</p><p> Easy user access to functionalities such asFinance, CRM, Warehouse Management and</p><p>service</p><p> Display customer sales history</p><p> Works online or offline</p><p>Asterisk Central</p><p>Kitchen + POS</p><p>Solution</p><p>Benefits</p><p>Overview</p><p> Adherence to Industry Standard and</p><p>Regulations</p><p> Assurance of a HACCP compliance system is</p><p>engaged</p><p> Enables systematic arrangement based on</p><p>picking rules such as FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO</p><p>(last in first out)</p><p> Provides a Materials Requirements Planning</p><p>function, providing a summary of all available</p><p>raw materials and identifying those that needs</p><p>to be replenished or those that have not been</p><p>used yet</p><p>The is the pic king list for the o utlet req uest . Eac h transfer orde r</p><p>is on e p ick list</p><p>This the w ork order which c onta ins bo th the ingred ient( input)</p><p>in format ion and the output in format ion , the produc t ion</p><p>proc ess of semi f inished prod ucts are a l l handled in this scree n</p><p>Handle Outlet Request Pick List</p><p>Producing the Semi-finished Product</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Central Kitchn+POS Product Brochure Lores</p><p> 5/6</p><p>Asterisk</p><p>Central</p><p>Kitchen</p><p>+ POS Solution</p><p>Price List</p><p>Below are our available</p><p>packages, created to fit</p><p>your every food &amp;</p><p>beverage esablishments</p><p>need:</p><p>pricelist</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Central Kitchn+POS Product Brochure Lores</p><p> 6/6</p><p>Asterisk Central</p><p>Kitchen</p><p>+ POS Solution</p><p>Profile</p><p>Founded on 1988, Asterisk Computer (FE) Pte Ltd has been in the consulting business for 20 years, making us one of</p><p>the market leaders in implementing &amp; deploying business enterprise application software solutions. With more than</p><p>2,000 licensed customer users, 50 highly esteemed &amp; experienced consultants (averaging an experience of 10</p><p>years and more) and global committed partners, we have effectively serviced Food &amp; Beverage/ Restaurant</p><p>businesses by giving them the best practice for their industry.</p><p>Our 20 years of experience in IT consultancy, software innovation and our best practice of industry solutioning-</p><p>methodology have given us teeming domain knowledge and keen insights in helping our customers to run their</p><p>business.</p><p>Asterisk Computer (FE) Pte Ltd</p><p>80 Genting Lane, #09-10 Ruby Industrial</p><p>Complex, SG 349565</p><p>www.asterisk.com.sg</p><p>Sales Enquiry</p><p>email : sales@asterisk.com.sg</p><p>Tel : +65 6748 8727</p><p>Fax : +65 6744 9220</p><p>Support Helpdesk</p><p>email: support@asterisk.com.sg</p><p>Tel: +65 6744 5527</p><p>Awards</p><p> 2011 Microsoft Dynamics President's Club</p><p> 2010 Microsoft Dynamics President's Club</p><p> 2008 Microsoft Dynamics President's Club 2007 Microsoft Dynamics President's Club</p><p> 2010 Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner</p><p>of The Year</p><p> 2011 Accredited Microsoft Sales Specialist</p><p> 2011 Accredited Microsoft Pre-Sales</p><p>Specialist</p><p> 2011 Accredited Microsoft Sure-step Project</p><p>Methodologies Specialist</p><p> 2011 Accredited Microsoft C-Side</p><p>Development Specialist</p><p> 2011 Nominee for the Microsoft Dynamics</p><p>ERP Partner of The Year</p><p>Financial Management</p><p> Group Performance</p><p> Trend &amp; Analysis</p><p> Department Allocation Franchise Revenue</p><p> Internal Costing</p><p>Outlet Management</p><p> Outtet Requisition</p><p> Outlet Performance</p><p> Delivery Requested Date</p><p> Most Popular Recipe</p><p> Integration to POS</p><p>Central Kitchen</p><p> Centralized Procurement Cetnralized Delivery of semi/finished food</p><p> Centralized Production</p><p> HACCP Compliance</p><p> Store Management</p><p>Recipe Production</p><p> Calculate each</p><p>production batchs yield</p><p> Recipe management Costing of each recipe</p></li></ul>