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BCIT prez piles on the coats for a good cause Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Saturday, December 4, 2010 $2.99 3-4pm & 9-10pm Chevron trying new methods to stop flow NDP BROUHAHA PAGE 13 PAGE 16 T: 604-454-0388 In the seep zone: Biologist John Werring at the beach by Chevrons North Burnaby refinery. Oil has been seeping offsite for Free Delivery months from the contaminated site. 3010 Boundary Road, Burnaby Jennifer Moreau Jennifer Moreau


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    BCIT prez piles on thecoats for a good cause

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    Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Saturday, December 4, 2010

    Oil continues to leach into inlet

    Chevron has a new method to try andstop the oil thats been seeping from itsNorth Burnaby refinery into the BurrardInlet since spring.

    The company plans to install soakermats on the beach close to the refinery inthe new year to absorb oil thats leaching

    offsite through the ground water.Company spokesperson Ray Lord

    said the mats specialized technology isdesigned to attract hydrocarbons, and itsthe first time its been used in B.C. The planis to use the absorbent mats to create anunderground barrier on the beach that willsoak up the oil. The absorbent mat systemcan be in place for up to two years beforeit needs replacing, Lord said. The mats willreplace the absorbent pads Chevron hasbeen using, which arent feasible for thewinter months, he added.

    Of course we are trying to prevent the

    seep from getting down there in the firstplace, he said. Chevron is also using apipe to collect oily water from a trench nextto the railroad tracks.

    Chevron first reported the oil migratingoffsite following a routine inspection onApril 21. Downhill from the refinery, themix of gas, diesel and crude was showingup next to the railroad tracks and on thebeach below. Lord has characterized theseepage as historic, meaning its mostlikely the result of contaminants soakedinto the soil over time that are being carried

    Local New Democrat MLAs are con-demning longstanding member JennyKwan for her public attack on party lead-er Carole James.

    Its unfortunate that Jenny Kwan hasdecided to attack Carole and the party inthe manner thats she has done, but JennyKwan also has to take responsibility of allthese accusations that shes making, saidKathy Corrigan, MLA for Burnaby-DeerLake.

    In a public statement issued Wednes-day, Kwan the Vancouver-MountPleasant MLA criticized Jamess leader-ship.

    There has been a steady erosion of ourdemocratic principles. Debate has beenstifled, decision-making centralized andindividual MLAs marginalized, Kwanwrote. Many are shocked at how somecritical decisions are made or how caucusdecisions have been later altered.

    As well, for too long there has been aclear lack of directionunder the leadershipof Carole James. Whenever a challengingpolicy decision arises, often the defaultposition is to avoid taking a stand, shecontinued.

    Kwan also criticized the backroomdeal made with Moe Sihota, whereunion donations were earmarked to payhis stipend as party president, a role thatsusually unpaid.

    While we in the NDP have rightlycalled for open and transparent govern-ment, the financial deal made with ourown party president, Moe Sihota, wasnot done in a transparent manner, Kwanwrote, while calling for a leadership con-vention as soon as possible.

    Corrigan pointed out that at theNDPs last provincial council meetingin November, 84 per cent of delegates

    City MLAsslam Kwanfor attack


    Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter

    In the seep zone: Biologist John Werring at the beach by Chevrons North Burnaby refinery. Oil has been seeping offsite formonths from the contaminated site.

    Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter

    NDP Page 10

    Chevron trying newmethods to stop flow

    Jennifer Moreau/burnaby now

    Seep Page 5

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    4 Brentwood bomb scare 9 Smoke-free housing 11 City spending grows

    Tanya Peric knows Christmas can bea tough time for tight budgets. Theformer Burnaby resident was justa child when hardship hit her home. Hermother had lost her job, and after the billswere paid, there was little money left overto put toys under the tree and goodies instockings.

    It was a really stressful time, sherecalls. What parent wants to tell theirkids, Guess what? There just isnt any

    money for Christmasthis year.

    Perics familygot connected to theBurnaby ChristmasBureau, which con-nects local, low-income families withfood certificates and

    toys for the holidays. The bureau has beenoperating since 1981, nearly 30 years.

    Peric, now 31, is in a better financialposition, and thats why shes decided tosponsor a family through the bureau.

    Its taken me a while to realize theresnothing I need, and I should be helpingothers, she says.

    Donors who sponsor families getmatched through the bureau and speak tofamily members to find out what food andpresents they want for Christmas. Theresa limit on spending, depending on fam-ily size. A family of two would cost upto $250; a family of four, up to $450; anda family of seven, up to $750. The donorthen goes shopping and makes sure thegoods are delivered by Dec. 20.

    The bureau connected Peric to a fam-ily with two girls the older one is six,and her little sister is one and a-half. Pericdescribed the mom as almost apologeticfor needing help, so she revealed her ownfamilys experience with the bureau, whichseemed to reassure the woman a bit.

    My main goal is to put her at ease andlet her know shes not alone, Peric says. Iwish I could do it all year round.

    Peric has prepared five baskets of food,including everything for a turkey dinner,plus staples that the family requested.

    I get to go and meet them and delivertheir food and play Santa Claus. Whodoesnt want to do that? she says.

    For Peric, sponsoring a family has beenthe most joyful thing shes ever done forthe holidays.

    Im a real giver at heart, and this isthe optimal season for people like me,she says. Ive been just deliriously happyfor the past week. ... Its very cool, and Ididnt realize it was going to be such aheartwarming experience, the sheer joy of

    knowing that Im going to make an excep-tional difference in someones life is morethan I would hope for. ... You dont evenrealize how good its going to make youfeel to give until you start giving.

    Peric is excited to deliver the gifts andmeet the family.

    I wish I could be there to watch thekids open their toys. I really adopted themin my heart, she says.

    Stephen DSouza is executive direc-tor of Burnaby Community Connections,the non-profit group that facilitates thebureau.

    Ever year, they hear reports of people,

    like Peric, who come full circle from get-ting help to giving it.

    Sponsoring a family creates a personalconnection to the people you help, he adds.

    Thats the biggest part of all our pro-grams that sense of community, thatsense that theres someone, who theydont even know, that cares about them,he says. Its the heart of why we do theChristmas Bureau.

    The bureau is still looking for people tosponsor families, but the Dec. 8 deadlineis fast approaching. To get involved, call604-299-5778 or go online at www.burnabycommunityconnections.com.

    One-man teamOne-man teamOne-man teamOne-man team

    Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Tom Berridges Blog

    Rants, ravesand communitysports nuggets

    Full circle:Tanya Pericand herhusband,Robert, atthe BurnabyChristmasBureau toyroom atMetropolis atMetrotown.Tanya,whosefamily usedthe bureauyears ago, isnow givingback bysponsoringa local low-incomefamily. ThePerics havepreparedfood basketsand gifts forthe family.

    What parent wants to tell their kids, Guess what? There just isnt any money for Christmas this year.

    Once poor, shes now sponsoring a family

    ON MY BEATJennifer Moreau

    City is on the hunt for Snow AngelsThere is hope for those who

    find themselves humming SendMe an Angel when faced with afresh layer of snow on their walk-ways.

    The City of Burnaby is intro-ducing its inaugural Snow Angelsprogram this year. Residents canvolunteer to help their neighbours,

    such as the elderly or people withlimitedmobility, by shovelling thesidewalks in front of their homes.

    The program is starting inNorth and South Burnaby, fol-lowing the first snowfall a coupleof weeks ago.

    Burnaby Mountain SecondarySchool has about 25 students linedup to volunteer thus far, accord-ing to career program advisorNick Salvatore.

    It is neat to see they have thathuman response (to other peo-ples needs) and want to help,Salvatore said.

    The city is providing the schoolwith shovels and posters for theprogram to notify people in thearea that help is available, hesaid.

    Students will distribute theposters in their own neighbour-hoods, he explained.

    Kathy Wipf, the citys coordi-nator of the program, contactedthe school last year to see if theprogram might be a fit, Salvatoresaid.

    Kathys been great, headded.

    Residents who need helpwith snow removal can contactSalvatore or Cynthia Gingras atthe school, who will then line theperson up with a student in his or

    her area, who will clear sidewalksand walkways.

    The program counts towardsthe students volunteer servicehours for school.

    Were hoping interest will begenerated by the posters andweb-site, Salvatore said.

    On the south side of the city,South Burnaby Neighbourhood

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

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    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Burnaby NOW Saturday, December 4, 2010 A03

  • A04 Saturday, December 4, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    An RCMP bomb squad was dispatchedto a car dealership in Burnaby Thursdayafternoon to deal with a suspicious pack-age found attached to a cars undercar-riage.

    The bomb disposal unit took care withthe package, and it didnt appear to beanything explosive, Sgt. Ted De Jager ofthe Burnaby RCMP told the Burnaby NOWon Friday morning. We are still inves-tigating what that package was, but weused the utmost of caution in dealing withthat package.

    AstaffmemberatCarterDodgeChrysleron Lougheed Highway said the incident

    began in the afternoon, when a young manhad his luxury car towed to the dealershipThursday because it wouldnt start.

    The mechanic put it up on the hoistand looked underneath it, and there wasa package, said the staff member, whoasked not to have his name published.

    He took the package off the car andput it on the counter. His buddy said, Itlooks like a bomb to me.

    The staff member said the RCMP werecalled, and they confirmed it looked likeit could be a bomb. The dealership wasevacuated and staff sent home.

    with files from The Province

    Bomb not a bomb after all

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    showed support for James as leader.Kwansmove to air her grievances publiclywa...