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By: Chelsea Northrup Anorexia Bulimia Contact in the Mirror

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Anorexia Bulimia Contact in the Mirror. By: Chelsea Northrup. Background Anorexia Bulimia Contact in the Mirror. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

By: Chelsea Northrup

Anorexia Bulimia Contact in the MirrorAnorexi Bulimi Kontakt is a support agency for those facing anorexia and bulimia in Sweden, and has reached out to people with disorders in The Mirror, a TV ad. A woman stands in her underwear looking at herself in the wardrobe mirror in her bedroom, apparently concerned about being overweight and fat. The camera pulls back to show that she has a distorted view of her body.BackgroundAnorexia Bulimia Contact in the Mirror

AudienceThe Audience of this advertisement is to people with eating disorders or maybe people who know others with eating disorders to reach out and help them.


The focus of this picture is the girl standing in front of the mirror. This shows how we see her and how she really looks, but in the mirror she sees herself heavier. Her facial expression shows she does not like what she sees in the mirror. This can emphasis to the audience how people with these disorders see themselves when they look in the mirror.Layout

Foreground- In the foreground you see the back of a very small, bony girl.

Middle ground- as you go look a little deeper into the picture you see what looks to be a mirror and a little bit of the wall. You can start to realize this could be a room.

Background- as you go towards the back of the photo you see an image of what looks to be the girl, but a heavier set, healthier girl. You now see what the front of the girl looks like, and in the image of the mirror you see a bed. You now see that this must be the girls bedroom.

AppealLogos- I think it appeals to your logic because it makes you wonder why someone would do this to themselves.

Pathos- this appeals to your emotions because it makes you feel sorry for the girl. You see what she really looks like, and the way she sees her self you realize why she looks the way she does.

Ethos- the angle the photographer shot this photo really brings out the meaning or purpose of the photo. Juxtaposition- the juxtaposition in this photo would be the scrawny girl beside the heavier girl because they skinny contrasts the fat.


The colors used in this photo is white, blues and purples.

The girl in the foreground is wearing white against a blue wall which emphasizes her small body.

The girl in the background is also wearing white against a purple bed and darker colored walls. This draws you back from the small girl to the larger girl. This also emphasizes the size of the girl, and her facial expression.FramingIf the picture was taken from the left, would it change the meaning or understanding of the photo?Yes, if the photo was take more to the left you wouldnt see the larger girl in the mirror. You wouldnt see things from the girls point of view. You also wouldnt be able to see the placement of the arms. In my opinion this is very important, you cant see the girl is self-confident about the way she looks.

If the picture was taken from the right angle, what would be taken out of the photo?

Yes, if the photo was taken from the right angle the scrawny girl would be taken out of the photo. All you would see is the heavier girl and the meaning of the picture would be changed. You would see the placement of her body and arms to make you think she is self confident about her heavier set body.

What were the photographers intentions of the photo?

What do you think the message of this picture is?