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  • poznawanie innych kultur
  • wychowanie w tolerancji do innych narodw
  • przeamywanie stereotypw w kontaktach z cudzoziemcami
  • nauka pozbawionego uprzedze suchania i obserwacji
  • porwnywanie kultur, szukanie rnic i podobiestw
  • przyczynianie si do zwikszenia otwartoci i tolerancji wobec innych narodw, co stanowi podstaw demokracjii gwarancj pokoju na wiecie.

3. Efekty dziaa w ramach wsppracyz zaprzyjanion szko w Hiszpanii Temat: OUR TOWN SPGbice Col -legiSant JosepdeNavas Temat:FESTIVALS IN OUR COUNTRY SPGbice Col -legiSant JosepdeNavas 4. OUR VILLAGE GBICE 5. This is a river. It's called Note. There are ducks and swans. There is a small bridge over the river. 6. This is our church. We go to the church every Sunday. 7. This is our shop, we do the shopping there. 8. This is a play ground. We play basketball, ride a bicycle and go for a walk there. wstecz 9.

  • In Navs there are many important places,such as The town hall, the Sagrada familia churh and the pavilion, we can go there once a week.

NAVS 10.

  • Our town is NAVs. It is small. It is about 100 km. far from Barcelona. Navs has 5.500 inhabitants.
  • The main language is catalan.

OUR TOWN wstecz 11.

  • Christmas in Poland is a special time. All families sit at the table. There must be 12 dishes. When the first star shines, we can unpack presents.

Christmas in Poland 12. Christmas tree star gift ball 13. CHRISTMAS REINDEERS BALL STOCKINGS BELLS PRESENTS SLEIGH ANGEL CAROLS CANDLES WSTECZ 14. The shepherds 15. The shepherds is a traditional play thatit is acted out during theChristmas days all along our Country.In our school we acted on 19th ofDecember in this year. 16. This year we are the main characters in the shepherds. 17. The Main Characters 18. The Mane charecters: Juanma : shepherd Eduard : Llusifer Nria A. : Shepherd Vero : Angel Gabriel Arnau : Father Jana : Angel Gabriel Nil : LloquetMarta : Maria Roger Cabra : Joseph Jordi : Shepherd Aina Franco : Mother Daniel : Geramies Joana : ngel miquel Aina Vall : Shepherd Anna : ngel miquel Nria Vidal : Shepherd Mohamed : shepherdsMeritxell : Granmother Toni : Satans Gens : Rovell Laura : shepherd Ferran : shepherd Oriol : shepherd 19. Satans The devil 20. Lluquet and Rovell 21. The End :) 22. Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009 23. KONIEC