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  • 1. Jordan Northrup A Block 11/15/10

2. Introduction Definition: Gambling is any game of chance for money or other stakes. Statistic: 99% of people that gamble lose the most money at casinos. 3. Where and when did gambling first take place in America? Gambling was taken over the sea with the colonists who came to America. All colonies participated in some sort of gambling. Many colonies used lotteries as a common source of revenue. 4. How much money do people spend on the lottery each year? An obsessive gambler can lose up $32000- $50000( not just the lottery) The estimated total in 2008 was 1.1 trillion nationwide. A not so obsessive gambler can lose between $150-$1000 a year. Poorer people play the lottery as a means to get rich quick. Many middle class people play fro enjoyment and that slim chance of winning. 5. How much money do states raise from the lottery? 20-50% of tax rates for states. 2-5% of the states actual income is gained from the lottery. In 2003 the intake was 72 billion In 2008 the intake was 1.1 trillion( all the money is not actual income. 6. Other then state governments who receives profits from the lottery? 48 states actually have a form of lottery. Money goes to roads and government owned buildings. Some professions may receive their income from lottery profits. 7. How many individual states have lotteries? 48 states have lotteries. Other states may have casinos or racetracks. Even the original colonies had lotteries. All states have some form of gambling For example the slot machines here in Maryland . 8. Pit Boss A Pit Boss is an individual on the floor of a casino who supervises the floor and dealers. All pit bosses most attend a dealer school and are encouraged to have a degree. Salary ranges from $20000-$70000 a year 9. High School Career academies I will go to River Hill High School. I researched the construction management academy. I researched this because I have always been interested in buildings and how and who builds them. 10. Lanier Technology college In multiple cities within Georgia. per credit the tuition is between $31 and $62 depending if you are in or out of state. What are the program requirements? The school is predominantly white with a total of 80 % and is 64% women and 35% men. 11. Community Service I have donated clothes and shoes and food to homeless shelters. Participated in food on the 15th and in harvest fest. 12. Prior Job Experience (name jobs you could have done) I have worked as a dealer in a casino and shadowed many pit bosses in the past.